Draining the IC Swamp: Will Grenell and Ratcliffe Make a Dent?

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Obama’s Director of Central Intelligence John Brennan, in concert with rogue elements in James Comey’s FBI and on James Clapper’s Director of National Intelligence (DNI) staff, played an YUUUGE part in Spygate, the illegal effort coordinated with foreign intelligence agencies to penetrated and spy on the Trump campaign throughout 2016. It was known early on in 2017 that Brennan was the likely ringleader of that effort, particularly as regards to the collusion with foreign intel personnel, as reported here.


We have subsequently learned that one of Brennan’s rogue CIA agents who was an Obama holdover on the on the National Security Council (NSC) staff, identified as Eric Ciaramella, was a key player in initiating the Ukraine whistleblower complaint that led to the six-month impeachment farce that paralyzed Washington, DC and provided a macabre theater for the rest of us.

Former CIA operations officer Sam Faddis, who once headed up the Weapons of Mass Destruction unit at the CIA’s Counter-Terrorism Center, has publicly stated his concerns about rogue elements in the CIA continuing attempts to take out the President:

It’s not just that we have ‘a’ coup attempt, we have another one underway, and there will be another one after this if this one fails.

Once you go down this road to where the elite in DC decides who rules and who doesn’t, then we do not have a democracy anymore…once the system is destroyed, you can’t put it back together again just cause there’s a Democrat in the White House in four years or whatever. We now move into a territory into which we have destroyed the foundations of the Republic, and you can’t just put that back together.

These are just a few tidbits of what is already on the public record about IC perfidy. Imagine what the President and his team know about other operational details of malicious activities of the intelligence community (IC) over the last three years.


Now that he has been acquitted for life by the US Senate, President Trump has begun taking concrete actions to drain the national security and IC swamp of Obama holdovers and NeverTrumpers. His new National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien is in the process of reducing the NSC staff by at least one third, as well as returning the organization to its previous role of coordination, as opposed to directing foreign policy setting like it did during the Obama years.

More good news was the replacement of Joseph Maguire by US Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell as acting Director of National Intelligence – a move that has sent shockwaves through official Washington, especially the national security and intelligence parts of the DC swamp. Grenell is Trump loyalist who is expected to accelerate the restructuring of the DNI staff and intelligence coordination activities in support of the White House.

It is no surprise that the likes of Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), who is the ranking member of the thoroughly-compromised Senate Intel Committee, and Obama’s UN ambassador Samantha Powers (she of unmasking infamy), immediately made public statements condemning Grenell’s temporary appointment:

Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said the president had “selected an individual without any intelligence experience to serve as the leader of the nation’s intelligence community in an acting capacity.”

Warner also accused Trump of trying to circumvent the Senate’s constitutional authority to advise and consent on vital national security positions.

“The intelligence community deserves stability and an experienced individual to lead them in a time of massive national and global security challenges,” he said in a statement.

Samantha Power, a UN ambassador during Barack Obama’s presidency, said on Twitter that the appointment of someone so openly political to the intelligence position “would be a travesty.”


One could easily speculate that he has been brought in in an acting capacity temporarily in order to serve as a “hatchet man” in implementing significant personnel changes in advance of the confirmation of the new DNI. And that’s precisely why Democrat partisan hacks like Warner and Power are apoplectic.

And President Trump has just nominated Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) for confirmation as the permanent DNI.

Any objective person who watched Ratcliffe during the House impeachment farce saw an unflappable former prosecutor who unflappably skewered the Democrats’ impeachment witnesses during cross-examination. The nomination of yet another Trump loyalist is also likely of great concern to Deep Staters in the intelligence community because that could easily be construed to mean prosecutions of coup participants in the not-to-distant future while the DNI staff is reorganized.

I have pulsed a long-time pal about what he thinks of these new chess moves by the President to “drain the IC swamp” and will now convey some of his thoughts which, as usual, dovetail with my own.

The central theme in President Trump’s recent appointments/nominations to the IC is that they are all loyalists who are not an integral part of the IC and do not owe their prior careers to Obama, Clapper, or Brennan. This probably means that the Presidents intentions and the highest priority of these assignments is leadership that will kick ass, take names, and restore sanity and order in the IC. The goal almost certainly is get rid of the Obama leftovers who have been actively scheming and working every day to defeat Trump’s policies while conspiring to overthrow the President by weaponizing false intelligence against him, as with the Russia and Ukraine Hoaxes plots and even the latest false leak in the NY Times that – based on a classified briefing to Congress – the Russians were trying to reelect President Trump in 2020.


There are still some very dangerous people in the IC who are beholden to Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and Obama. These people have been the sources of the classified leaks to their pals in the legacy media these past three years. It is long past time to clean them out – to fire them and jail them, And if the President’s appointees cannot do that due to US Civil Service featherbedding regulations, then take their clearances away and transfer them to some isolated posting to a menial job with an empty desk where they can do no more harm. There has been unmitigated open sedition being committed against the president since 9 November 2016, and this must never again happen in America to any president of any Party, just as the President himself has repeatedly said.

The usual suspects like Warner, Power, and many other Democrat hacks complain about appointing non-career intelligence leadership to the IC. Too bad about that, as there are plenty of precedents – Stansfield Turner, GHW Bush, Dan Coats, Leon Panetta, and Porter-Goss are just a few examples. These were for the most part appointees who were not successful in terms of intelligence accuracy, unfortunately, but Wall Street lawyer and former OSS operative Bill Casey was a notable exception and relatively successful. Also, Bush 41 had a lot of fans despite his short time as DCI. The point is this: the President – just like his predecessors – can nominate whomever he wants to. Either the US Senate will confirm the nominee or not. In the case of John Ratcliffe, it is almost certain that the Republican-controlled Senate will confirm him.


It can be assumed that Ratcliffe and other Trump appointees will make wholesale changes in personnel, as has been the case recently at the bloated, leaking, and treasonous NSC left behind by Obama and Brennan. An IC with openly enemy insurgents like Ciaramella working directly for Brennan and Adam Schiff simply cannot be allowed to continue as is.

Look for more Deep State resistance to Ratcliffe’s nomination in the coming days. Those who agitate and opine against his nomination mark themselves as the compromised swamp critters that they truly are.

Grenell and Ratcliffe are excellent choices to spearhead the draining of the IC swamp. It is a task that is vital in preserving the American Republic as founded.

The end.


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