Obama’s Crooks Jump on the Biden Train to Save Themselves

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Based on Super Tuesday’s results, the Democrat Establishment appears to have energized (or scared?) the Democrat base into jumping on the Biden choo-choo train. Or maybe there was some vote monkey-business involved? I mean, the Democrats are masters at voter fraud; why wouldn’t they invoke some of those tactics to “stop Bernie”? I wonder what the Bernie bros across the land are thinking about that today, as they are highly susceptible to conspiracy theories?


Regardless, Biden has vaulted into the delegate lead, according to Real Clear Politics:

Biden:                   453

Sanders:              382

Warren:                 51

Bloomberg:          45

As an aside, Mike Bloomberg’s cost-per-delegate is the highest in US history, and now he has bowed out and endorsed Biden, too. And Warren? I suspect she’s still in the race to peel voters away from Bernie, as well as to angle for the #2 slot on the November ticket.

Back to Biden. This is the day after, and surely there are some thoughtful Democrats recovering from a “Super Thursday” hangover today. Yeah, the Gaffe Machine did actually say “Super Thursday.” Do his endless gaffes give them cause for concern? Does Creepy Joe’s legacy of girl-sniffing worry them even in the slightest? Check out this horrifying Twitter thread detailing DOZENS of instances of his “friendliness” with young women over the years:

Do they worry a tiny bit about his corruption and nepotism, as detailed here and in Peter Schweizer’s excellent book, Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite?

More specifically, Biden has a Ukraine problem – a bribery problem, not just corruption – as Rudy Giuliani has been discussing lately:


[B]y the way, you don’t have to take the money for bribery. If I’m the vice president and I say, “I’m going to give you what I want; give the money to my son,” that’s a bribe. The bribery statute says, “either to you or to someone else.” You don’t get off, Joe, because it’s going to your son because we know what happens when it goes to your son. Americans are not stupid.

One would think that they’d have just a little twinge about how Biden – with all of those skeletons in his closet – would stack up against the most successful president that anyone alive has ever seen. But then Biden would seem to be the only game in town at this point, unless the Democrats pull a switcheroo at their convention in Milwaukee in July. In the meantime, the flood of last-minute endorsements seems to have paid off handsomely for Joe Biden. And some of those late-breaking endorsements have hidden meanings, including a last-gasp attempt by some to escape the hangman. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

John Kerry has been meddling in US foreign affairs in his dealings with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif (violations of the Logan Act). One wonders what corruption might still be uncovered in Kerry’s State Dept, too. According to Kerry, Biden is “loyal, empathetic, genuine, smart, and serious.” Yes, he is: loyal to corrupt Democrats, empathetic to his grifting family, a genuine fool, the opposite of smart, and totally unserious. Kerry is of course on the Biden train:


Then there’s John Brennan, the likely mastermind of Spygate. He’s got a LOT to lose so, of course, he calls Biden “one of the most honest, decent, practical, and experienced individuals with whom I have ever worked.” Riiiiiight. Brennan is on the Biden Train, too:

Next up is the very public endorsement by disgraced former FBI director James Comey – he of lack of candor (lying) and leaking-of-classified-information infamy. But not so fast! Even Biden had sense enough during one of his few lucid moments to reject Comey’s endorsement. Nevertheless, Comey is on the Biden Train, too.


Obama’s former ambassador to the UN Samantha Power has endorsed Biden, too. Don’t forget that she was responsible for unmasking over 260 Americans in 2016 for which she has yet to be held to account. She’s on the Biden Train now, too:

And then there is Obama’s former National Security Adviser (and serial liar) Susan Rice. She was also part of the White House operation that unmasked Trump donors and associates in 2016 and was involved in the last-minute machinations in the waning days of the Obama regime to lay traps for the incoming Trump team. She has a lot for which to answer, too. She jumped on the Biden Train, too:

These people have a lot to hide and are facing some serious jail time for their sedition and related activities. There is a reckoning coming, and they are simply grasping at straws and gambling everything that Biden can save them from prosecution because they know that Sanders has no chance in November. They seek to avoid accountability for their perfidy, and they see Biden as their last hope.


Good luck with that! Joe Biden will be worrying about his own future before the year is out.

The end.

[H/T Harold Finch]


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