News Summary From the Week That Was (15 – 21 December)



This is my weekly summary of news that the legacy media and Democrats have obfuscated for partisan political reasons.

  1. Let’s start off with a Rasmussen poll that the Democrats will NEVER discuss publicly:

Voters are ready to jail or fire senior law enforcement officials who illegally targeted President Trump, but most think they are unlikely to be punished. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone and online survey finds that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters consider it likely that senior federal law enforcement officials broke the law in an effort to prevent Trump from winning the presidency.

Read the rest here. Imagine how many times you would have heard about this poll if the numbers were in the other direction!

2. Evil incarnate, and totalitarian to boot. This is the modern Democrat Party.

House Democrats are pushing Medicare for All plans that would require taxpayers to pay for abortion. Lawmakers are attempting to use Medicare for All to effectively repeal the Hyde Amendment, a decades-old provision that prohibits federal funding of abortion with narrow exceptions in cases of rape, incest, and concern for the health of the mother.

Reps. Rosa DeLauro (D., Conn.) and Pramila Jayapal (D., Wash.) testified in front of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce about their respective health care plans, both of which have language intended to force taxpayers to pay for abortion in government-run health care systems.

Read the rest here. Thankfully, this baloney will never see the light of day in the Age of Trump. Who votes for this crap?

3. Yes, indeed; there was a LOT of corruption in Ukraine in 2016, and this explains the Girl-Sniffer’s quid pro quo video.

As the U.S. presidential race began roaring to life in 2016, authorities in the former Soviet republic of Latvia flagged a series of “suspicious” financial transactions to Hunter Biden and other colleagues at a Ukrainian natural gas company and sought Kiev’s help investigating, according to documents and interviews.

The Feb. 18, 2016 alert to Ukraine came from the Latvian prosecutorial agency responsible for investigating money laundering, and it specifically questioned whether Vice President Joe Biden’s younger son and three other officials at Burisma Holdings were the potential beneficiaries of suspect funds.

[T]he memo adds to the mounting evidence that there was ongoing investigative activity surrounding Burisma Holdings and Hunter Biden’s compensation as a board member in the weeks just before Joe Biden forced the firing of the Ukraine prosecutor overseeing the Burisma investigation in spring 2016. The Latvian law enforcement memo identified a series of loan payments totaling about $16.6 million that were routed from companies in Beliz and the United Kingdom to Burisma through Ukraine’s PrivatBank between 2012 and 2015.

Read the rest here. Mind-boggling numbers to normal Americans. We can smell the corruption and nepotism.

4. This was possibly Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s finest moment.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) hinted in a speech on the Senate floor Tuesday morning that the Senate will move to dismiss the pending articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump after opening arguments in the expected trial.

McConnell was reacting to a proposal by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Monday that the Senate call four additional, in-person witnesses that were not called, or not available, during the House inquiry, led by House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA). But McConnell dismissed that suggestion out of hand, arguing that Schumer was trying to make “Chairman Schiff’s sloppy work more persuasive.”

McConnell accused Schumer of going straight to the news media with his proposals rather than speaking to him in person, as Senate leaders had done in the past. He also noted that Schumer had misquoted the Constitution. The Democrat leader had claimed the Constitution gave the Senate “sole Power of Impeachment,” whereas Article I, Section 3 actually states, “The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. We don’t create impeachments over here … we judge them,” he declared. It was the House’s role to investigate, and to build a case. “If they fail, they fail! It’s not the Senate’s job to leap into the breach to search desperately for ways to get to guilty. That would hardly be impartial justice.”

Read the rest here. Turnabout is fair play, Democrats, except this time there is precedent, process and the Constitution backing up Republicans in the Senate, unlike the impeachment charade in the House.

5. The Chinese have been paying for propaganda in US media for decades. The media love the money, not the truth.

China routinely broke federal law by not disclosing how much it spent to publish regime propaganda in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and other newspapers, an expert review of foreign agent registration filings concluded. China Daily, an official mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, has published hundreds of propaganda articles designed to look like ordinary news stories in some of America’s most influential newspapers. While foreign agents may place ads in the United States, the propaganda outlet has repeatedly violated the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) by failing to provide full disclosures about its purchases.

China Daily has published propaganda in mainstream outlets for decades, but did not disclose its purchases of space in American newspapers to the Department of Justice until 2012. Even after it began acknowledging its relationship with the papers, the regime mouthpiece continued to violate federal disclosure requirements.

