2020 Campaign: The Democrats’ Hot Mess

The Democrat Party is deathly afraid of Bernie Sanders. The Party solons may like the enthusiasm and engagement of his base but greatly fear the possibility that he will lead the Democrat ticket this year. Why is that so? Because he isn’t even a Democrat – and has never been one, except beginning in 2015 for political expediency purposes in order to run in Democrat Party presidential primaries. He is a lifelong and self-described “Democratic Socialist” although he is registered as an “Independent.” And he has ripped off the masks of the Democrat Party to reveal the socialism that is rampant among all of the top-tier members of the Star Wars bar scene this year, as all of the candidates largely agree with his positions on the issues. The dirty little secret is that the Democrat Party has been taken over by socialists over the past 50 years or so, but they have purposely obfuscated that fact by calling themselves “liberals” and “progressives.” Let’s examine their Bernie conundrum and the Democrats’ hot mess in greater detail.


We’re all socialists now. Every major issue discussed throughout the various Democrats’ debates has been a major socialist goal dressed up with new labeling: Medicare for All (government-run healthcare), Green New Deal (new packaging of green socialism), sanctuary cities (open borders without saying so), gun control (the road to confiscation), high taxes (straight from the Communist Manifesto), reparations, debt forgiveness, and a cornucopia of other proposals for “free stuff.”

Not a dime’s worth of difference. Compare the stances of Sanders, Buttigieg, Warren, Biden, Klobuchar, Bloomberg, and the also-rans still in the race on the issues. One decent website that enables comparing the candidates on the issues is here. The differences are minuscule; all would move the country far to the left in pursuing socialist programs that would ultimately destroy the economy.

Electability. The legacy media and Democrat consultants incessantly hand-wring about “electability” of their nominee for president. The conventional wisdom is that only an apparent “moderate” can win the general election. This is why, other than Bernie, the rest describe themselves as progressives while trying to sound reasonable and moderate in their positions. Since the media have failed to explore their backgrounds in any detail, Democrat primary voters are unaware that most of the candidates are corporate capitalists masquerading as progressives. Biden, Warren, and Klobuchar were completely exposed in this regard by Peter Schweizer in his book, Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite. Now that Biden is fading fast, it is amusing that Klobuchar is trying to present herself as the “moderate alternative” (and the media are hyping that now). All in search of that “electable” candidate. Another secret: a motivated base is the ticket to the White House, and the only Democrat who’s got that is Bernie Sanders. And Bernie’s got the nationwide organization that can capitalize on that motivation, too. That’s the real measure of electability.


Warring Democrat tribes. There are two main political camps within the Democrat Party these days who have controlled Democrat conventions, rules, processes, and candidate selection for years: the Clintons and the Obamas. And there is no love lost between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. This is only natural that two-term presidents would have a lot of people from their respective administrations placed in positions of influence within the media and the Party. As such, apparatchiks from both administrations infest the legacy media, the DNC, and state party organizations. It was the super delegates and the machinations of Clinton operatives who quashed Bernie’s candidacy in 2016. And now the DNC is apparently changing the rules yet again on the fly – first to let Bloomberg into the next debate and also to return to super delegates at the Democrat national convention (at least on the first ballot). Those two tribes aren’t going to willingly cede their power and control to outsiders like Bernie and Mini-Mike. They’re not going to give up access to the public trough from which they’ve enriched themselves at our expense for decades. And that is precisely why there has been an increasing number of negative news stories about both in the media. You didn’t think those stories were based on “investigative journalism,” did you? The tribes have long tentacles and use their media operatives to routinely plant political stories. Watch for more anti-Bernie and anti-Bloomberg stories in the ensuing weeks.


Brokered convention. I am convinced that Biden’s candidacy served two purposes: (1) to set up the Democrats’ first article of impeachment, and (2) to suck the oxygen out of the other declared candidates in order to preclude any of them from gaining the traction and momentum needed to get enough delegates to seal a first-ballot nomination vote in Milwaukee. It is no coincidence to me that Biden declared his candidacy on 25 April 2019, which was literally one week after the Mueller report was publicly released. The Democrats thought Mueller was going to provide the goods to impeach President Trump, and when that failed, they quickly moved to concoct the Ukraine conspiracy. Biden served that purpose (the first article would have been much weaker without the involvement of a “Trump political opponent”). As a previously failed presidential candidate, the tribes knew that Biden’s baggage (i.e., plagiarizer, gaffe machine, girl-sniffer, and corrupto-crat) would eventually sink his candidacy. He’s never been over 30% nationally in Democrat polls, and that’s just enough to level the playing field and preclude anyone from receiving enough delegates to win on the first ballot at their July convention in Milwaukee. And at this point, it’s not even clear that he’ll make it that far, as the details of Biden family corruption (including Ukraine and China) are seeping out into the public consciousness. That means, the real Democrat plan is a brokered convention during which the tribes can pick someone – a “savior” – dodge the Bernie bullet, and, in their minds, generate sufficient enthusiasm to beat President Trump.


That means making sure that neither Bernie nor Bloomberg nor anyone else achieves a critical mass of delegates between now and July. This is the reason for the attacks on Bernie (Hillary says he’s “not likable”; Carville worries about his over-the-top socialism) and Bloomberg (an old quote surfacing about minorities being mostly responsible for inner-city violent crimes and his “stop and frisk” policy while mayor of NYC). It also explains apparent attempts to unite behind Amy Klobuchar now that Biden’s star is in decline. If no one garners sufficient delegates to win the nomination outright, we may see a “compromise candidate” who is not even in the race now. Who do you suppose that would be?

The end.


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