Joe Biden Is Not Qualified to Be President, and the Democrats Know It

What do we expect in a US president? Here’s a shortlist of characteristics: a complex problem-solver, a good communicator, a good negotiator and deal-maker, someone who easily connects with people, consistency, in control, confident leadership, visionary, etc.


Let’s look at Joe Biden’s antics on the campaign trail over just the past few weeks and see what characteristics he evinces (never mind his past plagiarism, girl-sniffing, and family corruption/nepotism for the purpose of this analysis).

In Biden’s public appearances, he increasingly displays fleeting moments of awareness because his memory just isn’t there anymore, and he can’t recall things that are common knowledge to almost everyone. He is lucid one moment and disoriented or belligerent the next. His handlers are fighting a losing battle in trying to manage and excuse his behavior. Here are some examples:

As Democrat Establishment figures piled on the endorsements literally on the day prior to Super Tuesday, he committed two major gaffes. He forgot the words to the Declaration of Independence, saying “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created by the you know, you know the thing,” and referred to Super Tuesday as “Super Thursday.”

Has he made so many more gaffes since then that we’ve forgotten those two? Could be. He even forgot Obama’s name. How is that possible? That’s not just a tongue-twisting gaffe; that’s a sign of something much worse.


Actor James Woods provides seven minutes of Biden gaffes. And Biden’s defenders in the Democrat media expect us to simply ignore these when any Republican would have been forced to retire to private life upon uttering just about any of these, let alone all of them:

And then there was yesterday’s incident at a Detroit auto plant in which he told “informed voters they are ‘full of sh*t.’ He also insults this freedom-loving American as a ‘horse’s ass,’ lies that he didn’t just say Beto will run gun control, & calls the most popular gun in the US an ‘AR 14.’” What seasoned politician confronts and insults voters directly? He’s literally losing it on the campaign trail.

As an aside, contrast workers at that same plant shouting Trump, Trump, Trump during Biden’s visit. It looks like these guys don’t want to go back to the “manage the decline” days of the Obama era:


The Democrat Establishment (and his family) are allowing him to embarrass himself. Can you imagine what will happen during the Biden-Bernie debate on 15 March? Or, Heaven forbid, if he makes it to the debate stage against President Trump in the fall? Do you suppose that in his lucid moments that he has any second thoughts about what he is obviously being forced to do?

The Democrats know exactly what they’re forcing Biden to do. To minimize these horrible visuals, Biden’s campaign “is now forcing him to give very short speeches in the hopes of limiting his stumbles and bouts of confusion.”

This reminds me of 2016 when Hillary’s campaign cut down her public appearances because of her apparent physical infirmities (falling down, uncontrolled spasms, etc.). Not that it matters all that much, as the low turnouts and lack of enthusiasm and energy at Biden “rallies” make for some bad visuals in any event.


The Democrats would have us remain blind to these symptoms exhibited by Joe Biden:

  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty communicating or finding words
  • Difficulty reasoning or problem-solving
  • Difficulty handling complex tasks
  • Difficulty with planning and organizing
  • Confusion and disorientation
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Paranoia
  • Agitation

And they don’t want us to do some logical analysis of those symptoms to identify the underlying problems – except that we can all run web searches and make our own educated guesses and amateur diagnoses. By the way, the above symptoms are associated with dementia, as noted on this Mayo Clinic website. The more he exhibits these symptoms going forward, the more Americans will come to the realization that he has serious mental problems despite what Democrats do to silence speculation on that matter. Add to those symptoms above his obvious arrogance and condescension associated with attacking and insulting that auto worker in Detroit, and you have the symptoms/characteristics of someone we never want to see in the Oval Office except on a guided tour! I don’t want that guy anywhere near the nuclear trigger or making life-and-death decisions.

Joe Biden is disqualifying himself from the presidency with each successive public appearance, and the Democrat-media complex cannot hide that as the campaign progresses. And the Democrat Establishment knows it, so what is their political play? To try to prop him up and fool Americans into voting for a repeat of the Obama years (with Obama operatives pulling the strings as cabinet members and White House staffers behind the scene)? Or to continue to prop up his campaign, drag him to their national convention in July, and then force him to withdraw due to health reasons, making way for their “dream candidate”?


I predict the latter. It’s amazing (and sad) to watch the ongoing elder abuse by Democrats.

The end.


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