Roger Stone Chronicles: Democrats Lie About Weaponizing Federal Agencies

Attorney General William Barr appears before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee to make his Justice Department budget request, Wednesday, April 10, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


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Democrats and their lickspittle media are accusing the President of “weaponizing” the federal bureaucracy against his political enemies. They point to the reassignment of the Vindman twins and as many as 70 other staffers at the National Security Council projected over the next several weeks as evidence. They have also accused Attorney General Barr of having politicized the Department of Justice by having the original draconian sentencing guidelines for Trump associate Roger Stone changed. Some, like Da Nang Dick Blumenthal, have even demanded that AG Barr resign, as noted here. The crescendo is building toward that end in the Democrat-media echo chamber. It’s their new anti-Trump “gotcha” plan. Here’s what the Democrat house organ Washington Post has to say about the subject just last week:


Worried that President Trump might use the power of his office to punish personal enemies? Hate to break it to you, but you’re three years too late.

Our vindictive president, now unshackled by his frightened followers in Congress, may well be teed up to punish his perceived political enemies. And we needn’t exercise much imagination to envision how this loaded-gloved counterpuncher might weaponize his executive authority.

Because he’s done it already. Many, many times. He did it in the Ukraine affair, of course, when he tried to use taxpayer funds to extort a foreign leader into smearing a political opponent.

[T]he administration is abusing the antitrust system to punish perceived enemies in the auto industry.

[H]e has allegedly tried to use federal procurement to punish perceived enemies — in particular, Amazon, because the company’s chief executive, Jeff Bezos, personally owns The Post.

If we haven’t seen too many heads on pikes yet, that’s presumably because many of his alleged head-piking attempts have been thwarted by other officials: Cohn, Mattis, Brennan and Sessions all reportedly refused Trump’s orders to weaponize their respective agencies. But in some cases, their agencies pursued the outcome Trump wanted anyway — which we can hope was the consequence of legitimate policymaking, rather than payback.

It’s become increasingly hard to tell whether government agencies are acting in the public’s interest, or Trump’s.


The typical WaPo hit piece; short on facts and long on innuendo. That last line is absurd, especially in historical context as we shall see in this article. Pardon me if I don’t get too excited about their fever-pitched allegations, crocodile tears, and – yes! – outright hypocrisy. They would have us forget Barack Obama’s weaponization of DoJ and the FBI in order to illegally surveil and Trump campaign in 2016. We’ve already seen that detailed in DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s FISA abuse report, and we know that US Attorney John Durham is running a criminal investigation into the origins of the FBI’s counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign. That would be REAL weaponization of federal agencies against political enemies, Democrats!

But what about the other agencies, and how was that corruption green-lighted and managed during the Obama Administration? Let’s take a short walk down memory lane. First of all, here are excerpts from a World Net Daily article that explain more about Obama’s highly politicized DoJ and cross-agency coordination for politically motivated purposes:

Former Attorney General under Barack Obama, Eric Holder, identified and placed sympathetic ideologues in key departments of the DOJ and FBI. They were also placed in the IRS, the FEC and the IRS. This all combined to form a “Red Team” that would target, isolate and destroy opponents of Obama or his legacy. Reportedly, both Democrats and Republicans were on the list, but the majority was conservative leaders. They mapped out weak targets, then the IRS, SEC or FEC would research them deeply, looking for any mistakes or missteps. Once information was gathered that would spark interest, it was leaked to friendlies in the press, politicians or sympathetic nonprofits, such as the Sunlight Foundation. By doing, so they covered their tracks to avoid the charge of targeting.

Multiple sources in Congress have [reported that] the DOJ would then hijack these administrative agencies’ actions, bringing these investigations “in house” and handling them as felony investigations. The targeted list (enemies list) was developed and fleshed out by the Red Team (or “hit squad”). Once the DOJ took a case, it moved without interference, using broad powers to issue subpoenas and charges in federal criminal indictments. Republicans are treated differently than Democrats.


The weaponizing of federal agencies didn’t just happen; it was a deliberate Obama strategy to use the federal regulatory agencies to attack Obama’s political enemies, i.e., conservative groups, business and individuals, as well as nominal Republicans who were “thorns” in his side and thwarted much of his extremist legislative proposals. Here are some other examples of the corruption of federal agencies during the Obama years:


Does that cover enough of Obama Administration political corruption across the agencies to determine that perhaps it all was POLICY-DRIVEN and not just “accidental”? There is of course much, much more, but I think you get the idea of how corrupt Obama’s crowd was. Imagine how totally corrupted DoJ and the FBI HQ and the other agencies became over Obama’s eight years, and why it is taking so long to get rid of the leftists embedded therein. The Obama holdovers on the National Security Council staff like the Vindmans are just a tiny, tiny part of the problem.

In light of the aforementioned Obama-era corruption, we’re supposed to be concerned about an entirely lawful correction of Roger Stone’s sentencing recommendations by AG Barr’s DoJ that Democrats are trying to furiously spin? Please. The same people who are now caterwauling about President Trump’s alleged weaponizing of the federal government are the same people who were not only silent about the egregious actions noted above (and more!) during the Obama regime but who personally benefited from that corruption, as we are beginning to discover regarding the money-laundering and misuse of US foreign aid in Ukraine. These people are both hypocritical and scared – as they should be! Of course they want to get rid of the man who is obeying his oath by orchestrating the investigations into and prosecutions for their crimes – Attorney General Barr.


Many commentators have exposed the various reasons for career bureaucrats and Obama appointees committing these crimes: careerism, personal gain, ideological alignment, committed activism in advancing socialism, and most of all financial reward (usually under the table as payback for “services rendered”). The bottom line is that they all thought that they’d get away with it – and they thought the gravy train would continue during a Hillary Clinton presidency.

And we would be none the wiser had not President Trump walked down that escalator in the Trump Tower in 2015 to declare his candidacy for the presidency! The Democrats know that justice is coming for them, and it will all be legal. They forgot to read President Trump’s chapter on revenge in Chapter 6 of his book, Think Big and Kick Ass. It is a great reminder of what is to come:

The end


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