Making a List, and Checking It Twice …

Gonna find out who’s naughty … Full stop! Time to dwell on the naughty list this Christmas season. It’s pretty long, and many of those on it are afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome of the apparently incurable variety. Here’s a naughty list in no particular order.


House Democrats. I watched probably 75 House Democrats give their little ~90-sec Trump-bashing speeches before their triumphant vote on articles of impeachment last week. They all conveyed the same messages: protecting our democracy, a sad and somber time, alleged criminal conduct that somehow didn’t make it into the actual articles of impeachment, doing their constitutional duty, conflating personal stories that had nothing to do with impeachment in order to make it seem worse, the dire emergency of IMPEACHING NOW, etc. Every phrase they bleated was poll-tested in Democrat focus groups. There wasn’t an original thought expressed by any of them. And then their cheering when Nancy Pelosi announced passage of the articles, which completely blew their cover and exposed their extreme partisan animosity for the President of the United States for all the world to see. Here’s wishing lumps of coal in their stockings for all of them this year.

Adam Schiff. How do I despise thee? Let me count the ways. The man has been completely coexposed as a serial liar and prevaricator over the past three years, but this past year’s actions topped them all. Concocting the Ukraine conspiracy theory with the fake “whistleblower” and then lying about knowing and collaborating with him. Completely fabricating the Trump-Zelensky phone call in opening remarks before one of his committee hearings in order to falsely convey what was discussed. Running a disgraceful impeachment star chamber completely void of due process or any semblance of fairness to the minority. False allegations of criminal conduct by the President made every single day of his committee’s impeachment inquiry. His closing statement before the House impeachment vote filled with lies and unsubstantiated allegations. Bald-faced lying on TV news programs about the reasons for impeachment. Finally, the Horowitz report exposed his 2018 House Intel minority memo to be completely false while validating completely the Nunes memo he attacked. This is the principal Democrat who has been driving the impeachment train this year. May he receive a massive dose of Trumpenfreude in the New Year.


Nancy Pelosi. Her hubris and condescension toward the rest of us knows no bounds. Her public statements drip with fake solemnity and are virtually unwatchable. Her denial of hate toward the President belies her actions; that was all for show in hopes that the gullible among us would believe her crocodile tears were genuine. She only uses poll-tested phrases, hiding behind her “constitutional duty,” “saving our democracy,” “protecting the integrity of our elections,” etc. She claimed for weeks that impeachment was an urgent requirement, yet now is playing politics by holding up delivering the articles of impeachment to the Senate, believing that she can influence if not control how the Senate conducts a trial. Somehow, I don’t think she’ll be helping in a soup kitchen in her district this year. She needs to cut down on the hot toddies this Christmas season, too.

The legacy media. In the best economic times that this country has seen for 50 years, the media continued their anti-Trump barrage in 2019 – roughly 95% of their coverage was directed against the President – from breathlessly spinning the lead-up to the Mueller report (which fizzled completely from their point of view), to shifting immediately to falsely spin the Ukrainian hoax, to virtually ignoring all of the good economic news across the country (jobs, wages, stock market, investments), to cheerleading for the President’s impeachment, to covering up Democrat/Biden/Ukraine corruption, etc., etc. Who among them who lied about Russia collusion, the “Steele dossier,” and the FBI’s abuse of FISA warrants has actually apologized for their lies? Their objectivity and credibility are completely shot; anyone who blindly accepts their daily headlines and narratives on faith is a fool.


Specific media talking heads. “Beware of false prophets … Ye shall know them by their fruits.” Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulos, Brian Stelter, Rachel Maddow, and dozens more outed themselves as nothing more than Democrat operatives throughout the year. There was no Democrat conspiracy theory too outlandish or false allegation against the President too extreme to be withheld from the airwaves. Every unsubstantiated leak, every anti-Trump anonymous source, every crackpot theory, every false media poll, and more were fair game for these people, as long as the stories of the moment parroted the pro-Democrat and anti-Trump line. Better to turn them completely off in the New Year than waste a moment of one’s time watching their lies.

