It’s Not Your Parents’ National Education Association

The National Education Association needs to be dismantled and repurposed from top to bottom. It has been totally taken over by cultural Marxists and social justice warriors. Is that over the top? Read on….


About the NEA from Influence Watch (emphasis added):

The National Education Association (NEA) is America’s largest labor union … with affiliates in every state across 14,000 communities, NEA represents teachers, education support professionals, retired teachers, education faculty and staff, substitute teachers, and administrators.

The NEA is a major political player, with its associated political action committees contributing nearly $143.5 million to federal candidates and committees—97% of which supported Democrats and liberals—from 1990 through February 2019. The NEA is also deeply entangled in state and local politics and is a major contributor to left-of-center nonprofit organizations.

Here is a statement of purpose from the NEA website:

The National Education Association (NEA) is more than 3 million people—educators, students, activists, workers, parents, neighbors, friends—who believe in opportunity for all students and in the power of public education to transform lives and create a more just and inclusive society.

By the way, being a white male, I looked and looked on their website front page for a picture of “people like me” (a favorite phrase of race-mongering leftists who seek to divide Americans and remake our culture and society in their own image) but could not find a single one. I did see pictures of minorities, LGBTQ people, and transgender, as well as links to “advance justice” (whose, other than leftists?), “advocate for your rights” (a little insight into American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten’s string-pulling at the CDC), “bring real change” (featuring a transgender freshman from Texas), “getting real” (aggressively pushing LBGTQ+, but nothing about STEM and real American history), etc. What’s the difference between the NEA’s cultural and political activism and BLM’s objectives or the planks in the Democrat Party (or the US Communist Party, for that matter)? None a dime’s worth of difference.


[As an aside, I happen to support “advocating for change,” too, but in a diametrically OPPOSITE direction to the blatant leftwing malarkey being pushed by the lunatics at the NEA. I advocate for a return to high academic standards and thorough teaching of civics, American history, and Western civilization, as well as flushing all Communist curricula in social studies and history courses down the proverbial drain. That includes tossing out worthless degrees like the various “studies” bachelors programs that manufacture the next generation of Communist activists.]

Do you think the NEA is benign? Are you aware of their outreach campaign and blatant political activism? Do you ever wonder who is pushing Marxist history textbooks in US public school systems? Do you ever wonder who is behind the LBGTQ+ cultural onslaught that now begins in kindergarten classes? Look no further than the NEA (although there are leftwing billionaires and nonprofit foundations who are underwriting the whole process).

A friend forwarded me an email last week sent by the NEA’s “EdJustice Team.” “Educational justice,” of course, is just the latest variation on the Marxist theme of “social justice,” joining the likes of racial justice, environmental justice, economic justice, etc., all of which are derivatives of conflict theory that pits social groups against each other in order to achieve “equity” of outcomes for all. Equity is the new Marxist panacea – their utopia guaranteed through government action (with the rights of dissenting individuals like me being damned in the process). The NEA’s EdJustice Team are foot-soldiers in the Left’s march to that future Marxist paradise. Here is what their email stated:


No matter our color, background, or zip code, we want our kids to have an education that imparts honesty about who we are, integrity in how we treat others, and courage to do what’s right.

But the same lawmakers who have denied our classrooms resources and demanded sacrifices of our teachers are now stoking fears about our schools. They are trying to dictate what teachers say and block kids from learning our shared stories of confronting injustice to build a more perfect union.

That’s why we’re coming together with the Zinn Education Project and Black Lives Matter at School for a Truth in Teaching Day of Action. On Saturday, June 12, we will amplify that our Black, brown and white students lose when lawmakers try to whiteout our history.

As some segments of our country publicly acknowledge and increasingly reckon with the ways our laws, practices, and institutions harm Black, brown, and Indigenous people, some politicians have resorted to the usual dog whistle strategy of distraction and division.

We won’t allow these politicians to undermine our educators and whitewash our history.

Joining together, we can demand that our schools have the resources to meet every child’s needs with well-trained and supported teachers and a curriculum that helps them reckon with and shape our future.

In Solidarity,

The NEA EdJustice Team

P.S. Show your support on social media with #TeachTruth.

