BUSTED: PayPal's Glaring Bathroom Hypocrisy Exposed

FILE- In this Aug. 23, 2007, file photo, a sign marks the entrance to a gender-neutral restroom at the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vt. Nearly all of the nation's 20 largest cities, including New York City, have local or state nondiscrimination laws that allow transgender people to use whatever bathroom they identify with, though a debate has raged around the topic nationwide. Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, signed an executive order on Monday, March 7, 2016, that guarantees people access to single-sex facilities consistent with their gender identity at city facilities, including offices, pools and recreation centers, without the need to show identification or any other proof of gender. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot, File)

They don’t exactly practice what they preach.Let’s start off this piece with the understanding that hypocrisy is a liberal virtue. They won’t openly claim to be hypocrites, but they will openly engage in hypocritical behavior. Without that glaring absence of self-awareness, the progressive left would likely lose some of their Stalinesque charm.


Now, turn your focus to PayPal. As reported here, yesterday, PayPal has withdrawn plans to expand their operations in North Carolina, in response to the newly passed House Bill 2, or the “bathroom bill,” which prohibits NC cities from setting gender neutral policies for all businesses and schools in their area. The bill came as a response to a Charlotte, NC ordinance that was set to go into effect on April 1, 2016, that would have allowed men to enter the locker rooms or bathrooms of women, in accordance with how they claimed to “feel,” gender-wise, for that day. Gov. McCrory signed the bill correcting the ordinance. Cue pearl-clutching.

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor, Dan Forest, issued a statement today, in regards to PayPal’s decision to cease expansion in the state over the bill:

“If our action in keeping men out of women’s bathrooms and showers protected the life of just one child or one woman from being molested or assaulted, then it was worth it. North Carolina will never put a price tag on the value of our children. They are precious and priceless. If a corporation wanting to do business in North Carolina does not see the worth of our children in the same light, then I wish them well as they do business somewhere else.”


Kudos to North Carolina’s state government for holding the line, where other states have stood, only to quickly fold under outside pressure, in this war against cultural Marxism.

Paypal has no problem maintaining operations in areas like Singapore, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia – all known for their stringent anti-LGBT policies (and they don’t stop at just prohibiting mixed bathrooms). Hypocrisy.

Also, while PayPal would see North Carolina’s women and children put in harm’s way, simply to save the feelings of what amounts to 0.3% of the population, they don’t exactly practice what they preach. Lt. Governor Forest displayed this picture of PayPal’s global operations center on his Facebook page today. They’ve highlighted the symbol indicating the way to the Men’s restroom – not “gender neutral,” but an honest-to-goodness, segregated-by-gender bathroom!


PayPal, like every other business, is free to conduct their business any way they see fit. If that means they just can’t tolerate doing business with a state that keeps bathrooms and public shower rooms separated for the privacy and safety of the different sexes, then so be it. However, they should know that their customers are equally free to decide if they want to do business with a company that doesn’t reflect their values and would use coercive means to force their beliefs on that population.


There are unsubstantiated reports of PayPal office phone lines being backed up with calls of users cancelling their accounts, in protest of their stance against North Carolina’s bathroom bill.

Time will tell who suffers the most damage in this cultural conflict.



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