Anti-Trump Hollywood and entertainment personalities. Has-beens like Robert De Niro, Bette Midler, Debra Messing, Kathy Griffin, Whoopi Goldberg, Alec Baldwin, and many others have directed some of the vilest invective ever spoken at sitting US president – and also at his supporters! Like we should be paying attention to these people who have spent most of their adult lives pretending to be someone else. Have you noticed any elected Democrats condemning the flagrant hate speech of these people? Has Nancy Pelosi – who avers that she doesn’t hate the President – said one word about what these people continue to say? Of course not, because that hate speech serves the Democrats’ political purpose: stirring up hatred and rage among their base for the President.


The House Democrats’ impeachment “witnesses.” One direct witness before the House Intel Committee was frightened into altering his testimony by direct action protests against his business. Despite those pressures, that single direct witness who testified nevertheless destroyed the Democrats’ quid pro quo allegations. Sondland thereby avoided the lump of coal. The rest of the “Schiff witnesses”? They could only give hearsay testimony and express their personal opinions about foreign policy and the President’s motivations while speaking as Deep State bureaucrats. Morrison can slide, but the rest were players in the Democrats’ carefully orchestrated impeachment conspiracy and deserve nothing but condemnation and worse for helping the Democrats drag the country through this charade. Nadler’s three witnesses were blatantly partisan anti-Trump “legal scholars” (and Democrat donors!) whose personal animus toward the President was obvious in their emotional responses to questions. And their testimony was destroyed by the single Republican witness, Jonathan Turley, who is a Democrat and admitted he did not vote for the President. Lumps of coal are in order here, too.

The Cabal. Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Baker, Pientka, Lynch, Yates, Rice, Power, Nuland, Farkas, and other “players to be named later” (hopefully all in future indictments). They knew best during the 2016 election campaign, not the American people, and they were determined to make it so. The Horowitz report and the Nunes memo have given us glimpses of their crimes. The ongoing Spygate and related investigations by US Attorney Durham will expose far more. And all the lying, prevaricating, and spinning of the cabal and their acolytes in the legacy media will not save them.


Obama. Obama’s eight years in the Oval Office set the table for the extreme divisiveness that we have seen in the US, especially in the past year, both on the political front and also in the streets. I await questions from the legacy media directed to him about his direct involvement in Spygate and in the counter-intelligence investigation into the Trump campaign, not to mention what really transpired during his “by-the-book” White House meeting in the waning days of his presidency as he and his minions finalized the setting of political landmines for the Trump Administration. My New Year’s wish is that, after Obama’s Spygate-related crimes are fully exposed, he is pardoned by President Trump, making him “guilty by omission” in the eyes of history such that the myths surrounding him can be destroyed forever.

The Clintons. These two are a major root cause of the political upheaval we’ve been experiencing in the country since before the election of President Trump. Justice delayed over the decades has brought the country to the current situation; their grifting-related crimes over the years – among other transgressions – are legion. Hillary’s rage at being twice denied the Oval Office – which she believed should have been handed for “services rendered” – led directly to the corruption of the DoJ and FBI, the FBI’s FISA abuse, the falsely-predicated Mueller investigation, and now the Ukrainian hoax that provided the false allegations needed for the Democrats to impeach the President. As many have remarked, Hillary made history as the first person to be responsible for the impeachment of two US presidents. Just think of all that could have been avoided had they both been held accountable during the Clinton presidency, if not during their Arkansas years. My New Year’s wish is that US Attorney John Huber successfully brings long-delayed charges against them for RICO Act violations, embezzlement, bribery, wire fraud, unauthorized disclosure of classified information, money laundering, and more.


Yes, a lot of other people are on the naughty list; there are too many to name! In passing reference, they include the subversives at LawfareBlog, the Democrat legal counsels during their impeachment farce, the Squad, George Soros, the various former FBI/intel community/national security “professionals” who are paid commentators in the legacy media, Twitter personalities galore who bash the President and his supporters daily, and all the clueless rank-and-file Democrat voters who remain willfully blind to the crimes committed by their “heroes.” All of them are deserving of lumps of coal and more this year.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

The end.


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