Election Fraud: What’s a Mother to Do?

AP Photo/Carlos Giusti

By latest count – and probably underestimated! – some 46% of Americans believe the presidential election was corrupted by massive fraud. Even 22% of Democrats believe there was fraud despite continuous Democrat-media complex to bury and dismiss the evidence that has been collected every single day since 3 November. The lamentations of erstwhile Trump supporters continue as the days go by without a major counterattack by the President other than various lawsuits by Trump campaign lawyers and allies like Lin Wood and Sidney Powell.

With Republican Party leadership virtually silent even when confronted by the evidence of massive fraud in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona, the weak-kneed among elected Republicans have already bailed out on the President and have either publicly recognized Biden as the “president-elect” or urged President Trump to “concede the election” to Biden. And more abandon the President with each passing day. These gutless people disgust me, but one silver lining is that those who are doing so have identified themselves as the anti-Trump RINOs that they almost certainly always were. More on that later in this article.

And a lot of average Republican voters and Trump supporters in ostensibly conservative media are throwing in the towel, too, despite the President’s very public refusal to concede. That said, there is a core of Trump supporters who will NEVER give up on the President because we realize that if the blatant and in-your-face election fraud perpetrated by the Democrats during this election cycle is allowed to stand, then we can kiss our constitutional Republic goodbye, as our most sacred voting right and our ability to affect real change among the political class will have been extinguished forever.

What will happen over the next few weeks? Will a DNI “process indictment” detailing massive foreign election interference be forthcoming? Or will congressional hearings actually be held that call out all the anomalies and cry foul and demand a constitutional remedy (the 12th Amendment)? Will electronic surveillance information be made public that exposes an election fraud conspiracy that tipped the vote to Biden in the wee hours of Election Day night? There is certainly a cottage industry of theories and opinions by “experts” on how the President will still win a second term in office. At any rate, the President and his legal team still seem confident that a big shoe will drop.

Since Election Day night, I have refused to watch any broadcast or network news programs, except for an occasional snippet of NewsMax and a few of Tucker Carlson’s monologues. My main sources of information are from trusted independent media, podcasts, and social media personalities whom I have vetted in the Age of Trump. I simply refuse to be gaslighted by the legacy media with spurious reports of this and that. They know nothing about what is going on at this point, and their continued use of “unnamed sources” confirms their standard agit-prop modus operandi, so why watch them unless the desire is to have one’s blood pressure raised? Oh, and my other main source of information is President Trump. When has he ever been proven wrong about even one of his public statements? Except for a few of his close allies, I simply don’t trust ANYONE else.

We have gotten down to brass tacks in this election, and the choice is binary: either President Trump has got something big on the massive election fraud, or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t have the goods on the fraud which can be easily explained to all Americans (including the paltry number of actual Biden voters), I can’t explain why he continues to exude confidence in every public appearance and in every social media post because the Left will hound him and his family into the ground if Biden is indeed inaugurated in January.

Keep in mind that, despite repeated claims by the Democrat-media complex that he is a “dictator” and an “authoritarian,” the reality of his presidency is that he has operated completely within the boundaries of the Constitution and through existing institutions at every turn. He hasn’t spied on the opposition party or the media like his predecessor did, he allowed the impeachment process to play out constitutionally, he has let the Justice Dept act independently on all matters when lesser presidents would have pushed investigators like John Durham to publicize findings before the election for crass political reasons, and he has attempted to force Congress to fulfill their constitutional duties by drafting legislation on important matters like healthcare and DACA (as opposed to directing action via presidential fiat).

The evidence that drips out about election fraud daily is astounding: sworn depositions from many witnesses in state hearings, technical data analyses performed by statistical experts, many written depositions in several lawsuit affidavits sworn under threat of perjury, and many videos that captured election fraud criminality – such as this one from a retired Army colonel that detailed 35,000 fraudulent votes assigned up front for Democrat candidates in Arizona. Oh, and the legacy media continue to under-report and misreport Trump campaign lawsuits, too. Except for a single Wisconsin court, the courts in the several states in which lawsuits were filed – as well as the US Supreme Court! – have yet to examine ANY of the real evidence of election fraud presented, as they have dismissed the cases based on process, standing, and other technicality grounds. All of this is purposely ignored by the Democrat-media complex and their base, which consists almost entirely of mushrooms happy to be kept in the dark and spoon-fed manure/lies. If the voting machines were corrupted, then expose the evidence to all Americans and file the charges to stop the process and follow the Constitution.

