Democrat Echo Chamber Lies Shut Down by Former Trump National Security Council Official Tim Morrison

Throughout the Wuhan virus crisis and national emergency, the Democrats and their legacy media allies have been constantly attacking the Trump Administration’s response. First, it was accusing the President of “racism” when he implemented the China travel ban in January. Then it was a generic accusation of “chaos and no plan” while ignoring that the President had established the Coronavirus Task Force in January – while being distracted by the Democrats’ farcical impeachment!

Where were their positive recommendations? Where were their good ideas? Nowhere to be seen. Just ad hominem attacks of every kind repeated endlessly it the Democrat-media echo chamber. The latest example was their bleating that the downsizing of the bloated National Security Council staff included getting rid of the “entire global health team,” implying that impeded the administration’s response to the virus. They even enlisted Joe Biden in their spin campaign.

Laura Ingraham exposed that lie on her Tuesday night Fox News program in an interview with Tim Morrison, former senior member of the National Security Council in the Trump Administration. In addition, they tackled the Chinese unwillingness to provide full information disclosure relating to the Wuhan virus. Here is some of the Q&A.

Ingraham: For weeks, the Left has tried to undermine President Trump by spreading fear and panic about his handling of the coronavirus. That includes this talking point:

(video clip of MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: “The National Security Council used to have a global health team specifically to deal with pandemics like this. President Trump shut it down years ago.”)

(video clip of Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio: “He got rid of the entire global health security team two years ago.”)

(video clip of Joe Biden): For some reason I still don’t understand, President Trump eliminated that office two years ago.”)

Everything [in those video clips] was a lie, and here’s the proof. In this op-ed by former NSC official Tim Morrison [in the Washington Post], he said, “No, the White House didn’t ‘dissolve’ its pandemic response office. I was there. Because I led the very directorate assigned to that mission … for a year and then handed it off to another official who still holds the post, I know the charge is specious.”

Tim Morrison, who is now a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, joins us now. Do we know from whom this false claim initially originated? Was it your predecessor?

Morrison: I can’t say exactly where it originated from, but I think it’s an unfortunate claim. It distracts us from where we need to be paying attention.

Ingraham: What do the American people need to know about this, given the fact they’ve heard other lies told about the Trump administration’s response, and they get repeated and repeated and repeated. What do we have to know about the office as it exists now because we do know the NSC has been drastically cut in a number of its staffers.

Morrison: I think the thing that the American people need to know is that there are some of the leading disease specialists, some of the leading biowarfare specialists in the country, if not the world, at their desks. There were there yesterday. They’re probably there tonight watching us. And they’re going to be there tomorrow, and they should know that they have the very best talent available to get ahead of this crisis. And you just had one of the leading experts on hour show (Dr. Anthony Fauci). The best people are working on this, and if anybody can get a hold on this, the United States can.

Ingraham: The amazing thing is that they’re [Democrats] actually also saying that Tony Fauci doesn’t really have any power … he has no power, and Trump doesn’t listen to him … which Fauci himself has just said that that’s ridiculous and that he and the President are in constant communications. But that’s just another example of how they’re trying to smear this effort. … This was the former Obama administration official who started this. She claimed her position was done away with.

(video clip of Jake Tapper and Beth Cameron. Tapper: “You were senior director for global health at the NSC under President Obama through President Trump until they eliminated the position.” Cameron: “Would we have gotten more out of this if the office had still been intact? I think absolutely. … I think during the Obama administration, during the Ebola crisis in 2014, a day did not go by when the President or the National Security Adviser didn’t ask how we were doing on rapid tests, what are we not thinking about, where are we with personal protective equipment. I think we would have been able to get ahead.”)

Morrison: In my time at the NSC, we drafted for the President the national biodefense strategy, we drafted for the President an executive order to modernize how we handle annual influenza, which kills tens of thousands of Americans every year, and we had a fight against Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo – probably the toughest place on Earth we’ve ever had deal with an epidemic like that. There was a constant demand signal from the President. A constant demand signal from Ambassador Bolton. And frankly, I think we should all be proud of the effort that the United States led to conquer Ebola in the Congo, which we did. This is a different kind of epidemic. When we dealt with Ebola in the Congo, we had a government that cooperated with us. We all know that is not the case with the Communist Party of China. They are hiding information from us. They are selling this information. We have seen this playbook from them before. They want us to fear each other. They want us to distrust each other. They want to undermine our faith in our government. We can get a handle on this virus. Listen to Dr. Fauci. Listen to Dr. Redfield. Listen to the President. The time will come to figure out what we could have done better, but I really think we should all stand together to figure out how we can conquer this disease as quickly as possible.

Ingraham: What’s amazing is that a lot of journalists, as they see their own colleagues being expelled from China, are still so willing to take the Chinese line on this. How it started, where it started, whether or not they were forthcoming, and as far as I can tell, we don’t have individual American researchers in China on their own able to observe what’s happening in China.

Morrison: That’s exactly right. The Chinese even today are using their WeChat, which is essentially the Chinese Communist version of What’s App … they’re using it do deny information from their people … to censor information from their people. This is a monumentally corrupt, illegitimate, and insecure government, and they do everything they can to hide information from us. We saw this in 2003 [with SARS] … and we see it today. They are hiding information from us. They are hiding information from their people. We need to understand what it means to live in a world where the Chinese Communist Party controls our access to basic medicine, controls our telecommunications systems, ….

Ingraham: That’s got to end. Their influence in the WHO. The WHO is hand in glove with everything China says. It’s ridiculous. And the President should call it the Wuhan virus, or the Chinese virus, or the foreign virus if they’re trying to smear our people and our government with having created it.

End of the Q&A. Once again, the Democrats are attacking the Trump Administration without making any positive recommendations that would actually help and ultimately benefit the American people. They are all about personal political gain, not about what’s best for their own constituents.

Finally, isn’t it interesting that yet another Obama-era NSC staffer is creating a political firestorm that is based on a lie? It would appear that Beth Cameron, Eric Ciaramella, and the Vindman twins are cut from the same cloth. How many more of these people remain in the NSC?

The end.


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