Donald Trump Pays Off Breitbart Editor

Call them, “Trumpbart.”

For months now, the website began by the late, great Andrew Breitbart, dedicated to rooting out liberal corruption and upholding the mantle of conservatism has taken a disturbing, vile twist.

Rather than be the home of conservative activism that Andrew envisioned, it has mutated into some swirling, viscous vat of mad Trumpism.

The stench of the gilded toad is all over the site, and it no longer resembles Andrew’s vision. Instead, it is as much a propaganda site for Trump as Fox News has become.

Now we may have a clue as to why.

From the Washington Examiner:

Breitbart’s national security editor Sebastian Gorka received a one-time payment of $8,000 from Donald Trump’s presidential campaign last October, Federal Election Commission records show.

According to an FEC filing first reported by Buzzfeed News, the Trump campaign paid Gorka for “policy consulting” on Oct. 1, 2015. As recently as Monday, Gorka was identified as Breitbart’s “national security editor” by the news outlet itself.

Gorka, a well-respected security and intelligence expert who teaches military theory at the Marine Corps University, has not written for Breitbart since Dec. 2 — two months after he received a payment from Trump’s campaign.

Over the last few months, good reporters have been bailing that sinking ship. It began with Michelle Fields, who was followed out by Ben Shapiro, and then National Security Correspondent, Jordan Schachtel, last month.

In his resignation statement, Schachtel noted:

“The company no longer resembles the ideals that inspired me to start writing for them three years ago.”

“Breitbart News is no longer a journalistic enterprise, but instead, in my opinion, something resembling an unaffiliated media super PAC for the Trump campaign.”

Sadly, were Andrew still alive, we likely would not have seen the Breitbart we know today. From Mediaite, a 2011 comment on Trump by Andrew Breitbart:

“Of course he’s not a conservative. He was for Nancy Pelosi before he was against Nancy Pelosi,” Breitbart joked during a 2011 appearance on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor.

For those of us who have been paying attention, this is no surprise. For those who worship at the altar of the Gilded Toad, no revelations of corruption will suffice.

Andrew is rolling in his grave.

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