Victimology and Social Justice Malarkey

The Democrats have perfected victimhood as a political weapon to an art form over the past 50 years. Their intention is to divide and conquer, politically, by pitting individuals and groups against each other. All of their constituent groups are victims in some way – of racism, sexism, homophobia (sic), or some other concocted reason. Because Democrats are ruled by emotion first and foremost, they have twisted victimology – a legitimate area of study – to serve their psychological-political ends.


Here is the dictionary definition of victimology:

vic·tim·ol·o·gy /viktəˈmäləjē/

noun: The study of the victims of crime and the psychological effects on them of their experience.

This is indeed a laudable field of study, as there is no question that crime victims are adversely affected by their experiences – and some victims of heinous and gruesome crimes never fully recover despite intense and lengthy therapy over many years.

Enter the Democrats and their perversion of victimology. What do I mean by that? Well, the current Democrat coalition is comprised of groups of people who view themselves as “victims” in some way. Every Democrat has a grievance – mostly that life is somehow unfair, opportunities only are available to the “white male majority,” and that the government needs to be used as a hammer to pound the ephemeral – if not self-imposed, or indeed imaginary – nail-of-discrimination into the ground. Let’s go through a short list of victims, as defined by the Left and the Democrat Party.

  1. African-Americans (formerly Negroes, Blacks, Black-Americans). Never did understand what was wrong with any of those three previous designations, and the latest phrase makes no sense to me, as Africa is a continent, not a racial or ethnic group, and people from that continent are very diverse! Whatever. African-American victimhood is and always will be centered on racism and slavery, with the current push for “reparations” a cause that intentionally exacerbates divisiveness. Never mind that no one in the US has ever directly suffered from racialist-oriented slavery – or been an actual slaveholder (human traffickers excepted).
  2. According to their creed, white males have kept them down for years. Enter the “Movement For UGLY Women” (MF-Ugly) also known as radical feminism. Now, their focus is on legalizing the murder of their own children after birth through various Democrat-controlled state legislatures.
  3. A catch-word for anyone with ancestry from Latin American countries. Their grievances are also against the “white man” who is blamed for their poverty and lack of opportunity as a result of racism. And Democrat-run government will correct those inequalities of income, don’t ya know!
  4. A grab-bag collection that includes any group that Democrats wish to exploit for political reasons. Examples include: Somalis, Syrians, “Palestinians,” Africans (multiple countries), and anyone from Central America and Mexico. We simply HAVE to accept refugees from anywhere and everywhere, don’t ya know? Because all of us “came from somewhere else.” And we must provide for any and all who make it into the United States – forever, if necessary.
  5. LGBTQ-XYZ. When I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, these various “behaviors” were considered by most (including the American Psychiatric Association) to be mental disorders because they all deviated from the human norm. Fast-forward to the 21st century where the behaviors have not only been normalized, but also glorified to the point that normal people are being forced to accept and condone those behaviors, even in public places. So much for the concept of “privacy rights.” LGBTQ victimhood is a cause célèbre that is being used as another hammer by the leftists infesting the Democrat Party and government to address presumed inequalities – always at the expense of others, which is the Democrat way. [Note: As for me, I practice tolerance but refuse to condone these behaviors as is my right as a Christian American. God will sort everything out in due course.]
  6. This part of the Democrat coalition believe they are victims of capitalists – particularly the oil and gas industry – whom they claim have jeopardized not only their futures but also the future of our very planet! And they exploit children by propagandizing their nonsense through the public schools both in the US and around the world. Hello Greta Thunberg! Their hubris regarding mankind’s effect on the weather over time compared to other natural processes is both naive and astounding, given considerable evidence to the contrary. That said, they demand government action to achieve their end, which is, ultimately, total control over the US and world economy.

While the preceding is perhaps the main collection of Democrat “victims’ groups,” there are many other leftist entities who are loosely affiliated with Democrats, including radical elements of the Native American and Muslim communities, atheists, and a host of social justice “warriors.” Note: While these Democrat victim groups are invariably comprised of radical leftists, there are other people who would qualify to be in them if they met the proper entrance criteria of ethnicity and/or ideological beliefs but who are in reality conservatives with whom I’d be happy to share a beer or three. I do NOT paint everyone with a wide brush!

Virtually anyone with a cause can be a victim to be leveraged politically by the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is filled to overflowing with social justice warriors (SJWs) who claim victimhood and to correct the supposed inequalities of a deeply-flawed America. This is quite a good article that describes the totalitarian nature of SJWs. The latest SJW twist is for “environmental justice”; read more about that leftist nonsense here.

