Marco Rubio Requests His Name Be Dropped in CA

Senator Marco Rubio (R., FL.) has requested that his name be removed from the ballot, ahead of the vote in the California Republican primary on June 7, 2016.

The deadline to file affidavits for removal is April 1. To date, no other candidates have asked that their names be removed.


The Arizona primary saw Rubio come in third, with 15% –  five points above John Kasich. This would not be especially outstanding, except that Rubio had dropped from the race at the time of the primary.

Rubio, who saw momentum in the early stages of the primary season, began to struggle and lost his home state of Florida to Donald Trump, in decisive fashion. He announced the suspension of his campaign in a spiritual, positive concession speech that night.

Early voting may have had some culpability in the results in Arizona, which saw Trump walk away from the rest of the group with ease. However, it would appear that Marco Rubio is doing his part to assure that his name is not attached to the “Spoiler” label, going forward. That label now rests solely with John Kasich, who refuses to concede defeat in this race, even after winning only his home state of Ohio.

Time will tell how this move effects the results in California. Donald Trump now holds the lead, with his closest competitor being Senator Ted Cruz, following 8 points behind.


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