Hillary is Clearing the Decks, But What About Bill?

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There is a new docuseries on Hulu entitled Hillary that is making some waves among the political class and has been much-discussed in the legacy media since its release on Friday. It is a puff-piece about Hillary Clinton’s life, with a lot of Bill thrown in for good measure – as if any of us want to relive the bad memories that that pair conjures up in our minds. The timing is just a coincidence, right? The fact that it was released right in the middle of the chaos that is the Democrat primary can’t have any deeper meaning, can it? Why would perhaps the most politically-motivated and vengeful woman in American history seek to detract the public’s attention from the ongoing primary battle between two white septuagenarians?


This “documentary” is of a piece with her not-so-stealth campaign to prepare the public for her anointment as the “savior of the Democrat Party” during the Democrat National Convention in Milwaukee in July. How that is being orchestrated was described previously in this article:

Option 4: … With Bernie bowing out, Biden has the nomination in sight but suddenly withdraws because he is “on medication” for dementia or has been diagnosed with first-stage Alzheimer’s disease or some other malady. The Democrat Establishment – having the goods on his family’s corruption and knowing where all the bones are buried – would force his withdrawal announcement, opening the way for the designated outsider to swoop in and “save” the Democrat Party. Biden would play on the sympathy vote and implore Democrats (and Americans in general) to back the consensus Democrat candidate drafted during the convention.

Guess who is angling to be the “designated hitter” at the convention? If she wasn’t interested in the nomination, she would surely have endorsed Joe Biden by now as the “Democrat Establishment’s candidate.” She has trashed Bernie several times in recent public statements, so it is highly unlikely that she would somehow endorse Bernie. Here is what she said about Bernie just before Super Tuesday:


Leading into the Super Tuesday election, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton trashed her 2016 rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for running a campaign that is “just baloney.”

Speaking on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton expressed no regret for comments she made denouncing Sanders in a Hulu docuseries about her life. “That was my authentic opinion then; it’s my authentic opinion now,” Hillary Clinton said. “He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

The woman is transparent, and she uses words that mean the opposite of the meaning she seeks to convey, too. Take “authentic,” for example. She doesn’t have an authentic bone in her body; everything she has ever done on the public stage is contrived, poll-tested, and intended for maximum personal political benefit. That is how she has always rolled.

Publicly denouncing Bernie – including, not coincidentally, in her docuseries! – yet not endorsing Bernie’s only rival still standing in the Democrat primaries? Please. She wants the nomination by acclamation and still thinks it is owed to her for “services rendered” to the Democrat Party when she helped save her husband’s presidency back in 1998-9.

Which brings us to one of her biggest political stumbling blocks toward that end in the #MeToo age, and that of course is her husband the sexual predator. The antics of Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein that have been splattered all over the legacy media for the past year or so make it difficult for the Clintons to sweep Bill’s sordid history under the rug in 2020. So it is again no coincidence that the docuseries addresses the Monica Lewinsky affair, as noted here:


Bill and Hillary Clinton discussed the Lewinsky scandal in the new Hulu documentary series Hillary, which debuted on Friday. He claimed his two-year relationship with the intern, beginning in 1995, was a distraction to manage his “anxiety” in the White House.

“Here’s something that will take your mind off it for a while,” Clinton said. “Things I did to manage my anxieties for years. I’m a different, totally different person than I was.”

“Managing my anxieties.” That’s a new one on me! The reason this is in the news now is to put that prickly issue behind her before the convention in July. The Clintons have repeated a consistent political tactic over the years that entails denial, making and changing their excuses over time, dribbling out snippets of the truth only when forced to do so (but over an extended period of time), and then claiming that the particular unseemly issue is “yesterday’s news.” In fact, the Clintons are the progenitors of the “Move On” euphemism that started as a political effort to refocus the nation on “real issues” instead of Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998. Eventually, it morphed into a non-profit organization as the Democrats realized that the move-on concept could be used again and again to excuse past transgressions (and criminality) in the Democrats’ political interests of the “here and now” and the future.


The fact that Bill Clinton is out and about talking about his “personal anxiety” as his latest excuse for abusing power in order to take advantage of an intern in the White House is simply no coincidence. Watch his body language during his interview on CBS This Morning on Friday here. That guy remains a master liar and prevaricator!

There is only one reason for Bill Clinton coming out at this particular moment to discuss his latest poor excuse (and to once again avoid personal responsibility for his actions), and that is to take the issue off the radar screen so that Hillary can claim that it is old news and has been dealt with. It wouldn’t even surprise me to see her mangle her explanation when questioned about it, as well as to repeat the phrase, “It’s time to move on ….” But she’s not as slick in her delivery as is Bill, and that’s one of the reasons why she lost in 2016 because she always comes across as a disingenuous fake.

Bill’s tortured public appearances to discuss the Lewinsky affair are just the latest indications that Hillary wants the Democrat nomination to be handed to her in Milwaukee. There’s just no other reason for him to go public on this topic at this point in time.

The end.


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