Trump Open to General Election Contributions

Well, so much for self-funding.

It’s not that Donald Trump has ever, truly been “self-funded.” The reality of his campaign, in direct opposition of what his cultists are constantly regurgitating, is that Trump has loaned himself funds, to the tune of about $24 million. He’s also taken in about $9 million in contributions from supporters.


Now, in an extreme case of putting the cart before the horse, the hay-haired mountebank is signaling that he will accept contributions for his general election campaign.

Speaking to Wolf Blitzer on CNN, Trump spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson suggested:

“Well, Mr. Trump hasn’t decided yet. He is looking at options. A lot of people want to invest in the campaign. They believe in the campaign. They believe in his vision and his ideas, and they want to see his policies move forward. So Mr. Trump’s going to have to make that decision when we get there.”

As Trump is trailing badly in Wisconsin ahead of tomorrow’s primary vote, the die for a contested convention may have already been cast. If the vote goes to the convention floor, it is highly unlikely that Trump will be able to gather enough delegates to shore up the nomination.

That being said, in the catastrophic event of Trump getting the nomination, Trumpkins will be asked to dig into their beer-and-meth savings and give to further the cause.

There are worse things to waste your money on. I think.


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