Impeachment: They Are Above It All

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The Senate impeachment trial farce once again reminds us that the political class has elevated itself above regular Americans, and that there are only two classes of people in the US: the “elites” and everybody else. They are also reminding us that blatant hypocrisy, double-standards, fairness, equal justice under the law, and even common decency are irrelevant when the political class is on the warpath against someone like President Trump.

We citizens have allowed the political class to become:

  • Unconstrained in their appetites; say anything, do anything without consequences (e.g., a sitting US president and his family thoroughly corrupted by Communist China with zero accountability)
  • Protected by DoJ and what passes for law enforcements standards – double-standards, in reality (e.g., Obama-era apparatchiks and Democrat congressmen guilty of perjury and remain unprosecuted)
  • Flush with money from the oligarchs on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley (e.g., the US Chamber of Commerce owns Establishment Republicans)
  • Unaccountable to their constituents (e.g., election fraud is now the law in many swing states; the grossly misnamed HR 1 – “For the People Act of 2021” – will cement mail-in balloting and other fraud nationwide if/when passed into law)
  • Blatant in their corruption, crimes, and hypocrisies (e.g., Marjorie Taylor-Greene removed from her committees, but Eric Swalwell remains on the House Intelligence Committee after sleeping with a ChiCom spy)

Except that regular Americans have grown up watching cops-and-robbers shows on television all their lives. Perry Mason, Gunsmoke, The FBI, Matlock, Law and Order, multiple CSI variants, Cops, Blue Bloods, Bosch, Midsomer Murders, etc., not to mention dozens of feature-length movies on the subject. As a result, we intuitively understand rules of evidence, equal justice under the law, fairness, and the consequences that always seem to be dished out to the perps in the end. It’s almost as if Hollywood has been doing their part on behalf of the oligarchy and political class to anesthetize Americans into believing that the rule of law really does exist in the US, and that it still applies to everyone eventually. After watching the last four years of the FBI and DoJ kicking the can down the road on the Clintons and the Crossfire Hurricane perps, we know otherwise.

Those crime movies and television series exposed our basest human natures in every conceivable circumstance – not just the inherent evil, violence, lust, envy, and sadism in the souls of average men and women, but also the corruption that exists in the legal-political system and among some law enforcement officers who are charged with upholding the law. “Legal-political” because we have learned during the Trump Age that the legal system and political system are one and the same (and thoroughly corrupted). And those character flaws exist in the political class, too – on steroids because they know they are virtually untouchable. We would like to believe that accountability for criminal actions applies to the political class but have seen scant evidence of that, especially since the Clinton era.

As a result of our “conditioning,” we know a farce and criminal conspiracy when we see it, as well as when someone is being railroaded by “the system,” not to mention the conflicts of interest and rank hypocrisy in evidence. That is an unintended consequence that perhaps the political class did not account for in their rush to impeach President Trump. And that unintended consequence definitely applies to the ongoing Senate impeachment trial, as Americans marvel at the blatant antics of the House managers and their Senate partners-in-crime:

Regarding that last bullet, consider this statement in the context of all of the cops-and-robbers shows you have ever watched:

Imagine a judicial proceeding where the prosecutors, the jurors and the judge also happen to be the eyewitnesses to the alleged crime. Consider also if that proceeding happened in the same building where the lawlessness unfolded.

Not one whisper from Democrats about the blatant conflicts of interest and lack of impartiality – but we can all see it on display for ourselves.

Pat Leahy (D-VT) is presiding over the farce because the SCOTUS chief justice refused to preside over the proceedings. Leahy issued a statement on 6 January that claimed that President Trump “promotes delusional conspiracy theories and encourages felonies.” That’s a pretty clear indication that Leahy is deeply compromised in his role as judge, jury, and would-be (political) executioner of President Trump. Leahy is the tip of the iceberg, as other Senate Democrats have also been outspoken in claiming that President Trump “incited insurrection” during his 6 January speech to supporters in Washington, DC. Fair-minded Americans know a kangaroo court when they see one! We recognize a political lynching when we see one. And the truth about his speech was known – and twisted by the Democrats and their operatives in the media – from the very beginning, as noted at Legal Insurrection blog:

The latest premise Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are pushing to impeach President Trump is just as flawed and just as insubstantial as the first one they peddled.  They point to Trump’s January 6, 2021 speech and claim that his rhetoric “incited insurrection” among other equally hysterical claims.

The problem with this claim is the speech itself.  It is just like every other Trump speech he’s ever given.  Further, if it were some kind of dog-whistle-laden rhetorical masterpiece that only he and his supporters (and the leftist elite, of course) can understand, why did only a tiny percentage of those assembled enter the Capitol, with fewer still taking part in the property theft or destruction, disrespectful behavior, and/or other facets of this imaginary insurrection?

Because the speech is completely devoid of any call to violence, much less to the overthrow of the United States’ government via spontaneous violent insurrection, Pelosi and her Democrat hordes are vague in their accusations, can’t point to one paragraph, one sentence, or even one phrase that supports their allegation.

Additionally, the Democrats’ Capitol Hill riot narrative has continued to degrade if not be completely blown up by various revelations over the past couple of weeks. Tucker Carlson’s monologue on Wednesday night destroyed the Democrats’ claims on how the riot started:

That video is a must-watch to understand what actually happened on Capitol Hill, as opposed to how the false narrative has been spun as agitprop since the event by the political class and legacy media, all of whom are hell-bent on using those lies to impeach and convict President Trump. And that is exactly what the Democrat-media narrative is – a cynical, bald-faced lie.

How will the senators vote next week? The six Establishment Republicans who voted with every Senate Democrat to “confirm” the impeachment proceedings to be “constitutional” will probably join every single Democrat in voting against President Trump at the end, too. Will other Republicans defect, as well? Americans will be watching closely – particularly their Republican constituents. Seven of the ten House Republicans (so far!) who voted to impeach are already facing declared primary challengers, censure by home-state Republican organizations, and devastating polling numbers. Any Republican senator voting with Democrats in this impeachment charade will face the same music, too. That’s the only way to send the message to the political class that they really aren’t “above it all.”

The end.


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