Politicizing Coronavirus Is a Natural for Democrats; Here Are Some of Their Lies

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Pandemics are nonpolitical. Viruses don’t discriminate on a political basis. It is axiomatic that any significant outbreak of the coronavirus in the US beyond the few cases currently detected will affect Democrats, Republicans, and independents. While the President has had a Coronavirus Task Force up and running for over a month now, all the Democrats have offered is criticism of the President and his administration and no concrete suggestions on how to minimize the threat to ALL Americans.

The Democrats have a coordinated effort underway to attempt to blame the coronavirus pandemic on President Trump. It’s what they do these days – resist and blame everything on the President because that’s all they’ve got. They seek to sow panic and chaos in order to terrorize Americans. Every major Democrat and a chorus of others have attacked the President:

[E]ven after three years of hateful and harmful “resistance,” this is a new low for Democrats.

Even before a single case of the virus erupted organically in our country (as one now apparently has in California), and even as the administration had acted preemptively and effectively to keep virus carriers out of our country, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg and others were eager to stoke fear and blame Donald Trump.

Redstate colleague Jeff Charles detailed NBC’s Chuck Todd’s feeble attempt to push back on Vice President Pence’s calling out Democrats who are indeed politicizing the virus in this piece. Todd, of course, is a reliable Democrat hack who once worked on radical leftist Sen. Tom Harkin’s (D-IA) presidential campaign in 1992.

If the Vice President (or anyone else) needs more proof of the Democrat-media complex’s insane politicization of the coronavirus, then look no further at this excellent thread from the RNC’s Rapid Response Director, Steve Guest. Let’s look at just a few examples he provided.

A standard Democrat accusation is that the Trump administration “has no plan.” That is false, as the CDC has a 52-page plan for dealing with the virus.

The Democrats claim that President Trump called the coronavirus a hoax. As usual, the Democrat-media complex twist his words to serve their political purposes. The reality is that he called the Democrats politicization of the coronavirus as the new hoax!

Joe Biden blatantly lied by claiming that Dr. Anthony Fauci — the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases — was muzzled from speaking to the public about the dangers of the coronavirus.

Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg lied in claiming that President Trump cut funding for the CDC and NIH.

And here’s an example of the Democrat echo chamber piling on to that CDC/NIH funding lie, as Obama’s former UN ambassador Samantha Power tweeted out the same lie.

Guest’s Twitter thread has other examples, too. It’s clear that the Democrats a running a coordinated political smear campaign with their media allies in order to ascribe the coronavirus pandemic, as well as any future American deaths, to President Trump. It’s irresponsible behavior from people elected to represent us and who are supposed to solve problems, not exacerbate them. Truly despicable and evil.

Dealing with the coronavirus pandemic requires a unified response across the political spectrum. That the Democrats have offered nothing but a politicization of the situation – even crazily suggesting the virus should be renamed as the “Trumpvirus” – tells you everything you need to know about Democrats. They will politicize ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for political gain. They could care less about the health, welfare and safety of their own constituents.

Meanwhile, President Trump instituted travel bans for China, Iran, and Italy and has been mobilizing CDC, NIH, HHS, and other federal agencies to identify and contain, isolate, treat, and make preparations in coordination with state health officials.

The Democrats cry “wolf” yet again.

The end.


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