Why Would Any Cuban-American Ever Vote for a Democrat Again?

AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa

Communist Cuba is attempting to ride out one of the worst of their periodic economic crises by cracking down on Cubans who have been “demanding freedom, access to basic goods and adequate healthcare.” Hey, haven’t Hollywood leftwingers and other pro-Castro fellow-travelers in the US been bleating for years that Cuba provides free healthcare for all of its people? Why, here’s a glowing report from HuffPo a few years ago on the subject:

According to the UN’s World Health Organization, Cuba’s health care system is an example for all countries of the world.

The Cuban health system is recognized worldwide for its excellence and its efficiency. Despite extremely limited resources and the dramatic impact caused by the economic sanctions imposed by the United States for more than half a century, Cuba has managed to guarantee access to care for all segments of the population and obtain results similar to those of the most developed nations.

Yes, I know: that would be the same WHO that has been kowtowing to the Chinese Communists by first supporting the unproven zoonotic origin theory for the ChiCom virus and then running a sham “investigation” that “proved” the virus couldn’t have originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (despite the consensus building around the world that that is exactly where it all started!).

But I digress. The Cuban Castroists/Communists are in deep doo-doo, as the Cuban people are fed up with the shortages, lies, lack of freedom, and totalitarian control over everything:

The unanswered question for demonstrators—who appear to have lost their deep fear of authority, nurtured during more than six decades of Communist rule—is whether their new boldness can withstand the ferocity of the government’s response, analysts say.

The protests were unprecedented in a country with tight police control and surveillance on dissidents, analysts say.

“The other notable thing is the lack of fear. Cubans were marching in all those places, young and old, Black and white,” said Mr. Latell, who now teaches at Florida International University.

Some of them are trying to flee the country, too. Here is a little context for exoduses of Cubans since Fidel Castro seized control in 1959:

In 1959, the Cuban Revolution unleashed the largest refugee flow to the United States in history, with approximately 1.4 million people fleeing the island after the toppling of dictator Fulgencio Batista by Fidel Castro’s guerrilla fighters [i.e., Communists].

[There are approximately] 1,211,000 U.S. residents born in Cuba—nearly 940,000 of whom now live in Florida. In total, approximately 2 million U.S. residents are natives of Cuba or claim Cuban ancestry.

And a lot of those Cuban-Americans traveled to Washington, DC, to protest The Hologram’s tepid response to the ongoing Cuban government’s crackdown on the protestors:

But then, The Hologram doesn’t listen to average people. He and his ilk are much more heavily influenced by well-known celebrities and others who have spent their lives supporting the Castros. A group of them crowd-sourced by a leftwing organization called “The People’s Forum” placed a full-page advertisement in The New York Times on 22 July demanding that The Hologram end the Cuba embargo (while remaining completely silent on the government crackdown on the Cuban protestors):

Check out some of the signatories:

Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Daniel Ellsberg, Cornel West, Noam Chomsky, Oliver Stone, etc. Socialists, Communists, radicals, fellow-travelers, reprobates, fools. But then these are the people with and to whom Democrats socialize and listen, not regular people. I would wager that the vast majority of them voted for The Hologram and The Cackler, too.

Meanwhile, the US Coast Guard apparently has orders to “repatriate” any Cubans fleeing Cuba. “Repatriate” obvious refugees back to a totalitarian Communist regime? Are you kidding me?

Coast Guard Cutter Charles Sexton’s crew repatriated 27 Cubans to Cuba, July 27, following two interdictions off Florida’s coast, the Coast Guard 7th District said in a release.

Since Oct. 1, 2020, Coast Guard crews have interdicted 595 Cubans compared to:

  • 5,396 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2016

  • 1,468 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2017

  • 259 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2018

  • 313 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2019

  • 49 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2020

Makes me wonder how many of those “migrants” (escapees) were “repatriated” to Communist Cuba before The Hologram took over. No wonder those Cuban-Americans (and others) were peacefully protesting in front of the White House! I doubt those folks will be voting Democrat any time soon. Why should they?

The end.



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