Biden Versus Trump: a Video Comparison

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

Watch these three, short videos. No words are necessary.

First, The Hologram “in action”:


Second, as if the first wasn’t enough, here’s another short clip of the Hologram:

Third, the vigorous President Trump:

Well, on second thought, a few words ARE necessary! Here are a few points that come immediately to mind:

  1. One of these two is a complete embarrassment.
  2. One of these two is operating in a diminished capacity, both physically and mentally.
  3. One of these two is a de facto Hologram and incapable of independent thought.
  4. One of these two has zero gravitas (to use a once-favorite word of the Democrat-media complex).
  5. One of these two is being laughed at around the world.
  6. One of these two has no command presence whatsoever.
  7. One of these two is the victim of elder abuse.
  8. One of these two cannot respond to a simple question without a script.
  9. One of these two is flat-out un-presidential in demeanor and actions.
  10. One of these two should be in a rocking chair somewhere and not on the world stage.
  11. One of these two is a humorless doppelgänger.
  12. One of these two ALMOST makes you feel sorry for him.

And one of these two is the exact opposite of the twelve items above: vigorous, presidential, gregarious, confident, respected, quick-witted, insightful, hilarious when appropriate, and in command.

You can choose who is who. As for me, I’m on the “Miss Me Yet?” bandwagon. Maybe those election audits can do something about that soon.

The end.


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