Obama’s Wingman Blasts AG Barr

You just know that the former Obama Deep Staters are feeling the heat of impending indictments for their participation in the seditious coup these days when you see all of them bleating about their concerns about the alleged “politicization of the Department of Justice” in the Trump era.


Key Spygate perpetrator and former CIA director John Brennan got the ball rolling on 11 February by praising the four leftwing DoJ prosecutors who staged their political hit on Roger Stone and then quit in a huff.

On 14 February, Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates weighed in about the need for “impartial justice” in a Washington Post op-ed – except she wasn’t thinking about that when she was complicit in defrauding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court with those fraudulent FISA applications:

Failed presidential candidate and walking felon Hillary Clinton also weighed in on 14 February with her vast expertise on equal justice under the law (my sarcasm is now “off”). The Devil will collect her in due course.


We’ve also seen another op-ed in the Washington Post on 18 February by leaker and former FBI director James Comey. He apparently wasn’t thinking about “blind justice” when he leaked classified information to his pal Ben Wittes at Lawfare.

And then there’s Obama’s wingman, Eric Holder, the first attorney general in American history to be held in contempt by the US Senate, weighing in on multiple topics, including his disdain for Attorney General Barr. We’ll get to the latter, but first his comments on a more important topic.

The disgraced Holder, who was perhaps the most-politicized attorney general in US history (think Fast and Furious, for starters), commented on the latest leftwing theories for perpetuating judicial activism throughout the land for generations. Eric Holder thinks 18 years is enough for an unelected official, and that all judges should be term-limited accordingly. We’ll get to his real reason for supporting that action in a minute.

Holder “bared his soul” in remarks at Pomona College (CA) last Saturday. He ran through a short list of topics near and dear to leftwing judicial activists:


Through stories and a healthy portion of jokes, Holder gave audience members insight into the operations of the Justice Department under Obama, the criticism that current Attorney General William Barr is facing and the threat of gerrymandering during the redistricting process in 2021.

He also offered, for what appears to be the first time, his endorsement of a proposal to term-limit Supreme Court justices. He also advocated for allowing each president to appoint two justices each per term.

“I don’t think someone should have that much power in an unelected position for that long,” he said. “I think that three senatorial terms, 18 years, would be enough for a justice.”

Holder has also previously supported expanding the number of justices on the Supreme Court.

Eric Holder is entirely transparent here. What he doesn’t discuss is the real reason for those leftwing proposals. The Left can’t achieve their political objectives through the normal legislative process, and he knows that the era of using leftwing judicial activism to achieve their political objectives is threatened bigly by President Trump. Americans didn’t vote for abortion on demand; nine USSC justices gifted the country over 61 million abortions since 1973. Americans didn’t vote for the LGBTQ takeover of the military; leftwing let stand all LGBTQ encroachments in American society stand under the cultural Marxism that is called “civil rights.” Americans didn’t vote to stop the implementation of Trump Administration policies; that would be the leftwing district judges who placed nationwide injunctions stopping lawful actions by the President.


Holder and the rest of the Left know that their ability to effect leftwing political and cultural change in America through judicial activism is being destroyed by President Trump’s appointment of over 190 conservative federal judges, including two US Supreme Court justices. And he and they know that President Trump will win reelection and likely appoint two or possibly three US Supreme Court justices during this second term, as well as 200 other federal judges. That will be the end of leftwing judicial activism and a return to strict constitutionalism in the administration of justice in America for at least a generation.

*THAT* is the reason Holder wants term limits for federal judges and a limit of two on Supreme Court justice appointments by each president. It’s certainly not out of some kind of altruism or belief that those actions will somehow “benefit the country.” To the contrary, his rationale is entirely political. He ignores the historical reason for why federal judges are appointed for life – to specifically remove politics from their decision-making processes.

During his Pomona College interview, he went on to bash AG Barr:

H[]e blasted Barr for what he saw as partisan behavior and caving to pressure from President Donald Trump — although Barr denied in an ABC News interview last week that Trump’s preferences played a role in his decision to reduce the sentencing recommendation.

“Your job is to protect the Constitution and the interests of the American people. We don’t serve the president of the United States; the president is not your client,” Holder said.

Holder emphasized the danger in eroding the Justice Department’s independence.


Yeah, we’re supposed to listen to Obama’s wingman criticize the Bill Barr Justice Department for alleged “lack of independence. Not! The interests of the American people are served by the administering of equal justice under the law, not the use of a rigged US attorney’s office in Washington DC, partisan Democrat prosecutors in DoJ, and politicized Democrat-appointed judges to exploit the federal justice system as a hammer in order to beat up their political opponents through a rigged system of justice.

AG Barr is cleaning house, and your pals are going to pay the price, Eric – just like you did when the Senate voted to hold you in contempt.

The end.


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