A Key Turning Point in the Coup

FILE - In this June 7, 2017 file photo, James Wolfe, then-director of security with the Senate Intelligence Committee, waits for the start of a hearing with the nation's national security chiefs about Russia's election meddling, on Capitol Hill in Washington. Federal prosecutors are accusing Wolfe with lying to the FBI about contact he had with reporters who covered the committee. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, file)

Not enough Americans – yet – are conversant in important elements of the seditious coup that tried to take out a duly elected president of the United States. The summary of what transpired needs to be repeated over and over again until every American understands the broad overview of what transpired, as well as key turning points along the way.


In his opening monologue on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” earlier in the week, Dobbs provided an excellent overview that zeroed in on a key turning point in 2018, one in which – if properly prosecuted in the first place – would likely have changed the course of history.

Dobbs: … We are going to examine … the most important subject of our time. The Democrat Party – in league with the Dept of Justice, the FBI, in addition to at least three of the nation’s intelligence agencies – tried to impeach the President without evidence or crime of any kind and conspired to overthrow the President of the United States. Despite bringing the immense weights of those departments and agencies against President Trump, he persevered. He has prevailed, and he stands exonerated of all the baseless charges and vindicated by the acquittal of partisan charges and congressional abuse of power straight out. …

First, the President was put through Crossfire Hurricane, a nearly 11-month-long probe that began in July 2016. That’s right: while the President was still a candidate … in which the FBI agents investigated … When the FBI came up with nothing, the radical Dems conspired with Obama era holdovers and loyalists to create a special counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller. Almost two years of investigation resulted in clear and unequivocal exoneration and vindication of the president.

After failing in Crossfire Hurricane and the Mueller investigation that collapsed, the radical Dems quickly maneuvered and tried to initiate an impeachment without evidence … without only baseless partisan charges … charges entirely partisan … transparently farcical. President Trump was immediately acquitted nearly two weeks ago.

With the special counsel, there was no collusion, so radical Dems moved on to obstruction, and the President again [was] exonerated. The Dems tried impeachment [on] abuse of power. There was none, so they claimed then obstruction of Congress. But there was none.

So why would the American people continue to put up with more subversion … more attempts to overthrow an already historic president? And what will be the price for the party of hate come November 3rd of this year? …

The radical Dems efforts to overthrow President Trump have always been tied to early actions of the Deep State – members of the permanent bureaucracy in Washington – who seditiously worked from the earliest days of the Trump campaign to try to prevent and eventually remove President Trump from gaining office. …

[There is] a key moment that could have changed the way the President’s first three-and-a-half years in office enfolded – the DoJ’s corrupt decision not to prosecute a man for leaking classified information. That man was the former security director for the Senate Intelligence Committee, James Wolfe. Wolfe was indicted in 2018 for leaking information to four journalists, including one with whom he was having an affair. He also lied to the FBI. As we reported here before, Wolfe’s indictment shows he picked up a highly classified document on March 2017 to take to the Senate Intelligence Committee. A later FBI sentencing recommendation confirmed that that document included the first two FISA warrants for Carter Page. But James Wolfe was never charged with leaking those classified documents. Most of the charges against him were dropped in what could be called nothing other than a sweetheart deal orchestrated by former US Attorney Jesse Liu. Wolfe was allowed to plead guilty to one count – just one count of lying to investigators – for which he served two months. Two months in prison.

It is that moment in which we can now see evidence of the Dept of Justice covering up a background scheme to remove the President. Had the prosecution of Wolfe gone on, it’s likely that text messages between Senate Intel Committee Vice Chairman Mark Warner (D-VA) and Christopher Steele’s attorney Adam Waldman might have been highly scrutinized. We’ll never know. Further questions would have been asked about Warner’s links to Steele – and of course the credibility of Steele’s work.

But it wasn’t in the leftwing national media’s best interests to look into Wolfe’s case. There were too busy making claims like these about the Steele dossier. (played video clips of CNN and MSNBC talking heads claiming that the dossier was corroborated, valid, truthful, etc.) So just exactly how did this cover-up work, and how has it been allowed to go on for so long … and [as claimed in that video snippet] “gained credibility”? Looking back on those fateful days, it’s amazing how gullible the leftwing national media pretended at least to be.


End of Dobbs’ excellent opening monologue.

This cannot be repeated enough times: Had the DoJ properly investigated and prosecuted James Wolfe, the fake Russian dossier would have been immediately debunked, the FISA abuse based on that fake dossier would have been exposed, the special counsel would have been shut down, the Republicans would have almost certainly have held the House in 2018, and there would have been no impeachment farce based on a fake Ukraine whistleblower.

On the edges of such knives are balanced the fates of nations. This is the damage that a politically-corrupt Dept of Justice and FBI (and elements of the intelligence community and National Security Council) wrought on America, and it’s why those agencies need to be cleaned out from top to bottom.

Indictments by US Attorney John Durham would go a long way toward restoring a modicum of faith in the justice system. It’s imperative they happen for the sake of the Republic – for the purposes of both justice served for past criminal actions and also for deterrence of future criminality by Deep State actors.

The end.


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