Marxism Chronicles: Diversity vs. Assimilation

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An ongoing cultural Marxist push to divide Americans and destroy the country is the emphasis of “identity politics.” This divides people into politically-correct groups based on race, ethnicity, sex, religion, and various ideological sub-divisions.


As part of that effort, the mantra of the Left – which includes Democrats, their media sycophants, and some RINOs – have proselytized that  “diversity” is a great thing for America, according to their definition. And their definition strictly applies to proportionality of representation in all human activities based on race, sex, culture, and favored religions like Islam. As in, gotta have more women and minorities in political office “just because” (never mind whether their core beliefs are even pro-American or whether they have any real answers to real problems).

The Democrat Party has long been using “lawfare” as a political tactic to force diversity into the private sector through the implementation, interpretation, and enforcement of administrative law. For example, the financial industry was rocked by “diversity lawsuits” in the late 1990s and early 2000s at Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. And American colleges and universities have been overrun by social justice warriors preaching “diversity” on campus for decades now. Here is an excellent description in their own words of how the Left pushes for diversity in colleges and universities. One must understand how one’s political enemies think if they are to be defeated. Note the absence of any discussion about merit in this article that describes the ten reasons why diversity on college campuses is somehow a “good thing.”

One could argue that the Left’s modern push for “diversity” is really just a broader application of 1960s era “affirmative action” programs aimed at promoting the education and employment of members of groups that previously suffered from discrimination. Implemented by presidential executive order in 1961, affirmative action is a “set of procedures designed to eliminate unlawful discrimination among applicants, remedy the results of such prior discrimination, and prevent such discrimination in the future. Applicants may be seeking admission to an educational program or looking for professional employment. In modern American jurisprudence, it typically imposes remedies against discrimination on the basis of, at the very least, race, creed, color, and national origin.” The Left has pushed affirmative action boundaries to include sexual orientation such that the modern definition of “diversity” covers virtually every moral and physical differentiation among mankind that can be divined.


Affirmative action and diversity are really just numbers games for the Left, as well as mechanisms for redressing actual or perceived past grievances. This plays right into the victim mindset that the social justice warriors in the Democrat Party promote everywhere these days. Real American values like merit and earned certifications and qualifications don’t enter into their thinking. And in their minds, is there a better way to promote “diversity” than to support open borders?

One of their lunatic arguments goes something like this: “The United States is the richest country on earth; we need to share our wealth with the down-trodden masses and provide new arrivals with freebies at tax-payer expense.” One example of this nonsense was California passing a law granting medical care at taxpayer expense to illegal aliens!

As that Center for American Progress article above mentioned, diversity is touted as an “American strength” by the Left/Democrats/media. But is it really? Given the lies promoted by the Left and legacy media over the past many years, I am inherently distrustful of ANY of their claims! I subscribe to the historical view of the results of diversity, as expounded by historian Victor Davis Hanson a couple of years ago. The Left has the tendency to jump on the cultural change bandwagon (in this case diversity) without examining its impact in past societies. Here is what Hanson says:

Emphasizing diversity has been the pitfall, not the strength, of nations throughout history. Rome disintegrated when it became unable to assimilate new influxes of northern European tribes. Newcomers had no intention of giving up their Gothic, Hunnish or Vandal identities. The propaganda of history’s multicultural empires — the Ottoman, the Russian, the Austro-Hungarian, the British and the Soviet — was never the strength of their diversity. To avoid chaos, their governments bragged about the … advantages of unity, not diversity.

Given our racial fixations, we may soon have to undergo computer scans of our skin colors to rank competing claims of grievance.

How does one mete out the relative reparations for various atrocities of the past, such as slavery, the Holocaust, the American Indian wars, the Asian or Catholic exclusion laws, indentured servitude, or the mid-18th-century belief that the Irish were not quite human? Campuses desperately need unity czars, not diversity czars. Otherwise, we will end up as 50 separate and rival nations — just like other failed states in history whose diverse tribes and races destroyed themselves in a Hobbesian dog-eat-dog war with one another.


Hanson speaks of the need for unity, not division. The Left would have us forget the country’s motto: E Pluribus Unum (from many, one) which conveys the essence of how America ASSIMILATES people of all races, colors, and creeds and turns them into Americans usually within a generation. That’s because ASSIMILATION is the true strength of America over the many decades – not the false god of “diversity.” Thanks to the conservative principle of assimilation, America is the only long-term successful multiracial society on earth that is bound by a common culture, language, and values.

Diversity undermines assimilation – just as the Left intended it to do. Diversity promotes divisiveness, resentment, and a victimization mentality among people. It sets people against each other by promoting exclusivity versus inclusivity – no shared values or purposes. The Left believes that everything is subjective, morals are relative, one culture is not better or worse than another, and only diversity can ensure a “fair division of the American pie” (another Marxist euphemism).  I say balderdash to that Marxist intersectionality claptrap!

Diversity is a Democrat political strategy for balkanizing people into groups competing for handouts administered by “the government.” This is, of course, a self-serving political tactic, as Democrats are the “Party of Government.” How did the Obama regime – the pinnacle of applied diversity – work out again? What we got was worsened race relations, street protests, social justice warriors running rampant on campuses, increased crime rates in border states thanks to “open borders diversity,” the return of diseases long absent from the US thanks to the influx of illegal aliens, etc. This is NOT what the diversity mongers claimed would happen!


It’s long past time for a return to the American tradition of assimilation! This is what Republicans and conservatives believe is best for the future of the country. But what does assimilation mean in practical terms? Here’s a short starter list:

  • Teaching real American history in public schools (not the Marxist nonsense from likes of Howard Zinn)
  • Emphasizing the learning of English, especially among new arrivals and the first generation (includes exclusive use of English in all public places and for government transactions)
  • Instilling a reverence for the US Constitution and our Founding Fathers who as a group were political geniuses the likes of which the world has never seen before or after their passing
  • Embracing historical traditions and holidays (e.g., retain all monuments as part of our cultural history)
  • Celebrating the country as one people and not an amalgam of mini-nations within arbitrary racial/ethnic/cultural/religious boundaries
  • Actively promoting assimilation instead of diversity throughout government programs, policies, directives, and laws.

These processes used to be standard operating procedure in early American history. Our forbearers actually PRACTICED assimilation, and look at the great country they built over the decades (minus the blighted inner cities run by Democrats for years, who have embraced the alien doctrine of socialism)! The Marxist-dominated “progressive” Left has driven us into the ditch over the past one hundred years, and pushing “diversity” as a political tactic has led to divisiveness and pitted Americans against each other at the expense of comity and even civic courtesy.


Let us instead kick diversity (and its predecessor, affirmative action) to the curb. Get rid of the identity politics that has consumed the Democrat Party lock, stock, and barrel and implement modern merit-based systems that incentivize performance, personal achievement, excellence, fair play, and, most of all, high standards. Time to get back on the right road to a better future for all Americans – which just happens to be enabled through assimilation and the opportunities being provided to all Americans via President Trump’s MAGA agenda.

E Pluribus Unum!

The end.


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