Epic Fail: House Managers Use the President’s Public Trolling as Reasons to Remove Him from Office

The NY Times, like the rest of the legacy media, are fixated on the Senate impeachment trial as they try to explain, rationalize, and support House impeachment managers presentation of their case. The latest attempt at cheerleading involved Adam Schiff’s spinning of the President’s public statements as “proof” of his underlying intentions in his alleged coercion of Ukrainian President Zelensky to investigate the Bidens. This article by Peter Baker attempts to explain Schiff’s strategy in this regard while ignoring some basic truths about our president:


The strategy seeks to capitalize on Mr. Trump’s astonishingly unfiltered approach to politics, which has led him again and again to say openly what other presidents with more of an understanding of the traditional red lines of Washington — or at least more of an instinct for political self-preservation — would never say in front of a camera.

In effect, the managers are challenging the president’s own penchant for announcing his motivations without apparent regard for whether it could get him into trouble. At the same time, the managers are challenging the senators to take Mr. Trump at his word about what really drove him to pressure Ukraine to announce investigations into Mr. Biden and other Democrats.

Note that first paragraph. Baker recognizes that President Trump uses an “unfiltered approach to politics” but fails to understand the reason and the intent of the President. As a member of the chattering class, Baker has been conditioned to expect politicians – particularly US presidents – to act a certain way within the bounds of what the political class has brainwashed people to believe as proper decorum. That means conveying an air of gentility and courtesy in public, equivocation in public speaking to avoid divulging private thoughts about opponents, making vague promises that are never delivered upon, and turning the other cheek when attacked by Democrats and the media.


President Trump has turned all of those expectations on their heads over the past several years, as he speaks in a brusque and direct manner, openly and publicly counterattacks when attacked by opponents, tells us what he is really thinking, makes and keeps his promises, and uses his public statements as part of his political strategy in raising public awareness on matters that the legacy media refuse to cover as they serve the Democrat narratives. Baker and others simply don’t understand that the President’s blunt-speaking manner is the President’s purposeful and highly effective political strategy for communicating to the American people.

Now the House impeachment managers, in the absence of any direct evidence OF THE PRESIDENT’S REAL ACTIONS to provide their case for impeachment, seek to use the President’s public utterances – not his actions – as a key basis for removing him from office. Here is more on the strategy they pursued on Thursday from that article:

[H]ere he was on the South Lawn of the White House publicly calling on Ukraine to investigate a campaign rival, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. There he was calling on China to go after Mr. Biden, too. There he was declaring that he would willingly take foreign help to win an election. And there he was back in 2016 calling on Russia, “if you’re listening,” to hack into Hillary Clinton’s email.

Baker, the impeachment managers, and the rest of the media still believe the President to be a bumbling fool who is out of his depth. In their minds, only a fool would publicly make what they believe to be self-incriminating statements. How many times do these clowns need to be successfully trolled by the President before they figure out that ALL of the President’s public statements are purposeful. They both trigger his political opponents – who can’t help themselves in responding – and raise awareness and questions in the minds of thinking Americans.


Who among us doesn’t believe that the Bidens have been cashing in on Joe’s political career, including in Ukraine? What do you suppose the average American thinks about Hunter Biden’s $50,000 per month retainer with Bursima – which is more than many Americans earn in a single year? The Democrats know they will suffer severe political damage when the truth is finally told – just as Chapter 3 in Peter Schwiezer’s new book, Profiles in Corruption, lays out in gory detail. In 2013, Hunter Biden’s traveled to Beijing on Air Force Two with his father, after which his Rosemont Seneca Partners firm concluded a $1.5 billion deal with the Chinese government. That’s already on the public record, and the President’s public request for China to “investigate the Bidens” – words, not actions, once again! – raises that awareness of the Bidens’ corruption in the public consciousness as part of his highly effective political strategy. How do we know that strategy is effective? Because the Biden campaign recently sent out a defensive memorandum to many legacy media organizations warning them not to spread false accusations and “debunked conspiracy theories” against Biden and his son.

And Baker and the House managers still try to spin that joke made by President Trump during the 2016 campaign in which he laughingly requested that the Russians help find Hillary Clinton’s “lost emails.” Do they still seriously believe that that joke is at the core of the President’s supposed “collusion with Russia” that the Mueller report debunked but somehow continues? I don’t know about you, but I laughed out loud when I first heard the President ask the Russians for help on Hillary’s emails – which is anecdotal evidence right there of the effectiveness of the President’s direct approach to politics, as well as his ability to mercilessly troll his enemies.


Finally, there was this from that NY Times article:

Mr. Schiff said Mr. Trump’s own words made clear that he learned nothing from the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. “He was at it again,” Mr. Schiff said, “unrepentant, undeterred, if anything emboldened by escaping accountability from his invitation and willful use of Russian hacked materials in the last election.”

Now that is just a bald-faced lie by Schiff (one among many these last few days). He repeats the false allegation that the President invited and willfully used “Russian hacked materials in the last election.” There is ZERO evidence of that in the Mueller report, which concluded there was ZERO collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign. That’s just another “Schiff special” – a complete fabrication.

The Democrats and their operatives in the media conflate words with actions in their desperation to remove the President from office. The new strategy is to somehow force President Trump’s removal for his public statements, not his actions. That’s the Democrats’ new standard for impeachment and removal of a sitting US president? The Founders are rolling over in their graves on this one.

The end.


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