MSNBC Cartoon Show: Katy Tur and Rob Reiner Discuss "Global Warming"

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Or is it “climate change” these days? I forget. Anyway, I needed a little comic relief on a bright and blustery Wednesday afternoon in South Dakota, so I tuned in to MSNBC to see what the lunatic Katy Tur had to say. And I wasn’t disappointed by the usual nonsense, including the gushing praise for anything Democrat (it was all “Joe-mentum” all the time).


In one of her segments, she interviewed climate scientist Rob Reiner who is a big Biden-backer, which surprised me because I thought he’d be all-in for Bernie with the rest of his Hollywood extremist buddies. Oh, yeah, he’s not really a “climate scientist,” but I believe he’d like us to think that when he pontificates on the global warming threat to mankind and the planet – or whatever the green euphemism of the moment happens to be.

As Tur interviewed Meathead, I couldn’t help but chuckle. Here is some of their Q&A:

Tur: Joe Biden turned it up to 11 on the expectations amp last night … there are questions about whether either [Bernie or Biden] can bring the party together. [To discuss this is activist and director Rob Reiner.] … Bernie Sanders is saying that Joe Biden is controlled by the corporate world … not controlled, backed by the corporate world. That he won’t help people, that he won’t change things.

Reiner: Bernie laid out a lot of critical, important issues will have to be debated and will have to be discussed, but there are two bigger issues to me that override all of it, and that is that we are facing two existential crises. One is democracy and whether or not democracy will survive. And two is our planet and whether or not our planet will be sustainable. At this point, we have to make a decision as to who is in the best position to beat Donald Trump because until we do that … all these issues are gonna be academic, and it means not just winning the White House but having enough power and enough strength behind you to hold the House and possibly take the Senate back, and then start implementing the issues that we all care about: healthcare, the environment, gun safety. Those issues are not going to move forward unless we have a new president.


Me: His two top issues are bunk. “Whether our democracy will survive”? Give me a break! This is from a guy who still believes the Russia hoax and has been completely blind to FISA abuses by his pals in the Obama regime against the Trump campaign. Apparently, he was sanguine with the potential theft of the 2016 election by Obama’s goons in the FBI/DoJ/IC. And “whether or not our planet is sustainable”? Note his use of the latest lefty buzzword – sustainable. It’s a phony as is the theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). I would have loved to have shown him this article detailing 50 years of climate extremists’ predictions that haven’t panned out and asked him some direct questions about them. He’s an actor, a director, and a leftist activist who knows NOTHING about the science. Lastly, did you catch that he uses the new poll-tested phrase for gun control? “Gun safety” means gun-grabbing; that is the reality of the lies from leftists like Reiner these days.

Tur: This is an argument that individuals are having with each other right now. … especially on those life-saving issues like the climate. If you listen to UN scientists, if you listen to the reports, we don’t have a lot of time to turn things around on the climate. We have a matter of years; action needs to be taken now, and Bernie Sanders supporters would argue that Joe Biden’s plan doesn’t go far enough, and what you’re doing is only making a dent in something that needs to be completely raised [sic]. This is not an issue that can be done in a moderate way; it needs to be done in an extreme way. It needs to be done now.


Me: She’s as big a nut-job about global warming alarmism (my preferred phrase for it) as is Reiner. The “UN scientists” who signed off on those UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports were mostly social scientists who also know nothing about the hard sciences involved predicting climate change over any length of time. Here is an article that debunks the Left’s claim that of “16,000 concerned scientists” warning of a coming climate catastrophe. “We don’t have a lot of time to turn things around”? Yeah, we heard that from Al Gore, who fleeced his way to a $200+ million dollar estate by purveying AGW lies for the last 25 or so years.

