Trump Has Early History of Misogyny

It seems the gilded toad has had a lot of practice being the most loathsome character known to man.

According to a story with the Boston Globe today, Trump’s first beauty pageant venture in the early 90s ended in a lawsuit and several claims of vile misogyny that would have any Democrat opponent in the general election giddy with joy.

Trump had partnered with George Houraney and Jill Harth, from Florida, in a venture called the American Dream Calendar Girl pin-up competition. The winners of the competition would be featured as models in a wall calendar.

From the Washington Examiner:

Harth, the vice president of American Dream, “alleged in court documents that Trump repeatedly came on to her and groped her under the table during the Oak Room dinner before the party piled into his limousine,” the Globe reported.

Harth also said that Trump kissed, tried to fondle and restrained her in a bedroom often used by his daughter Ivanka, then 11, when the couple visited his home.

Harth said in the lawsuit that she found Trump’s advances so off-putting that they caused her to “vomit profusely.”

It didn’t stop with Ms. Harth. One of the contestants, a 22-year old model, claimed in the lawsuit document that she found the 46-year old Trump in her bed once, when all the contestants stayed at his estate. He suggested that she should sleep with him.

It didn’t stop there:

In another instance, a model named Rhonda Noggle told the Globe that she was in a limo with Trump when the real estate mogul said that “all women are bimbos” and most were “gold diggers.”

Noggle said she exited the cab. She said she told Trump “I would rather be with a trash man who respected me than someone who was a rich, pompous ass. And I got out. And I took a cab ride home.”

The lawsuit also alleged that Trump insisted that black women be excluded from the contest.

Also part of the lawsuit are the allegations that Trump cheated Houraney and Harth out of a $250,000 fee and $5 million in future earnings.

While Trump disputed the details of the case, he chose to settle the case out of court in 1997. Harth agreed to drop her lawsuit alleging sexual misbehavior.

The accusations and details seem vague, but they do appear to be a familiar puzzle piece and one that will be endlessly explored by the Democrats, should Trump get the nomination.