Is Hillary Off the Hook?

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Hillary Clinton has been under investigation – off and on – since 2015. First, for her unauthorized email server, and later, for pay-for-play allegations associated with her time as Obama’s Secretary of State, including Clinton Foundation connections to the Uranium One scandal. In November 2017, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed US Attorney John Huber to investigate Uranium One and other Clinton matters. The official letter of appointment can be found here. And those investigations have been ongoing ever since.


There have been spurious reports related to those investigations over the past two years. For example, there were several Uranium One whistleblowers who testified before Congress, as reported here. And there were “boxes of evidence” supposedly being loaded onto a DoJ-chartered aircraft in 2018, as reported here. But nothing from official DoJ sources on the status of the investigation(s), and certainly nothing from Huber himself nor anyone directly involved in his investigation into “Uranium One and other Clinton matters.”

Then, suddenly, CNN reported that Huber’s investigation isn’t leading to “formal criminal investigation.”

A Justice Department review of business dealings tied to Hillary Clinton — championed by President Donald Trump and his allies — has wound down with officials not finding enough evidence to recommend the formal opening of a criminal investigation, according to current and former US officials.

The Justice Department has not formally closed the review, which was led by US Attorney John Huber of Utah, the officials told CNN.

A spokeswoman for Huber deferred comment to the Justice Department’s spokeswoman, who declined to comment. The Department of Justice also declined to comment to the Washington Post, which first reported that Huber’s review had essentially come to an end.


Did you catch that the CNN report was based on unnamed “current and former US officials”? I’m just not buying the spin. Who are those officials, and what is the purpose behind the unsubstantiated leaks? How many times are we supposed to swallow a “breaking CNN news report” based on information from unnamed sources that is later proven to be completely false?

And then there is this brand-new information from Judicial Watch: “State Dept produces to Judicial Watch new emails just found by the FBI. Includes classified info and revelation Clinton used text messaging for government business.”

Cynical me says that the CNN report was a spin-job intended to get out in front of the Judicial Watch revelations, as well as the typical gaslighting of those of us who have been praying for harsh justice to be delivered to Hillary Clinton. Documents galore, whistleblower testimony, official emails, and who knows what else has been uncovered by the FBI and Huber’s investigators, plus tons of information collected by intrepid independent investigators that is already in the public domain. And no criminal prosecutions?


We’re supposed to believe that Huber’s team doesn’t already have those emails given to Judicial Watch, or, worse, that they do have them but decided to not pursue a criminal prosecution? I’m not buying it and am going to wait for official confirmation from DoJ that Hillary Clinton is in the clear. And then there were those Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information and Special Access Program emails that were on her unauthorized email server….

The end.


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