The common theme among all elements of the Democrat Party is the belief that only government can “right the perceived wrongs” and guarantee or mandate access, equality of outcomes, and even acceptance, no matter how outlandish the issues or claims may be. This is totalitarianism, pure and simple – the use of the government to control what is acceptable in public and private life. Government has no power except that granted by the people governed. To cede government control over everything means giving up personal and economic liberties enshrined in the US Constitution.


Totalitarian socialism is only achieved at the expense of freedom. We live in the freest, most open and tolerant society in the history of mankind. The opportunities available to individuals of all persuasions are limitless – in fact they are limited only by one’s abilities and initiative. And that latter bit is the problem for the Democrat victim crowd and SJWs: everyone is different, with different capabilities and limitations, different motivations, and different personal priorities. That’s just the way it is. WE know that; THEY ignore human nature. Some months ago, I read an article that speaks to the subject eloquently. It conveys the author’s first-hand experience and perspective in a very poignant fashion. Here are some excerpts:

Cultural Marxism is the most insidious disease of the soul that has ever been devised. It enters through the ears, derails the mind, and is spread to other victims by a virtue-signaling mouth. I am awake now — not woke, I tell you, but awake. To be “woke,” in the progressive parlance, is the modern equivalent to having one’s “consciousness raised” by a hefty dose of LSD. I am awakened in a different sense — raised like Lazarus from an untimely spiritual death.

I see with bitter clarity what I saw perfectly well when I was seven or eight years old. People are not blank slates on which the manicured fingernails of reformers can scratch their pretty ideas. People come readymade into this world with certain capacities and certain limitations. They live their lives with such machinery as providence has given them. Some are suited for a civilized life, and some are not. Some make good neighbors, and some do not.

All races have members in each camp — a truth to be proclaimed from the rooftops in the name of decency and actual justice — but to insist that all races will naturally fail or prosper in the same proportion is just contrary to the facts. Everyone is not made equal simply by wishing it were so. People are not made into productive citizens by paying them enough to rot noisily in subsidized housing. It was not so fifty years ago, and it is not so now. Most of us have always known exactly what real racism is. It is the intellectual laziness of over-generalizing in either direction. Human beings are neither guilty nor innocent by the light of their appearance, nor by the peculiarities of their grandparents’ lives. In a truly just society, each of us would have to stand on his own merits. We are what we are. We cannot change our inmost natures. We cannot remake our history.


Read the rest of this fantastic article here.

Holy cow! How profound is that last couple of sentences – standing on one’s own merits! I have often wondered what a successful minority person must think when selected for a competitive job. Does he question whether he achieved it on merit or through “affirmative action”? I don’t know about you, but if I were in the same shoes, that uncertainty would gnaw at me throughout my whole life – and would probably exacerbate any resentments I might have about my colleagues, friends and society in general. Was I really good enough, or was my life filled with handouts? I would never know for sure.

If I could have the power to do anything to correct the wrongs of the past, I would repeal “affirmative action” (sic) across the land and restore merit-based evaluations and promotions. Racism can’t be resolved through government-directed racial preferences. To the contrary, it worsens divisiveness and racism.

As for the Democrat victim groups in general, the divisions among people that they foment and propagate are just about the most anti-American acts possible. For the notion of diversity and its corollary “division” are not strengths at all like the Left would claim. Rather, the truest strength of America has been her ability to assimilate people from everywhere on earth – all races, creeds, colors, etc. – and turn them into Americans. And the freedoms available to all enable people to achieve miraculous things. And that means ALL people! Egalitarianism and equality of outcome CANNOT be legislated or enforced by a totalitarian government despite what the Democrat victim groups and SJWs believe.


Speaking of egalitarianism, the radical feminists are getting a taste of their own ridiculous methods, as the International Olympic Committee has allowed transgenders (sic) in the Olympics for several years now. Remember that transgender wrestler who won the Texas girls’ Class 6A 110 lb division two years in a row? And Martina Navratilova – one of the greatest women tennis players ever (who is also a lesbian) – penned an op-ed in the London Times challenging transgender participation in women’s sports. Yeah, how’s that egalitarianism working out for women’s sports with the encroachment of transgenders? Don’t you just love watching internecine warfare between Democrat victim groups?

The ongoing Democrat perversion of victimology as a tactic in pursuit of total political power and achieving their dreams of egalitarianism must be fought tooth and nail. We can’t let them succeed here if we wish to preserve the Republic! This is precisely what is at stake in the 2020 elections.

The end.


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