Eric Holder Was Wrong Again

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Eric Holder was the first US attorney general to be held in contempt by a bipartisan vote of the House of Representatives in 2012 for failing to provide key information to Congress pertaining to Operation Fast and Furious. He was Obama’s “wingman” for six years and was possibly the most political attorney general ever.


In the Age of Trump, he has taken to Twitter to defend Obama-era DoJ and FBI people even when some of them were cited for “lack of candor” (lying) by the DoJ inspector general. Holder can always be trusted to push the Democrat Party line even when it requires lying and prevarication, regardless of the issue at hand.

Here he is giving a shout-out to activist Democrat hack lawyers and others in the DoJ and FBI and telling them to “remain strong” (translation: be vigilant and leak anything that could be spun as damaging to AG Barr and the President):

Here he is pushing for term-limiting US Supreme Court justices. He knows full well that President Trump will have a shot at appointing at least one and probably two new justices during his second term, and Holder is trying to minimize the subsequent damage to “leftwing jurisprudence” when the Supreme Court is finally returned to the kind of court the Founders envisioned.


Pick a topic; Holder is in the vanguard of the Democrat-media onslaught against the Trump Administration. Like they do with all issues, the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus in order to attack President Trump:

Democrats did not mince words on the matter. “The Trump administration is absolutely bungling the response to coronavirus, putting our public health and our economy at risk,” Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren said earlier this week. “This is why we need a real plan and an adult in charge.”

“Trump is putting American lives at risk every day, ignoring science, claiming the virus will ‘miraculously’ disappear by April and relying on ‘warm weather’ to end the spread of the virus,” presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg’s campaign said in a press release. “It is clearer than ever that the country needs a leader with real experience managing a crisis.”

So it should be no surprise that Holder took to Twitter on Tuesday night to trash the Trump Administration’s response to the coronavirus in coordination with an ongoing Democrat-media attack on the President for “doing nothing” about it:


I guess he “forgot” that the President had already established a Coronavirus Task Force in January:

And then the President blew Holder’s claim out of the water during a Wednesday press conference almost immediately after getting off the plane from his successful trip to India:

President Donald Trump appointed his Vice President Mike Pence to lead a task force to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Speaking during a news conference, Trump cited Pence’s experience as governor of Indiana as qualifying him to spearhead the growing threat of the global outbreak. The White House had been weighing the appointment of a coronavirus czar in the lead up of the announcement.

During his press conference announcing the appointment of VP Pence as the task force leader, the President made the following remarks:

The president revealed that of the “15” Americans confirmed to have the virus, eight have “returned to their homes to stay in their homes until fully recovered, one is in the hospital, and five have fully recovered; and one is, uh, we think in pretty good shape, and is in between hospital and going home.” Trump later said the person was “pretty sick and hopefully will recover.”

The U.S. is the most prepared country in the world to handle an epidemic, Trump said, citing Johns Hopkins University. He credited his decision to restrict travel from China, even though Democrats again accused him of racism.

Separately, Trump said the stock market was foundering “because of this,” but also in part because the public is worried one of the Democrats running for president might win and impose socialist policies.


Oh, and he reported during the press conference that he had been on the phone discussing the matter with Chinese President Xi Jinping, too.

President Trump has been on top of the coronavirus situation from the beginning. He is demonstrating real leadership on this issue as with all others dealing with the safety and security of the American people.

And as usual, Eric Holder is dead wrong.

The end.


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