Carson Still Searching For Role With Trump Administration

I’ve often heard that very brilliant people can also be somewhat “eccentric” and disconnected from the world around them. I never really put much stock into that theory – until now.


Further beclowning himself, Dr. Ben Carson has emerged to take credit for the softer, gentler Donald Trump we’ve witnessed over the last couple of weeks. In an interview with Politico, as quoted from The Hill:

“You did notice that he wasn’t nearly as caustic in the last debate,” he added, noting it came after Carson joined Trump’s team. “People appreciated that. It’s a matter of cultivating and capitalizing on that.”


But then, of course, there were the attacks on Ted Cruz’s wife and the absolute gutter politics of insulting the woman’s looks, in comparison to his own botoxed bride. Carson was likely in such a giddy state of imagining what his role would be in the Trump administration that he missed the unfolding drama.

In a further example of buffoonery, Carson played the perfect Branch Trumpidian, delivering a threat straight to the system:

“If we get to a brokered convention and the powers that be do decide on somebody different, all of those millions of people who have been brought into the process by Trump, if they think those people are going to stay, they’re nuts,” he said.


He doesn’t seem to get that large numbers of those people aren’t going to be there, anyway. They’ll go back to voting for the other Democrat in November. Just as many will leave the party in protest if Trump is the nominee.

I do hope Dr. Carson can find something productive and fulfilling to do in his retirement. Preferably, it should be something away from politics.

I hear there may be a place for him reading children’s stories for audio books.


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