Eyes Continue to Turn Toward Mueller’s Goons

Federal prosecutors Sam Buell, far left, and Andrew Weissmann, center, smile as they talk with reporters outside the Federal Courthouse after winning their case against Arthur Andersen in Houston Saturday, June 15, 2002. A jury on Saturday convicted Arthur Andersen of shredding Enron-related documents, dealing the company a huge blow and giving a first victory to prosecutors investigating Enron's collapse. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has been the recipient of outrageous attacks from Democrats and their supporters since early 2017. This was richly detailed in Lee Smith’s 2019 book, The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History. Nunes’s 2018 memorandum, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Abuses at the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (full text here), was panned by Democrats and Democrat operatives in the media while Adam Schiff’s “counter-memo” (full text here), which defended the FBI’s FISA warrants and other activities associated with surveilling the Trump campaign, was lauded and praised to high heaven. Except that the Horowitz report, Review of Four FISA Applications and Other Aspects of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation (full text here) completely confirmed Nunes’s memo while at the same time totally debunking Schiff’s memo.


Many people have forgotten that “turn of event” – or, in the case of the Democrats and their media allies – have obfuscated the truth. Rep. Nunes certainly hasn’t, and now he is in the process of getting his pound of flesh from the perpetrators. That includes making some startling predictions about how Mueller’s “dirty team” – as Nunes puts it – will be exposed in the weeks ahead, with the kerfuffle surrounding Roger Stone’s sentencing memo being just the start of that process. Here is some Q&A between Sean Hannity and Nunes from earlier in the week – with a little Alan Dershowitz commentary thrown in – that explains what may be coming in that regard.

Hannity: … You now are saying there are more examples of what the Mueller team was really doing … You’re saying it was worse, and that this will emerge in coming weeks?

Nunes: What I believe is when you start … as these 302s … the FBI reports … There are FBI reports that are slowly being released. When you start to match up those FBI 302s to the sentencing guidelines that the Mueller lawyers put in place … and I’ve said this for a long time: I’ve called this the Mueller dossier. They spent 500 pages, two volumes to essentially make it look like there was Russian collusion. It was all a total joke. And when you remember it comes to Roger Stone, … in January – we now know this – in January of 2017, the FBI and the DoJ knew there was no Russian collusion. The House Intelligence Committee – we knew in February 2017 there was no evidence of Russian collusion. Fast forward … Comey gets fired … what were they really doing? It was really just an obstruction of justice trap. So look, there’s going to be more to come. These guys were dirty, and what’s gonna get them is that they were sloppy.

Hannity: …. (Roger Stone’s FBI raid)… Why isn’t the same treatment … if we have a referral for guys like Comey and McCabe … they did the same thing?

Nunes: Yeah, that’s going to be up to Durham, but we actually do have a case that’s very relevant, and that is the case where you have the Senate Intelligence Committee’s security director [James Wolfe] sleeping with a reporter … leaking classified information … who then lied to the FBI and got two months. Roger Stone didn’t leak classified information.

Dershowitz: He got 9 years; it’s such an outrage. He got two years for what he did, and seven years for having the arrogance to go to trial. He suffered the trial penalty, and he suffered selective sentencing. … And the old civil libertarians won’t say a word because he’s a Trump friend. That’s selective as well.


It’s pretty clear that the four prosecutors who resigned in a huff after DoJ retracted and replaced their vindictive sentencing recommendation were part of a set-up, and Rep. Nunes’s remarks indicate that much, much more about Mueller’s prosecutors will become public in the weeks ahead.

As far as Stone himself is concerned, Twitter personality and pal “Undercover Huber” posted what I believe to be the correct assessment of the situation here. It is well worth reading the entire thread, including the updates. As UH reports, Stone committed some crimes albeit of the “political non-violent variety,” and the evidence is still there in the event there is a re-trial. That’s why I’ve always been in favor of commuting of his sentence.

This saga is just getting started. I can’t wait for the next chapter!

The end.


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