Former Strategists Speak Out About Trump's Claims

Addressing Donald Trump’s assertions that they have acted more irresponsibly and in more physically aggressive ways than his own pocket-sized campaign manager, Karl Rove, David Axelrod, and David Plouffe are pointing out the absurdities.


The responses come after a particularly tense exchange between Trump and the hosts of Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.”

Trump, in defending the indefensible, made the claims about Rove, Axelrod, and Plouffe:

“OK and you don’t know that they didn’t do it, because I guarantee you they did, probably did stuff that was more physical than this,” Trump replied. “More physical, because this is not even physical. And frankly, she shouldn’t have her hands on me. Nobody says that. But she shouldn’t have her hands on me.”

As the perpetual victim and delicate flower of the GOP, Trump has shown himself to be particularly incapable of handling attacks from women, whether it be mean questions from Megyn Kelly or a brush of the hand by Michelle Fields. In his eyes, an ink pen becomes a potential bomb or at least a knife, therefore, Lewandowski was a brave little man to take the actions that he did against Fields.

Meanwhile, Karl Rove, former chief strategist for President George W. Bush and a physically intimidating figure, said of Trump’s claims:

“Of course, I never manhandled a reporter or anyone else and Mr. Trump should not imply I did. Making wild allegations is what he does to deflect attention from his own problems.”


But then wild deflections are part and parcel of the entire Trump Traveling Freak Show.

David Plouffe, Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign manager offered:

“Successful Presidential campaign managers – from Bobby Kennedy to Lee Atwater – shape the press, they don’t physically shake them and they manage the chaos, not create it.”

While the sane and rational world looks on in horror, wondering how such an inept, boorish, and narcissistic man could possibly be in the running to lead our nation, David Axelrod tweeted out the sad realities of this silly season:

“As with most episodes involving @realDonaldTrump, his defense of his manager probably will thrill core backers and trouble everyone else.”

His attacks on women, particularly against Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, seem to be having a damaging effect on his poll numbers. We will all have to wait a bit longer to see if anything resembling sanity can be pulled from the wreckage, by the time he’s done.


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