It may be impossible to change the minds of the mushrooms by peaceful means when the Left controls so much of the federal and state bureaucracies, virtually all of the legacy media, the financial world (money is the mother’s milk of politics), and the education system from kindergarten through college. Many Blue states like New York, New Jersey, Oregon, and Illinois have been corrupted by Democrats for years, and others like Colorado, Nevada, and even Georgia are following suit in the use of massive election fraud and public corruption in order to foist a Uniparty political class on the citizens.

The political class in those states probably cannot be displaced by normal democratic processes, but that is exactly what Founding Father Benjamin Franklin charged us to do over 200 years ago. He told us that it is up to the citizens of the Republic to keep it – and we have failed miserably in that task over the past 60+ years. We have chosen to cede political power and authority for “running the government” to a political class that has subsequently bankrupted a number of states and also the federal government. That means direct theft of the taxpayer at whose feet all of the government bills are placed!

So, “what is a mother to do”? Give up and let the Democrats destroy our constitutional Republic and along with it the hopes and dreams of our children and grandchildren? Over my dead body.

Some people argue that a third party is needed to right the ship because the Republican Party is gutless and just the flip side of the hopelessly corrupt Uniparty coin. This is a fool’s errand because the political class has enormous tools to fight, misdirect, undermine, and stymie any third-party effort. Look at how the GOP elite (Mitch McConnell and company) torpedoed the Tea Party movement during the Obama presidency (the Tea Party patriots are now a large part of the Trump base). And the Democrats are only too happy to see a third party consisting of constitutional conservatives and others gut the Republican Party (the rightful ideological home for those people). The Democrats know full well that a third party will cement Democrat political hegemony in America for decades. Have you forgotten that it was Ross Perot’s third-party candidacy in 1992 that gave us the corrupt presidency of Bill Clinton and all that followed?

The only real solution is to do what Ben Franklin admonished us about in terms of getting involved in politics: we need to take charge at the local level and elect candidates not of the political class, but rather people with business, national security, and other real experience in everyday American life to state legislatures, governorships, the US Congress, and the presidency. President Trump has shown us what can be accomplished by a nonpolitician focused on policies that benefit ALL Americans, unlike past presidents from the political class who kick cans down the road and accomplish nothing substantive. We need to change the Republican Party from the bottom up. That means:

  • Finding and organizing other like-minded people willing to put the time and resources necessary into ridding the Republican Party of RINOs at all levels, including in the various supporting organizations at the state and national level (e.g., the RNC).
  • Capturing local county Republican organizations and replacing moribund RINOs with energetic people willing to take on the political class and root out the endemic corruption in state capitols and the federal government.
  • Working upwards to the capture and resurrection of state Republican Party organizations.
  • Carefully vetting candidates who are not of the political class and who support the principles of limited constitutional government, low taxes, and minimal regulations, etc.
  • Electing state representatives who uphold these principles and replacing them on a regular basis in order to minimize corruption. That includes recalling those who fail to due what they promised to do in office.
  • Organizing direct lobbying campaigns by citizens on key issues of the day. One current example would be to exert maximum public pressure on elected Republicans at ALL levels of government in ALL states to support the President’s efforts to expose the massive election fraud in 2020 and to demand fool-proof voter identification and same-day balloting in all states.
  • Spending money on businesses and enterprises that are ideologically aligned with constitutional principles (while letting the sponsors of woke businesses and the legacy media know about it, too!).

The above is just a starter list to which many more actions can be added. What it does NOT mean is: wasting time on a disorganized third party, throwing in the towel, letting local leftists take over school boards and commissions, refusing to vote in future elections, crying about “the unfairness of it all” on social media, or sitting on one’s couch and doing nothing but complain. Righting the ship requires the direct actions of all like-minded citizens.

I will throw in the towel when President Trump concedes – which I don’t believe will happen – and not a minute before. And neither should you!

The end.


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