Simply Put: PA-12's Tim Burns Spells Out the Special Election

Republican Tim Burns can’t say it any better with his new “Simply Put” campaign ad. Burns differentiates the two parties succinctly and without slamming his opponent, either.


The PA-12 special election to fill the people’s seat that the late Jack Murtha held for so many corrupt years is another opportunity to ring liberty’s bell throughout the halls of the Capitol. Voters in PA-12 take notice and do not be fooled anymore by the phony guise of good will of the Democrats and their supposed “fight” for the working man.

Frankly, if they were anything different than liberals/democrats/socialists/progressives, they would be running on the GOP side of the ticket. And we see this time and time again, throughout every election cycle–Democrat candidates racing to the center, masquerading as prolife, conservative, fiscal hawks–which we now clearly know there is no such person on the Democrat side.  Thanks, Bart.

If you haven’t learned anything in the past year, learn this: when it comes down to a party-line vote a Democrat will never go against the “family.”  How do I know?  Pelosi has won every controversial vote so far, which should alarm voters on how she is actually arm-twisting her Democrats to get them to vote ‘yea’ when their constituents are clearly a ‘nay.’

Continue the sweep in PA-12 and clean House.

You can donate to Tim’s campaign here.


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