John Sununu Deconstructs the Star Wars Bar Scene 'Debate'

Did you know that the Democrats’ Star Wars bar scene (alias presidential contenders) convened again last night to pander to Democrat voters like usual? That’s what socialist politicians do – promise pie-in-the-sky goodies paid for by somebody else. You could be forgiven for not wanting to waste time on that hot mess.


I could only stomach a tiny part of the nonsense of the Democrat debates and have come to rely on cooler heads to describe what transpired. One of those seasoned observers is John Sununu, former governor of New Hampshire and chief of staff for President George H.W. Bush (Bush 41 in the current vernacular), who was interviewed by Jason Chaffetz on Fox and Friends Saturday.

Chaffetz: Here with his winners and losers – nobody knows the New Hampshire better than the former governor of New Hampshire – John Sununu. What was your take on the debate last night, and how do you see things playing out in the primary?

Sununu: Well, as far as the debate goes, I think Klobuchar really did the best in the debate because, believe it or not, she really looked more presidential than anyone else on the stage. The rest of them were really just pandering and hectoring. I think the other one who did well was Bernie because Bernie was being Bernie, and all Bernie has to do – at least for New Hampshire right now – is to hold his support, which is around 25-27%. The ones that lost were Buttigieg, who showed he couldn’t take a punch. When Lindsey Davis asked him a tough question, he just stood there and really tried to dance around it and showed that he has no answer when he’s criticized. And I really think Biden put the last nails in his political coffin last night. He looked like he had adopted the Schiff stare and just criticized everybody out there and was really just preaching instead of trying to convey any capacity to lead. The other big loser I think was the Democrat policy on healthcare, as everyone stood up there criticizing each other for the ridiculously high cost of healthcare. You’ve got every Democrat up there telling every other Democrat that their healthcare plan is the most expensive, and I really think that they gave a lot of ammunition to the Republican campaign going into the election in 2020.

Chaffetz: Were you surprised when George Stephanopoulos asked the question, “are you concerned about having a socialist as the head of the party,” and sheepishly Amy Klobuchar almost kind of somewhat raised her hand [about that]. I mean, does New Hampshire embrace socialism that much [such that she apparently was the only one concerned by that premise]?

Sununu: No, and the other interesting thing is the ones that are rejecting socialism vocally now is the Ragin’ Cajun [James Carville] and Chris Matthews [MSNBC host]. Chris Matthews yesterday was attacking the socialism agenda of the Democrats. They are in real trouble because all of a sudden it has dawned on that party that they allowed the drift to go so far left that they have to actively work to try and create a more centrist image. And I think all of this just plays into Mike Bloomberg’s hands.

Chaffetz: Who’s gonna win the primary [in New Hampshire]?

Sununu: I think Bernie will. I think Buttigieg hurt himself enough [last night] that Bernie will hold on.


End of the Q&A. The only one who looked presidential was Amy Klobuchar, Buttigieg shot himself in the foot by not being able to take a tough question about his performance as mayor of South Bend, Biden continued to fade, Bernie was Bernie, and they all came across as the socialists they are.

That last point is key, and when Carville and Matthews (both dyed-in-wool Democrats) remark in public that they are concerned about the new socialist image of their party, you know the Democrats are in trouble. They are all hoisted on their own petard because they have created the hunger for socialism the Democrat rank-and-file voters. For decades, the Democrats have believed their ticket to perpetual political power in America was to take over her cultural institutions: media (control of the political narrative), Hollywood (propaganda), non-profit foundations (sources of limitless funds), unions (campaign contributions and labor), federal and state bureaucracies (corruption and control of government behind the scenes), and – most importantly – academia (to manufacture new generations of leftists). A big part of that takeover agenda was pushing socialism and cultural Marxism through those institutions. And now that they have brainwashed their base – especially the Millennials – to believe in their socialistic pandering, cooler heads in their party are now worried about the socialism that reeks from their presidential candidates? They deserve every bit of the anguish that is to come in November.


The end.


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