Dueling Black American Endorsements for Biden and Bernie

Did you ever see a political season like the one we’re in? This is the equivalent of the Romans’ bread and circuses: the economy is going great guns despite Democrats’ ongoing attempts to psychologically undermine consumer confidence, with the Democrats also providing the circus, i.e., the Democrat presidential primaries.


Fractures and fissures the likes of which we’ve never seen before have been opened in the Democrat Party, as even the legacy media – which usually covers that all up in service of the Democrat Party – has been at the forefront in the developing political war between the Establishment, as represented by Joe Biden, versus the Progressive (Communist?) updater Bernie Sanders.

The Establishment’s endorsements of Joe Biden’s candidacy came “fast and furious” (apropos for the Party of Obama) after the panic caused when Bernie gained momentum after Iowa and New Hampshire. Democrat Establishment figures who had withheld their endorsements suddenly jumped on the Biden bandwagon: John Kerry, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, John Brennan, James Comey, etc., etc. “Stop Bernie!” was and is their rallying cry.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t appear to be going away despite his weak public statement that he’d withdraw from consideration if he didn’t have a plurality of delegates going into the Democrat convention in July. He and Biden have recently been exchanging barbs on who has the best record of protecting Social Security and who doesn’t, as reported here.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is stepping up his attacks on former Vice President Joe Biden’s record on Social Security, a sign that he is looking to make inroads with the older voters who have helped power Biden’s recent string of primary victories.

That means that the civil war in the Democrat Party will continue on full display for some time. Excellent!

Recent political endorsements also highlight the generational and ideological differences among black Americans who are Democrats. For example, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), a supposed “rising star” in the Democrat firmament albeit a failed presidential candidate, broke her silence and endorsed Joe Biden on Sunday:


PJ Media pointed out her interesting flipflop, citing a CNBC article in which “California Sen. Kamala Harris called out Biden on the issue of race, saying the way he recently described his past working relationship with two segregationist lawmakers was “hurtful.” She must want the VP slot pretty badly to turn on a dime like that! It would appear that hypocrisy is a small price to pay in order to marshal Democrat Establishment support in their “Stop Bernie” campaign. Makes sense from their perspective, as they have leverage over Harris (she’s a Democrat US senator after all).

But not so fast! Bernie’s ostensible lack of support among black Americans (bleated everywhere by the legacy media over the past few days) has apparently been disproven by the Reverend Jesse Jackson, of all people.

Sen. Bernie Sanders said Sunday that the Rev. Jesse Jackson will officially endorse him at his rally in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Jackson helped build the Rainbow PUSH Coalition in partnership with the Democrat Party, which paid him handsomely at taxpayer expense over the years with political spoils for his fealty to Democrats on all issues. He is an old-style Progressive who naturally gravitates to the “government is the provider of all things” philosophy that is personified in Bernie Sanders.


But does he have any political clout left among black Democrats? I would think so but defer to my Redstate colleague Jeff Charles for the straight gouge (Navy lingo for “truth”) in that regard, as all of my black American pals are conservatives.

The Democrat fissures widen, including among black voters and their leaders. One might easily observe that Kamala Harris’s true constituents are the Democrat Establishment while the Reverend Jackson’s are average (normal) people.

We have President Trump to thank for opening our eyes to the collective insanity and hypocrisy that has become the Democrat Party – including their despicable sycophants in the legacy media – who have been exposed as liars over the past four years. It truly is political kabuki that we are watching.

Amazing times in which we live! Let the good times continue to roll…

The end.


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