Reiner: It needs to be done in an aggressive way. It’s not all or nothing. But you need to hold the House and take the Senate in order to make those things happen, and if you can’t, then you wind up with nothing. …. [I talked with Anthony Delgado (D-NY) about infrastructure bill] that gets new jobs, that does create green energy jobs … factories that create [while arm-waving] … uh, uh, uh, electric … electrical batteries … and, and, and solar panels … you can do both. You can straighten our economy, you can get more jobs, and you can start pushing toward where the first thing you need to do.

Me: Remember, this guy is an actor and director who doesn’t know the first thing about “infrastructure” or basic economics outside the movie industry. “Green new jobs” is another leftist myth. Green energy (less nuclear power) is uneconomical and can’t be supported over the long haul without subsidies. Reiner hasn’t a clue.


Tur: Does Joe Biden go far enough to address those issues? Progressives and Bernie Sanders supporters would say that he does not go far enough. Yes, he has a record on it, but they’d like to see him go bigger and bolder. How does he convince progressive voters – some who are into someone like Bernie Sanders or even Elizabeth Warren that he can enact the structural change that they are hungry for here in Los Angeles where there’s a massive inequality problem … I’ve been saying this like a broken record on television … people living in tents outside of million-dollar houses … coming back from – me, a native of Toledo – and seeing it is heart-breaking [Reiner nodding throughout and sadly saying “yes, yes”] … it is appalling and makes me angry that this city has come to that. How is Joe Biden going to address the systemic problems that we have in this country?

Me: This rambling nonsense by Tur is possibly the most ridiculous part of the interview. Tur thinks that “structural change” (unspecified) is going to magically solve the “massive inequality problem” that has people living in tents in LA? She forgets that the Democrats have complete political hegemony in LA and in California – and been running things for years. The fool doesn’t even ask herself why only California cities have tent cities and feces in the streets. She’s too stupid to realize that the structural change she seeks is to kick Democrats to the curb and start electing Republican problem-solvers like that guy in the Oval Office. And to ask how Joe Biden (another Democrat who could care less about LA’s squalor) is going to address the “systemic problems” (again unspecified) is ridiculous.


Reiner: Well, the first thing is … in order to address any problem, whether it’s homelessness or gun safety or the environment, you have to get somebody in office. And nothing happens if you don’t get somebody in office. I’ve been saying this for a year now that the hardest thing for Joe Biden is going to be to get to through the primary. If he can get through the primary – and it seems now he’s positioned the way the states lay out in the next month or so – he can. And if he can, we’re gonna see dramatic changes because he will carry down-ballot races. He will hold the House. We know how difficult it was to flip a lot of the Red seats in the House to turn them Blue. That was a hard thing to do. We also know how hard he fought with Barack Obama to even get a public option in the healthcare bill, which many Democrats voted against. You have to pragmatic, realistic … you’ve got to be bold … but, but … ya know … it’s that old thing … that perfection is the enemy of the good. And to me it’s more than just good; we can be great, but we have to get the White House first. And the way to do it, in my opinion, is Joe Biden.

Me: Talk about generalities, clichés, euphemisms, and other nonsense! You’ll notice first of all that he didn’t answer the question – mainly because Biden and the Democrats have no specific solutions. In fact, their solution for everything is managed socialism administered by the federal government. And the fool has the audacity to claim how hard it was to flip the House in 2018? Please. It wouldn’t have happened without the Russia hoax which led to an unnecessary special counsel, which put enough uncertainty in people’s minds to flip the House in 2018. The other major factor was the ballot harvesting in California that flipped 7 or 8 House seats to Democrat. Yeah, it was “hard” all right, Rob.


It is amazing how foolish and divorced from reality that these people truly are. Reiner actually believes in Joe-mentum. Never mind the gaffes, girl-sniffing, and Ukraine-related criminality that will be front-and-center if he gets the Democrat nomination. One sees indications of leftist delusions all the time on Twitter and other social media, but to watch them at work in the MSNBC echo chamber is comical to no end. At least I accomplished my “chuckles mission” for the day.

The end.


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