MSNBC and Senate Democrats Spin Saturday’s White House Counsel Presentation

It is always good to know what one’s political enemies are thinking, especially when it comes to the ongoing impeachment farce that the Democrats have foisted on the country. I forced myself to watch MSNBC for awhile after the President’s lawyers finished their 2-hour presentation on Saturday in order to see how MSNBC talking heads and their Democrat senator guests were spinning things. Brian Williams hosted a panel that struggled to find the right pro-Democrat spin, but as they subsequently interviewed several Democrat senators, the apparently agreed-upon Democrat narrative became clear.


Initially, the MSNBC panel claimed that the White House team’s strategy is “obviously” to create enough doubt in the minds of Republican senators to help them justify their votes to acquit (as well as to give those senators talking point to take to their voters to justify what the panel disdainfully believes to be a dereliction of their duty to convict the President).

Later on in the broadcast after interviewing a few Democrat senators, they switched over to a claim that Cipollone and team are only trying to “deflect and distract” from the House impeachment managers’ lockdown case for conviction. Yeah, they’re delusional, but then MSNBC is the conspiracy channel.

Here are a few points made over the hour or so I watched:

  • Claire McCaskill (former Democrat senator from Missouri) complained that “Trump goes after people” all the time. She expects Republicans to just roll over when attacked by Democrats and the legacy media like they used to before the Age of Trump. Sorry, Claire; welcome to a Brave New World.
  • Tim Kaine (D-VA) said that the President’s team asserted facts that can be proven or disproven by more witnesses and documents. Sorry, Tim, that was the job of the House managers, and they failed to deliver the goods, and Cipollone, Sekulow and the rest made mincemeat of the Laurel and Hardy show (Schiff and Nadler).
  • Chris Coons (D-DE) asserted that the White House team made a great argument for witnesses and documents. He further stated that – like the media have been spinning for several days – the Bidens will be on trial next week, and they’re “not relevant.” Coons then repeated the Democrat narrative that the President dangling a White House meeting and holding up military aid are what’s on trial, not the Bidens. Well, yes, they are, Chris; their corrupt actions, including with Burisma, are entirely pertinent in order to show one reason for the President’s overall concern about Ukrainian corruption. Coons then the President’s team of making a red herring argument that any subpoenaing of witnesses and documents would push the trial back for months when it is Coons’ express opinion that aa Senate subpoena would result in prompt production of documents and witnesses. It’s an argument that will never be tested, as there won’t be any new witnesses or documents subpoenaed anyway.
  • Patty Murray (D-WA) said that senators were listening respectfully. Then she asked, “Where are the documents, where are the witnesses, tell us the facts!” – and other such parroting of the Democrat narrative for new witnesses and document. She also claimed that the President was using taxpayer dollars (foreign aid) to push a foreign country to influence a US political election. The standard unproven allegation from Democrats. She then said that the President’s team is making a weak case by hiding behind the absence of a House vote in refusing to responds to House subpoenas for witnesses and documents. I guess she wasn’t paying attention to the clear explanation by the White House team that those subpoenas were illegal.
  • McCaskill said that the White House team went into the weeds on process to defend the President’s obstruction. She then asked Murray whether she had ever seen a president block Congress from doing its job while claiming that President Trump is the “worst ever” in that regard.
  • McCaskill then brought up the CBS News report containing a blind quote claiming that the President threatened retribution on Republican senators by supposedly saying that their “heads would be put on a pike” if they voted against the President. Tilt! That’s the typical unsourced fake news report that Democrats have been using to further their narratives for three years: the media makes an anti-Trump claim, and then Democrats and their media allies run an echo chamber operation to propagate the false narrative for days and weeks. No sale on this one!
  • Brian Williams (who ironically was suspended by NBC News for six months for “misrepresenting himself” for falsely claiming he had been in a helicopter hit by enemy fire during the Iraq War) asserted that it was a Republican “false flag” claim that Ukraine meddled in our elections in 2016. I guess Williams doesn’t read independent reporter John Solomon’s well-source articles about Ukrainian meddling.
  • Chris Murphy (D-CT) claimed that there is no way to build case around a phony server in Ukraine because that’s just Russian propaganda. If they do that, we’ll just be getting Putin’s case delivered to us next week. There’s much more than just a server, Chris, including DNC operatives digging for dirt on the Trump campaign in 2016. Stay tuned!
  • Murphy then repeated the Democrats’ claim that the President’s lawyers helped the Democrats’ case to get more witnesses, and that the Republicans will use “insults” (for example, something Pelosi may have said to or about Republican senators, or Nadler’s claim that Republican senators are involved in a coverup) to “take umbrage” and use those insults as a way to avoid voting for witnesses. “Umbrage” is the new watch-word for Democrats. Expect the Democrats to use that word frequently over the next week. Murphy knows that the President’s men are shredding the House managers’ flimsy case, and he is merely setting up the Democrats’ claim that the vote for acquittal is rigged, corrupt, and part of a coverup (you just know that’s what Democrats will claim).
  • Chris Matthews (formerly chief of staff to Democrat Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill and has been a reliable Democrat hack ever since he moved into the media and eventually MSNBC) stated that everyone (all the lefties) thought it was going to be an attack on the Biden family (what “we lefties” in the media have all expected). He then spun the two presidents’ phone call again by equating the President’s supposed threatened retribution against Republican senators per that fake news story from CBS to what the President was doing to threaten Zelensky with withholding aid. Talk about a stretch!

