NC Governor McCrory Addresses Lawsuit Over HB2

Governor Pat McCrory (R., NC) responded to the lawsuit brought this morning, in regards to the recently passed House Bill 2, named the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act.


In responding to the lawsuit, McCrory stated:

“We have not taken away any rights that have currently existed in any city in North Carolina, from Raleigh to Durham to Chapel Hill to Charlotte,” he said. “Every city and every corporation have the exact same nondiscrimination policy this week as they had two weeks ago.”

Further statements from the governor’s office:

“The governor respects the right of any legal challenges; however, he does not respect the continued distortion of the facts by the groups challenging this law and by many members of the state and national media,” said Graham Wilson, the governor’s press secretary.

What HB2 does prevent is cities in North Carolina from enacting their own ordinances to make all public facilities gender-neutral. Private organizations and businesses can maintain whatever policy they prefer, in regards to bathrooms and locker rooms, however, no city government can implement such policies.

McCrory went on to say:

“I frankly think some of the media has failed miserably in communicating the clear facts.”

In regards to those facts, McCrory’s office released a list of “Myths and Facts” about the new law last week, to address the rising concerns from the LGBT community. Nothing about the law should cause concern, as no rights appear to be infringed upon. This is simply a law to keep city government from making privacy laws that might put the public at risk or jeopardize the public comfort and safety.


While the majority of North Carolina’s citizens see it as a security issue, the liberal special interest groups, led by the ACLU, Hollywood, and outside agencies have put the pressure on, threatening not just lawsuits, but boycotts of the state, in order to force compliance with the liberal, LGBT agenda.

This is a continuing push and what amounts to no less than strong arm tactics, in order to force the people of one state to comply with their worldview. There is no tolerance and there will be no compromise. The LGBT Mafia are a pitiless group. They play victim while their boot heel is at the throat of noncompliant businesses and state government.

Here’s hoping Governor McCrory and North Carolina show more intestinal fortitude than Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal.


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