Trump Surrogate, Roger Stone: Ted Cruz "Unhinged," No Threats of Violence

You usually have to move to the left to find lunacy this vile.

Oh, wait… he is a leftist.

Donald Trump’s lead henchman, Roger Stone took to the airwaves to trash Senator Ted Cruz as “unhinged.”


In an interview with WIOD radio, Stone attempted to clarify reports that he had threatened to reveal the hotel room numbers and names of RNC delegates who were not supporting Trump. He suggested that Trump’s maniacal cultists converge on Cleveland and “encourage” those delegates to sign a pledge to support Trump.

No, that doesn’t sound like a threat or intimidation, at all.

Michelle Fields can tell you what happens when those who oppose Trump have their personal information put out to the public.

Senator Cruz called out Stone’s behavior earlier this week in an interview with the Blaze, and labeled the tactics as being those of a “mobster” and “Union thug.”

Said Cruz:

“And I think Donald needs to renounce this incitement of violence, he needs to stop asking his supporters at rallies to punch people in the face. And he needs to fire the people responsible. … Roger Stone, and his campaign team that is encouraging violence, and he needs to stop doing it himself.”


Stone, who served as Trump’s advisor up until August 2015 responded:

“Ted Cruz is becoming unhinged. The pressure must be getting to [Cruz]. He’s seeing me in his sleep. I’ve never called for violence. Ted keeps saying that I might be forced to sue him. He’s a Superlawyer, but let’s get him in for a deposition. I’ve never called for violence.”

There’s no doubt that Trump’s rallies have been a breeding ground for despicable, gutter trash behavior. There’s also no doubt that Trump has done little to quiet the unrest, and in fact, has encouraged much of it.

Maybe Senator Cruz should call Stone’s bluff?


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