KT McFarland Slams Red China, Globalism, and the EU

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KT McFarland was Michael Flynn’s Deputy National Security Adviser during the first few months of the Trump administration. After Flynn’s resignation, she was marginalized by new National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster, and eventually left the Trump Administration in February 2018 after Senate Democrats alleged that she was not “forthcoming” about Flynn-Russia contacts during the Trump transition.

Subsequently, she wrote a book, Revolution: Trump, Washington and “We the People”, that included her experiences in the Trump Administration and being grilled by Mueller’s special counsel team.

In an interview with Lou Dobbs last week, she unloaded on China, globalism, and the EU. Here is some of the Q&A:

Dobbs: I want to start with the World Health Organization admonishing the United States to quit using the terms “China virus” and “Wuhan virus.” What do you make of this effort at thought control by the WHO?

McFarland: I think the World Health Organization has a lot of explaining to do, and it’s not about Donald Trump and what words he uses. The WHO really let the world down. They saw that there were problems that were happening in China, and they didn’t follow through. The Chinese government suppressed the information. Where was the WHO saying to the Chinese, “What’s going on here? What pandemic are you potentially releasing on the world?” So I’m not going to take any criticism from those people sitting down. I think they have a lot of answering to do for themselves.

Dobbs: It seems to me that it is perhaps important enough for the President to create a presidential commission on the cover-up by the Chinese of the Wuhan virus because its impact on the world. According to Southampton University in the UK, ninety-five percent in their estimate would have been untouched by the disease [if the Chinese had reacted with a quarantine just three weeks earlier]. And China carrying out this disinformation campaign against all reason, against all common sense, trying to convince apparently what they consider to be a stupid Western world that the Wuhan virus didn’t originate with them.

McFarland: Lenin called them useful idiots. These are the people in the West who really promote the propaganda that they’re hearing from the Communist countries. And who are these people? Well, these are the Democrats and really their allies in the media and globalists around the world. What did the first do? Well, it was the Russia hoax. Whose interests were they really advancing? It was a Russian disinformation campaign to sow dissent and division in the United States. Well, they did that for three years, and now what are they doing? They’re really using the talking points of the Chinese Communist Party is giving them. And to say that we don’t want to make this racist? Look, Trump is right. Where did this virus originate? China. … They’re killing the truth. They’ve kicked out of their country reporters who were telling the truth and writing about these things, so I don’t have a lot of sympathy either for these globalists who are making common cause against the United States with other countries who don’t have our interests at heart.

Dobbs: It’s also interesting that reporters are giving the Chinese credit for charity as they send medical equipment and supplies to the Italians. And then we find out in the NY Times: “Many in Italy, for example, angrily pointed out that China was selling masks, respirator and other medical equipment, not donating them, and claimed that some of the materials were meant for Chinese” citizens in Italy. What do you think?

McFarland: Well, they’re making money on it. If you want to talk about the damage that this has done, look at the European Union. Five years ago, people touted that as the great future of the world. The great European Union. All these countries would have open borders. That people and goods and information could safety [cross borders]. You know what’s happening in Europe tonight? I’ve talked to friends around the European continent and the European Union. There are militaries that have gone out to enforce border control. They’re doing checkpoints [at borders for people trying to travel between countries]. So what has this pandemic done? It’s killed a lot of people, but it’s also really destroyed the world order.

End of the Q&A. McFarland says that the pandemic has “destroyed the world order.” But she doesn’t go quite far enough in my opinion. Destroying the myth of globalism – and the EU for that matter – is a good thing that was long overdue. Globalism created the Rust Belt in the US. The EU has squashed economic development in Europe under an avalanche of regulations foisted on member states by the European Parliament in Brussels. The globalist-minded EU has been a prime inspiration for the socialist claptrap foisted on the US by the Democrat Party over the past 50-or-so years.

Thank God for President Trump, America First, and a return to US nationalism. The rest of the world is relearning about the values of nationalism the hard way, too, thanks to the Chinese plague.

The end.

PostScript. Speaking of the EU, the spread of the virus has affected the G7 Summit scheduled for June at Camp David. The White House has canceled the in-person meeting and announced that President Trump will be talking to world leaders via videoconference.


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