The Top Ten Things Mike Bloomberg Could Have Done to Improve Society With the ~$600 Million He Wasted

Michael Bloomberg, erstwhile Democrat candidate for president, spent like a drunken sailor during his campaign. Mercifully, he quit the race on Wednesday after getting shellacked in the Super Tuesday states because all his money spent couldn’t buy what he needed most – charisma and an ability to connect with voters. According to the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg:


… spent about $215 million of his own money on TV and radio ads in Super Tuesday states alone—more than 100 times what former Vice President Joe Biden spent on ads in those states and roughly 12 times what Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders spent

[O]n TV, radio and digital platforms, the billionaire put out more than $500 million—an unprecedented amount in just over three months.

Bloomberg made US political history by setting the record for spending by a failed primary candidate. By some accounts, his total wasted investment was over $600 million, or about $13 million for each of the 51 delegates he earned before he dropped out.

What a complete waste! Most of the money went into the back pockets of Democrats, especially the legacy media. Nothing substantive was accomplished other than personal embarrassment for Bloomberg himself.

Imagine what good for Americans could have been accomplished with that $600+ million instead. Here is my top ten list of possibilities. Here is what Bloomberg could have done with the money instead in reverse priority order:

10. Invested in the development of new long-life battery technologies (since he’s such a “big greenie”)

9. Repaired all roads and bridges in Detroit, Michigan (and suburbs) – the pothole capital of the US


8. Built wastewater treatment plants to clean up the Ohio River (the most-polluted river in America)

7. Funded Scott Pressler et al to clean up the trash and human waste in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and as many other cities as possible

6. Donated the lot to Ronald McDonald House, Shriner’s, and other charities

5. Built $600 million worth of public housing for low-income Americans

4. Invested in 50 job-training centers around the country to retrain the chronically unemployed

3. Given 600 inner-city youths $1 million opportunity scholarships

2. Donated the lot to Gold Star families and the Wounded Warrior Foundation

1. Provided the entire amount for research into vaccines and drugs to combat the coronavirus

But this would never have happened because Democrats only want to spend our money to accomplish these things – never their own.

The end.


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