Did you notice the individual on the right in that logo wearing a Chairman Mao cap? How much of an in-your-face of a Communist virtue signal to the Maoists is that? It kinda sorta reminds me of those Communist banners paraded through the streets of Chinese cities during Mao’s “Cultural Revolution” in the late 1960s and early 1970s, too. These people aren’t afraid to expose themselves anymore because they’ve got friends in high places in the White House (think “Kamala Harris” and many others).


The Communist lingo and narrative are pervasive in that email, but the dead giveaway of the purpose and intent is the sentence that includes “Zinn Education Project” and Black Lives Matter at School.” Educators targeted by this email and aligned with the NEA are intent on brainwashing school children to hate America by teaching false history. As this article states, the Marxist version of American history (e.g., Howard Zinn’s, “A People’s History of the United States”) being taught in many schools is “’a complete and total reversal of reality'” and the root cause of the civil unrest sparked by the death of George Floyd.”

What about “Black Lives Matter at School”? Their whole purpose is to infuse Marxist critical race theory into the public school curriculum for the express purposes of radicalizing and dividing the next generation:

[T]he insidious ideology is being used to promote estrangement rather than friendship, and hostility rather than goodwill. Indeed, the tactics used by proponents of critical race theory share many parallels with old tactics used by the Bolsheviks…. [C]ritical race theory’s agitators are committed to tearing down civil society on the pretense that it is an incubator for “systemic racism.”

The key concept behind critical race theory is that every human endeavor should be looked at through the perspective of racism, which gets down to the fact that anyone who uses this method of inquiry and teaching will find racism everywhere they look. Happen to be “born white”? You’re a racist by definition in their view!


Here is a brief overview of BLM that ties the organization directly to the ChiComs:

Black Lives Matter began in 2013 with a Twitter hashtag, #BlackLivesMatter, after neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, called a “white Hispanic” in the press, was acquitted in the killing of black teenager Trayvon Martin. Radical-left activists Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi claim credit for the slogan and hashtag. Following the Michael Brown shooting in August 2014, Dream Defenders, an organization co-founded by (the ACORN-affiliated) Working Families Party activist and Occupy Wall Street organizer Nelini Stamp, popularized the phrase “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot!” which has since become BLM’s widely recognized slogan. Not surprisingly, former Communist Party USA vice presidential candidate Angela Davis sits on the Dream Defenders advisory board.

Garza, Cullors, and Tometi all work for front groups of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, one of the four largest radical Left organizations in the country. The others are the Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, and the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism. Stamp’s ACORN—now rebranded under a variety of different names after its official 2010 bankruptcy—works with all four organizations, and Dream Defenders is backed by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), ACLU, and Southern Poverty Law Center, among others.

The Freedom Road Socialist Organization is a hereditary descendant of the New Communist Movement inspired by Chinese dictator Mao Zedong and the many communist revolutions occurring throughout the world in the 1960s and ’70s. Freedom Road split into two separate groups in 1999, FRSO/Fight Back and FRSO/OSCL (Freedom Road Socialist Organization/Organización Socialista del Camino Para la Libertad). Black Lives Matter and its founders are allied with the latter. (Future references to “Freedom Road” in this article refer to FRSO/OSCL.)


This is whom the NEA makes common cause with these days. Overt Communists! And to think that more than half of the teachers who have heard of critical race theory support it. Does that include the teachers of YOUR children? Damn straight that the NEA needs to be dismantled and repurposed from top to bottom!

The Marxist onslaught through US public education continues, as aided and abetted by the NEA. Free speech on campus is virtually a thing of the past, thanks to armies of leftist snitches and cancel culture activists emboldened by teachers who support Black Lives Matter at School. Symbols of American history are being purged, and buildings and schools are being renamed. Marxist curricula is being spread in public school systems across the land. And graphic sex education is being pushed down to the first grade in some schools!

All of this is happening right under your nose unless you are directly involved with your local school boards and monitoring EVERYTHING being taught to your kids! Fortunately, at least some parents are fighting back (see here, here, here, and here). But when will people start targeting teachers’ unions like the NEA for their Marxist activism and direct involvement? If you want to do something concrete, then get involved with US Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) and start your own chapter!

The end.


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