Harry and Meghan and Giustra

The UK Daily Mail is reporting that Prince Harry and Meghan (the Duke and Duchess of Sussex) will be staying at Frank Giustra’s $14 million mansion near Victoria in British Canada.


The mystery billionaire who let Harry and Meghan stay in his $14million mansion in Canada is reportedly Frank Giustra, a businessman whose close ties to the Clintons have caused controversy in the past.

Canadian mining magnate Giustra, 62, is said to have loaned the couple the home where they finalized their plan to scale back their royal duties over the New Year, according to The New York Post.

Who is Frank Giustra? Here’s a pretty decent introduction from a 2015 Washington Post article:

Bill Clinton was planning a charity trip to Latin America and needed a big plane.

For Frank Giustra, who had never met the former president, this was an opportunity. The Canadian mining magnate and onetime Hollywood studio owner stepped up to let the former president borrow his luxurious passenger jet. There was just one condition: Giustra would come along for the ride.

That 2005 trip was the start of an intense, mutually beneficial friendship — one that has helped propel the Clinton Foundation into a global giant and established Giustra’s reputation as an international philanthropist while helping him build connections in countries where his business was expanding.

Giustra has since committed more than $100 million to the work of the Clinton Foundation, becoming one of the largest individual donors to the family’s charities.


But the Clinton connections get deeper and darker, as pointed out in the Daily Mail article:

Giustra, the co-founder of Hollywood studio Lionsgate, is one of the biggest donors to the Clintons and is on the board of their foundation.

He ran into controversy when, in 2005, he traveled to Kazakhstan with then President Bill Clinton.

There they met the country’s despotic president Nursultan Nazarbayev. Clinton’s appearance is seen as helping Giustra secure a deal to start his UrAsia uranium company in Kazakhstan, which would later merge with Uranium One.

Giustra would donate $31.3 million to the Clinton Foundation in 2006 and helped start the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative.

In 2016 emails then showed Giustra and fellow billionaire Carlos Slim gave the Clinton Foundation an endowment of $20 million for the Haiti Development Fund six years earlier. But reports said ‘there is almost nothing in the public record’ showing what happened to the money.

Dailymail.com revealed how the homeowner has used highly controversial methods also deployed by money-launderers and tax-evaders to conceal his identity.

Remember the 2010 Haiti earthquake and the Clintons rushing to the rescue via their Clinton Global Initiative? They wasted millions of dollars and accomplished nothing, for which Haitians blame them to this day. Read this detailed article to learn about the complete mismanagement of their failed relief efforts, from which this excerpt is extracted:


While the fund would advertise that “100% of donations go directly to relief efforts,” Clinton and Bush adopted an expansive definition of “relief” efforts, treating luring foreign investment and jobs as a crucial part of earthquake recovery. On their website, they spoke proudly of what the New York Daily News characterized as a program of “supporting long-term programs to develop Haiti’s business class.”

The strategy was an odd one. Port-au-Prince had been reduced to ruin, and Haitians were crowded into filthy tent cities, where many were dying of a cholera outbreak (which had itself been caused by the negligence of the United Nations). Whatever value building new garment factories may have had as a long-term economic plan, Haitians were faced with somewhat more pressing concerns like the basic provision of shelter and medicine, as well as the clearing of the thousands of tons of rubble that filled their streets.

The Clinton-led recovery was a disaster. A year after the earthquake, a stinging report from Oxfam singled out Clinton’s IHRC as creating a “quagmire of indecision and delay” that had made little progress toward successful earthquake recovery.

Harry and Meghan are apparently happy to accept charity from the big Clinton donor Frank Giustra who is tied to at least two scandals: Uranium One and Haitian relief. And the UK was deeply involved in Spygate, with Robert Hannigan, the director of GCHQ (similar to our NSA plus USCYBERCOM), resigning almost immediately after the 2016 election. And what are the chances that Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, ran into Bill Clinton on Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean island, given that they apparently had similar interests? These people all run in the same circles. What else is there in the way of interesting associations? Maybe Huber/Durham will deliver a few Uranium One-related indictments. Can all of this be merely a series of coincidences?


The end.



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