President Trump at CPAC: No Third Party!

President Trump at CPAC: No Third Party!
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In the first few minutes of his speech to the CPAC crowd on Sunday, President Trump clearly stated that he was interested in remaking the Republican Party – NOT in starting a third party. There has been much speculation that he would perhaps announce an interest in a third party, with media polls attempting to generate support for a new party that would ultimately destroy the Republican Party and cement Democrat Party control for years to come. But, That. Did. Not. Happen!

Since the “certification” of The Hologram on 6 January, an increasing number of erstwhile “Republicans” have publicly attempted to distance themselves politically from President Trump. They made a horrible political calculation that he could be kicked to the curb without any blowback from his supporters. How has that worked out for them?

  • The 10 House Republicans who voted with every single Democrat to impeach have seen their poll numbers tank, primary challengers already declare themselves, and censures voted by their irate state and county Republican Party organizations.
  • Ditto the seven Republican senators who voted to convict at the end of the farcical Senate trial.
  • A disgraceful floor speech by Mitch Mitchell immediately after the Senate acquittal-for-life vote (and a doubling down in the following days). McConnell’s polling numbers are in the tank.
  • Various RINOs like Nikki Haley and Bill Cassidy showing their true NeverTrump colors. They’re toast, politically.

Establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, and John Thune are focused like laser beams not on stopping the Biden agenda or anything else beneficial to average Americans, but rather on purging the Republican Party of Trump supporters whom they despise. Where is their outrage about the job-destroying executive orders? The assault on constitutionally-guaranteed liberties? The insanity of permitting biological men to compete in women’s sports? The overwhelming belief of their own constituents who are certain the 2020 election was stolen? The opening of the border to a flood of potentially diseased illegal aliens? The soaring gasoline prices at the pump directly attributable to Biden’s actions? The House Republican leadership’s orchestration of the caucus vote that kept Liz Cheney in her position despite her vote to impeach? The purported RINO congressional leaders are AWOL and only concerned about consigning President Trump and his supporters to the dustbin of history.

For Mitch McConnell, he is attempting a replay of his performance in disrupting, distracting, and ultimately neutralizing the influence of the Tea Party faithful, as previously reported here. It would not surprise me one bit if McConnell and his allies and donors are behind the upstart “Patriot Party,” which is being proposed as an alternative to the Republican Party. What better way to siphon off Trump supporters from the Republican Party and rendering them impotent, politically? The same goes for the various “MAGA PACs” that are being stood up to divert money that could be invested in Trump Republican challengers to Senate and House RINOs in 2022 – or even better, invested in reorganizing and recapturing local and state Republican Party organizations from moribund RINO control.

McConnell and company are happy to facilitate Trump supporters starting a third party or bailing out of the Republican Party to “go independent” (which amounts to the same thing) because it keeps them in control of the Republican Party. Political independents may be well-intentioned but are in reality misguided, as previously reported:

People who are political independents are gutless – the equivalent of the kid on the playground who took his marbles and went home when a bully started cheating and stealing marble games. It’s easy to bail out on the Republican Party and become an independent when the Party fails to deliver or rolls over to the Democrat-media complex – and then caterwaul about “the swamp” from the sidelines, as opposed to getting personally involved and actually doing something about it. And a lot of people proudly announce they have “left the Republican Party” when they switch to independent. That’s cutting and running from the fight.

I believe President Trump is committed to remaking the Republican Party in his image. He wants a strong and constitutionally conservative party, with elected officials with strong core principles who take it to the socialist Democrats – just as he himself has shown the way during his presidency. He knows it will take hard work by dedicated Trump supporters across the country to make that happen. He also knows the Republican Party is a bottom-up party – one which is ultimately controlled from the precinct level up through the state party organizations. Much different from the top-down autocratic Democrat Party structure. He has already begun endorsing Trumpian candidates for primary challenges in 2022. An avalanche of those challenges is possible if Trump supporters get engaged NOW at the local level.

No incumbent RINO wants to face a primary challenge by a Trump-endorsed challenger, and President Trump named those House Republicans who voted to impeach him in his CPAC speech. Let them beware! The gold standard of Republican candidates is receiving a Trump endorsement, as was clearly shown during the 2020 election, during which 120 of 122 or his endorsed candidates won election. Even McConnell understands that fact, as he has recently backtracked by saying he would “absolutely” support a Trump candidacy in 2024 if he won the Republican nomination for president. The Establishment Republicans are going to learn the hard way that the Republican Party is President Trump’s party, not theirs!

What each state needs are a few dedicated and highly motivated Trump supporters with great contacts around each state willing to work diligently to recapture their state and county Republican Party organizations. This core would begin the coordination process as a sort of “Trumpian conservative caucus” focused on nominating and electing carefully screening candidates for all political jobs at all levels (city, county, state). A special outreach also needs to be made to all those independents who left both parties to join the fight inside the new Republican Party, too.

President Trump’s clarion call at CPAC to restore the Republican Party to its core principles and boot Establishment Republicans and RINOs is the correct way-ahead. Do not be fooled by third parties or PACs not endorsed by President Trump, as those are diversions that serve the Uniparty, not regular Americans.

The end.

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