Still Think Liz Cheney Is a Republican?

Tell me again that certain “Republicans” aren’t just the Democrats’ controlled opposition. Here’s a short list:

But the worst of the worst is the execrable Liz Cheney (political public enemy #1 in Wyoming). Besides voting to impeach President Trump, she is a poster child for endless wars in the Middle East (just like her father) and has accused the Republican Party of being the “party of white supremacy.” And now she’s providing political cover for Nancy Pelosi’s “J6 commission,” which is nothing but a hyper-partisan show trial aimed at justifying The Hologram regime’s weaponization of the federal government against Trump supporters and other political enemies. And that is all Cheney is good for these days, politically speaking, as even Caspar Milquetoast Kevin McCarthy has called her a “Pelosi Republican.” You know you’ve nearly hit bottom when McCarthy has to say something “nasty” about you in order to preserve his political credibility as a leader in his own caucus.

Money is the mother’s milk of politics, and Democrats are using Cheney’s traitorous behavior for fundraising to try to preserve the Democrat majority in the face of the building Republican tsunami in 2022. Check this out from an email on Monday that was sent to New York Democrats:

Heh. Yeah, they “really, really appreciate” Liz Cheney. You’ll notice that all they want to do is send Liz a “happy birthday email card” while concurrently sending any money donated to the Democrat Senate Majority Fund. That’s all they’re willing to give to Liz for her political perfidy; the money goes to Democrats (which explains EVERYTHING about them, doesn’t it?).

Let’s dissect that last graphic and convey the correct meanings of the statements:

  • Stop Republicans. Real meaning: preserve our ability to ram unpopular legislation down the throats of all Americans.
  • Joe Biden’s Majority is GONE!! Real meaning: the American people will put a stake through the heart of Democrat political totalitarianism unless we can steal elections again in 2022.
  • Our dreams of passing Democratic laws are OVER. Real meaning: our socialist agenda will be stopped in its tracks before we can finish changing America’s constitutional Republic forever.
  • Everything is on the line. Real meaning: the polls have turned against Democrats and our communist agenda bigly, and we need to fund every political dirty trick possible in 2022 in order to cling to power.

They are transparent. And so, too, are the likes of Liz Cheney, who needs to be retired to private life and never seen or heard from again. Over to you, Wyoming Republicans!

The end.


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