Wuhan Virus: What About the Sieve at the Southern Border?

AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza

There are now US travel restrictions in place for China, Iran, and all of Europe due to the increasing number of people infected with the Wuhan virus in those locations. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also declared the virus to be a global pandemic, so the spread will only get worse in the near-term. There is a lot more information in this WHO thread, too:

But what about our Southern Border where illegal aliens are still crossing albeit in smaller numbers these days thanks to Trump Administration pressure on Mexico to assist in detaining “asylum seekers” on the Mexican side of the border until their cases are heard in US immigration courts? Things would be a lot less worrisome if the Democrats would get on board with building the Wall and shutting down the border completely, but they are more interested in politics than in the safety and security of their own constituents.

William La Jeunesse, LA correspondent for Fox News, provided a report on the situation at the border. We have a lot about which to be concerned.

La Jeunesse: Right now, the US restricts anyone traveling in from China. The airport, hat’s our front door where Immigration checks a visitor’s passport, visa, … In some cases, people are turned back. But we also have a back door – the US-Mexico border – where none of that happens. Since the coronavirus was first reported, DHS has detained 333 Chinese nationals who attempted to enter the US illegally since January 1st. Agents also arrested thousands of others from 70 countries where the virus is growing, including Italy, Iran, Brazil and Vietnam. The administration says it is monitoring the situation and brought in the CDC to test any migrants with symptoms who may present a health threat.

(Cutting to video clips. Mark Morgan, Acting CBP Commissioner: “It’s absolutely a risk that we are monitoring, that we are evaluating. Chad Wolf: “We know from experience that the journey to the United States puts migrants in very poor conditions. They often arrive with no passports, no histories, and no travel manifests.”)

So agents are concerned. First, they can’t work from home. They handle dozens [of people] every day knowing nothing about where they’re from or how many have been crammed for weeks inside a dirty stash house in Mexico where others are often sick. Secondly, detention facilities are over-crowded, usually overflowing with migrants living on the floor for days. These centers are breeding grounds for disease – from chicken pox to the flu – where last year a center in Texas closed after dozens came down with the flu. So agents catch about 1,000 migrants a day entering from Mexico, which has seven confirmed corona cases, but has done very little testing. So it could be more, and an outbreak at the border would have a severe impact (on the US).

Troublesome information! The Border Patrol agents are processing a LOT of illegal aliens, including people from countries with virus outbreaks. The likelihood that they are testing all of the illegals for the virus is slim to none, but I worry more about the agents themselves who potentially are coming in contact with infected people. Worse yet, there are still thousands of illegals who are slipping into the US undetected every week. How many of those are infected?

The Democrats remain resistant to any Trump administration efforts to close the southern border and build the Wall. Where is the logic of that when there are almost certainly infected people crossing the border? Restricting travelers from China, Iran, and Europe is only a partial solution. Shutting down the southern border needs to happen, too. Call your Senators and Congressmen!

The end.


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