Karl Rove Super PAC Ready To Help Trump

Well, this presents a conundrum for Trump cultists.

After months of demented ranting about the “GOPe,” the poster boy for the establishment, Karl Rove, may be quietly working in the background to help Trump, according to a report from POLITICO.

Rove’s super PAC, American Crossroads, has begun to look at the weaknesses in a Hillary Clinton nomination for the Democrats and feels that a Trump nomination may not be as disastrous as polls suggest.

There is also a concern for protecting currently held Republican seats in the Senate that may be threatened by a Trump nomination.

According to POLITICO, a Tuesday morning conference call was conducted with investors:

The phone call — which featured Rove, Crossroads officials and a pollster — laid out swing state polling and electoral map analysis done by the group showing circumstances in which Trump could beat Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner, in a general election, according to three sources briefed on the call.

One source, a high-level operative with the Koch brothers’ conservative advocacy network, characterized the conversation as heralding “a softening of the anti-Trump position” within the big-money GOP establishment. The source added of Crossroads’ stance on Trump, “It’s not that they support him, only that if he’s the guy, we can do something to stop Hillary.”

Word of what appears to be a softening of Rove and the establishment towards the gilded toad is troublesome to those organizations that are dedicated to stopping a Trump nomination from becoming a reality.

While Rove, himself, continues to suggest that Trump’s massive unfavorable ratings will threaten a loss for Republicans in November, the spokesman for Crossroads, Ian Prior, said that the data gathered from a recently commissioned Axis Research poll:

“has largely validated what Karl has been saying about Trump. He has a toxic level of unfavorability and much of the general election support that he has right now is less about people voting for him, and more about people voting against Hillary Clinton.”

Karl Rove… the Koch brothers… How long before Trumpidians shift gears and start singing the praises of the establishment?

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