MSNBC then cut away to the House managers’ presser in which Schiff talked about the President’s “shakedown scheme” by perverting the transcript yet again and pooh-poohing the burden-sharing comments in the phone call that Democrats failed to discuss but which were pointed out by the President’s team. Schiff again presumed to know what Zelensky thinks (no public statements; only “private” thoughts) … accusing the President of “cheating an election” again, and claiming that that is “deeply destructive of our national security and elections,” and finished up by caterwauling that Bolton and Mulvaney “have the facts” (but of course ignoring the fact that the House Democrats failed to properly subpoena those witnesses).

  • Chuck Schumer (D-NY) also claimed that the President’s lawyers made the case for witnesses and documents (specifically, first-hand witnesses: Bolton, Blair, Duffy). He claimed that the House had more direct evidence and made a much stronger case. He also said that, since there is “speculation on both sides,” that means we need more witnesses. He also claimed that, during their presser, the House managers exposed the diversionary tactics of White House lawyers (Schiff et al did no such thing).
  • Williams repeated the allegation that Jay Sekulow raised the false flag “Russia talking points” about Ukrainian meddling.
  • Schumer said that that was simply a diversionary tactic, and they can’t refute the House managers’ case. He further claimed that all of their “diversions” are patently false. The Democrats are good at making allegations even when faced with indisputable truths – and we heard plenty of those truths from the President’s team on Saturday.
  • McCaskill then broached a new Democrat concept/tactic. She asked Schumer whether there had been any discussion about the White House lawyers and House managers going to the Chief Justice to get a ruling about executive privilege in order to expedite obtaining new witnesses and documents. This is a new one, and it’s wishful thinking because there won’t be a vote for new witnesses after the President’s team finishing shredding the Democrats’ case for impeachment.

That was all I could stand. There was ZERO discussion of the facts presented by the President’s team, including the evidence withheld by the Democrat managers, as well as clear evidence that Schiff is a serial liar and prevaricator who should not be believed. The MSNBC/Democrat consensus for the moment seemed to be that the President’s lawyers were using “diversionary tactics” to “deflect and distract” from the “uncontroverted truths” presented by the House managers to engender enough doubts in the minds of Republican senators so that they could justify voting to acquit the President.

Next week should be lit as the President’s men continue making mincemeat of the Laurel (Schiff) and Hardy (Nadler) show.

The end.


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