Corruption Chronicles: Hillary and Harvey

It is axiomatic that Hillary Clinton is a life-long grifter, and that she has always been envious of people with money. Money is the mother’s milk of politics, and she has always been on the take in support of her political ends, whether to further her hubby’s or her own career. Here’s a list of some of her infamous grifts (several are team efforts with Bill – they are a team in most grifting operations):

  • Cattle futures speculation
  • Whitewater land speculation
  • Asia fundraising scandal (selling access to the Lincoln bedroom)
  • Chinagate
  • Pardongate (Marc Rich et al)
  • Speeches for big bucks
  • Clinton Foundation money-laundering
  • The Haitian squeeze play (Clinton Global Initiative-related)
  • Boeing bucks
  • Uranium One
  • Benghazi gun-running
  • Emailgate pay-for-play
  • Contributions from every possible deep pocket Democrat donor

It’s always about the money! Most Americans would have been nailed for that corruption long ago, but the Hillary and Bill show just keeps truckin’ along. That latter category is in the news again, as it turns out that Hillary received more donations from convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein than he gave to ANYONE other Democrat over the years, including Obama. Must have been because Bill and Harvey were pals and shared common interests:

Hillary Clinton raked-in more cash from convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein than any other politician despite brushing off his donations by claiming he gave money to “every” Democrat.

Federal Election Commission filings show the disgraced movie mogul bundled $1.4 million for Clinton during her presidential bid in 2016 and handed her another $73,390 dating back to her 1999 New York Senate seat run.


And Hillary never gives tainted money back – never! Regarding Weinstein’s dirty money, here is what she said a few years ago after Weinstein was exposed (no pun intended):

In an interview with CNN in 2017, Clinton said it wasn’t possible to give back all of the money Weinstein donated but would instead contribute $13,000 to a woman’s organization.

She is willing to part with a mere $13,000 out of the over $1.4 million Weinstein has given her? Where are the outrageous shrieks from feminists everywhere? Oh, right, politics and ideology outweigh personal criminality and morals any old day in the minds of radical feminists.

I guess Hillary would have us forget that Bill and Harvey were long-time pals:

Weinstein would brag about his powerful connections, including his ties to former President Clinton, to women, a victim testified at the fallen Hollywood titan’s rape trial.

Onetime aspiring actress Jessica Mann, 34, told Manhattan Supreme Court jurors that the formerly powerful producer “loved to tell me that Bill Clinton was his neighbor.”

“He’d talk about all this money he’d raise for big organizations,” she said. “He had a story for most anyone in the world you asked him really, but the biggest one for me was Bill Clinton.”


The woman has no shame whatsoever. And we’re supposed to take anything that woman spouts as serious, let alone truthful? Ridiculous. Here’s her latest lecturing of the President; maybe it’s a topic-shifter away from Weinstein:

It’s ironic that the President is finally getting around to “purging” Obama and Clinton embeds in the federal bureaucracy – some of those who have been involved in the seditious coup while trying to curry Hillary’s favor since the summer of 2016 (if not before).

The Devil cannot welcome her soon enough.

The end.


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