The Ghost of Hillary’s Past Returns, and Why She Needs to Pay Bigly

Hillary Clinton has many ghosts from her sordid past that haunt her: Whitewater, Filegate (a precursor to FISA abuse), Travelgate, etc. One of her scariest ghosts has been a frequent visitor in recent months, i.e., Emailgate. Thanks to Judicial Watch, Hillary Clinton will be required to answer questions under oath about her emails within the next 75 days, as noted previously in this article. This is excellent news, as she and others who illegally accessed the 22 Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) emails, as well as dozens more at lower levels of classification, are still criminally liable for their actions. This is because they signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) as a requirement for accessing classified information, and the TS/SCI NDAs carry a lifetime obligation to protect the information.


Hillary has prevaricated about her email server transgressions since the server was discovered by a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in 2015. And of course, we have since learned that former FBI director James Comey overstepped his authority when he publicly announced that she would not be prosecuted for her multiple felonies.

“Multiple felonies”? Yes, exactly! The details of her criminality bear repeating since the Democrat-media complex have lied for years that she has been “exonerated” by Comey. Think about how that “exoneration” looks in light of what we have learned about the political corruption of the Obama-era FBI and DoJ over the last three years.

As previously posted in this article, Hillary remains legally liable for mishandling classified emails stored on her unclassified email server. The article provides a tutorial that defines classified information, personal obligations for handling classified information, training received by all granted access to classified information, and penalties for mishandling classified info. Here are a couple of salient paragraphs that point to her guilt and the seriousness of her crimes:

An Original Classification Authority is a government person who has authorization to classify newly developed information up to Top Secret level. There are very few of these in the federal government. Hillary Clinton was an OCA in the State Department. Think about that! She KNEW what she was doing. The notion that she didn’t know what was classified was a bald-faced lie.

Everyone who accesses TS/SCI, TS/SAP, and other classified info receives training in all of the above procedures and information BEFORE personally signing the NDA acknowledging the penalties for violation of the laws governing classified information. And an OCA receives specialized training in how to classify information. That infamous statement that she didn’t know what a “C” meant was yet another one of her many lies as she tried to squirm off the hook.

To summarize: there are strict rules for handling classified info, in particular for copying & transferring files. Two people must be involved in copying/transferring TS/SCI and/or SAP info. Everyone receives training and must sign an NDA. This would include Hillary Clinton and her immediate staff who accessed TS/SCI and/or SAP info. The rules and penalties are clear to all!

She clearly violated Title 18 USC – Espionage, the penalty for which includes a $10,000 fine for EACH offense and up to life imprisonment without parole (again, PARTICULARLY NOTE the “for each offense” part!). In my estimation, this clearly qualified her as a “domestic enemy.” And she and her staffers who were involved with that email server violated Sections 793, 794, 790, and 952 of Title 18 USC, Section 783(b) of Title 60 USC, and EO 12356. That she and they remain free and have not been indicted yet is a travesty of justice. Those who helped let her and them off the hook are guilty of misprision and obstruction of justice.


It cannot be repeated enough times that she is flat-out guilty of the aforementioned crimes, and that she knows it because she received personal training as an Original Classifying Authority while she was Secretary of State. She also signed a personal NDA that detailed her lifetime obligation to protect TS/SCI information. This cannot be repeated enough times!

Therefore, her chutzpah was clearly on display as she made news in her new docuseries Hillary that debuted on Hulu on Friday. In that docuseries, she had the unmitigated gall to retract her “apology” for Emailgate, as reported here:

Hillary Clinton said she gave a false apology for her use of an unauthorized email server during her time as secretary of state.

“We’ll just say what you did was a mistake. It was dumb. It’s over. And that will end it,” Clinton said in the Hulu documentary released Friday, Hillary, about her life. “I wasn’t convinced of that. But I understood the frustration of my campaign.”

“So against my better judgment, I said, ‘OK, fine,'” she said about giving a series of interviews which led to an apology on ABC News.

She knows full well she committed crimes and now claims that she “apologized” for her actions in 2016 against her better judgment (for personal political gain)? That means she wants us to believe that she did nothing wrong when the reality is quite the opposite.


As someone who held TS/SCI security clearances for 40+ years and understands the personal consequences of mishandling classified information, I pray that Judicial Watch catches her out in her deposition under oath because serious justice for that woman has been delayed far too long. May the ghost of Emailgate past haunt her until justice is served.

The end.


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