Trump's Unhinged Attacks on Megyn Kelly Continue

Donald Trump is continuing on in his unhealthy fixation with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. It has reached such a point that even his subservient toadies with Fox and Friends are forced to offer their feeble protestations against his mania.


Trump made his daily call-in to allow the aforementioned toadies to lavish him with praise, and also to talk about the arrest of his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, on misdemeanor battery charges. The charges stem from an incident earlier in March, where the diminutive Lewandowski attempted to assuage his insecurities by grabbing a female reporter, Michelle Fields.

The utter irony lies in the fact that Fields was a reporter for Breitbart, which, next to Fox News, has been the most blatantly biased, pro-Trump propaganda arm on the entire internet. She was very likely about to get quotes for what would have been another puff piece to add to the echo chamber of slavish coverage of the gilded toad.

However, once Lewandowski put his tiny little mitts on Fields and snatched, leaving bruising which she documented with photos to Twitter, all bets were off. Fields resigned from her position with Breitbart, due to their pathetically weak defense of her position. Several others, disgusted with how she was treated, followed her out the door.

One of those who followed her out was Ben Shapiro, editor with Breitbart.


Shapiro appeared on Megyn Kelly’s show Tuesday night to discuss the arrest of Little Lewandowski, which was supported by additional footage released, showing that he, in fact, did grab Fields.

In the interview, Shapiro offered:

“Lying liars lie, and this is the Trump campaign, where lies are told and then lies are told to cover up the lies, and then finally new lies are told, in order to cover up the lies that were told about the lies. Corey Lewandowski grabbed Michelle. He yanked Michelle. He bruised Michelle… Their story has evolved from Corey Lewandowski never touched Michelle Fields to ‘Well, she sort of had it coming.’”

Upon hearing the interview with Shapiro, rather than address Shapiro, Trump, in his frothing madness, went after Kelly, calling it “another Megyn Kelly hit.” He then went on to insinuate that other managers and strategists, like Karl Rove and David Axelrod were probably as insecure and abusive as his staff, if not more so.

When the bobbleheads with the Fox morning crew pointed out that it was Ben Shapiro, not Megyn Kelly who made the remarks that so injured his feelings, Trump spit back:


“Well, it was her show and frankly, you can have Megyn Kelly!”

Kelly has the second highest ratings with Fox News’ nighttime lineup, but that didn’t stop Trump from claiming credit for it. Brian Kilmeade attempted to point out that her ratings were high before Trump ran for president, only to have Trump counter that he’d been on her show many times before he ran for president.

So, there you have it. Trump has apparently been propping up Megyn Kelly and all of Fox News for years. Or not.

How far does this have to go, before voters, the GOP, the media, and anyone else with an interest in what happens in this nation just stop and admit, out loud, that Donald Trump has some severe, pathological tendencies, which are mirrored in his staff and supporters?



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