China Daily has failed to provide breakdowns of spending activities and withheld copies of online ads, among other omissions that violate federal law, according to experts who reviewed years of its FARA filings. China Daily has run more than 700 online ads designed to look like news articles and purchased 500 print pages in six American newspapers over the last seven years.  These propaganda articles frame state oppression in Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong in a positive light and run alongside actual news stories produced by reporters at the Post, Times, Wall Street Journal, and other outlets.


Read the rest here. Not only do the legacy media routinely lie about Russia collusion, FISA abuse, and the Ukraine impeachment hoax, they greedily accept money from Communist China to purvey ChiCom lies, too!

6. We have heard about Democrat-Ukraine corruption with the Bidens, Paul Pelosi Jr, and others. Here’s another Democrat who is compromised.

Robert Powell, the husband of Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, D-Fla., reportedly took $700,000 from a Ukrainian oligarch named Igor Kolomoisky. Mucarsel-Powell sits on the House Judiciary Committee, the committee that drafted two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump for his alleged abuse of power with regards to Ukraine. In 2018, the Daily Beast reported that a number of businesses linked to Kolomoisky hired Powell as an attorney. One of those firms paid Powell at least $700,000 over two years, according to public records.

Read the rest here. She’s a member of the House Judiciary Committee who voted out the articles of impeachment. Conflict of interest we much (as Al Sharpton might say)?

7. This is a great article that gets to the heart of the immigration conundrum that the Uniparty refuses to address.

[T]he immigrant demographics of this great country are changing. We are witnessing individuals who are bringing their illiberal values into the United States and wishing to implement them and re-make the country entirely into their own illiberal image. In the case of many Islamic transplants, they claim to be moderates in their religious faith. Yet they are complicit in the radical factions of a political ideology many take to be a religion of peace. By default, they do not condemn the growing fealty to the idea that Sharia law can and should run parallel to American jurisprudential law. They do not condemn the growing anti-Semitism and Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) campaigns sweeping college campuses which, incidentally, are not generated by even radical Muslims, but by mainstream moderates who view Israel as a genocidal and apartheid state, and America as an evil imperial nation.

The Hispanic populations which include several asylum seekers are from statist countries who have been reared on the idea that their fate is not their responsibility, and that the state must take care of all their needs. These individuals are being courted and entreated by a vast left-wing socialist faction within the liberal party that is no longer considered a fringe element of the party, but rather, a major and crucial identifying marker of it. Politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declare that as Democratic Socialists they are not just going to change the economic policies of our free market system, but also that they intend to fundamentally change the values that underlie it.

[M]oral vigilance over the republic was perhaps never so needed as it is today as we face a multiplicity of cultural wars. The professoriate has grown more radical in cultivating universities that have become indoctrination centers and, therefore, national security threats. It has waged a war against reason, morality, the values of Americanism, produced a climate of Americaphobia, anti-free speech, massive entitlement programs, and a desire to abolish the second amendment. In the name of a postmodern philosophy it advocates nihilism and cultural relativism.

The re-alteration of civic character is also being encouraged by an outright disregard for law when it is broken in the name of creating sanctuary cities. A form of emotionalism that pits undocumented residents against laws that determine legal residency accounts for the demonization of the concept of law itself, and the elevation of illegal actions to the form of cult heroism.


Read the rest here. It must be clearly understood that the Uniparty globalist are using the new wave of illegal immigrants to fundamentally change the character, laws, and unifying unique American culture in favor of un-American claptrap. Their goal? To ultimately destroy the US as founded.

8. Even CNN knows the Democrats are in big trouble with the public because of their impeachment charade.

Even as the House prepares for the historic vote, however, there’s growing evidence that the public impeachment proceedings in the House against Trump may actually be helping him politically. Take a new Gallup poll released Wednesday morning, which shows two things happening since House Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, opened up a formal impeachment inquiry in October regarding Trump’s conduct with Zelensky:

1) Trump’s job approval rating has gone from 39% to 45%

2) Support for Trump’s impeachment and removal has dipped from 52% to 46%.

Those results largely affirm other data out over the past week or so that suggest support for impeachment has dipped. In a CNN national poll released earlier this week, 45% said they supported the impeachment and removal of the President — down from 50% who said the same in a mid-November CNN survey. That same poll showed opposition to impeachment/removal at 46%, up 4 points from mid-November. And a CNN “poll of polls” — an average of all six most recent quality/credible national polling conducted between December 4 and December 15 — showed 46% favored impeachment and removal as compared to 49% who did not.

Read the rest here. When virulently anti-Trump CNN issues a warning like this to Democrats, you just know it’s even worse for Democrats than they are conveying!

9. Mark Levin nails top FISC judge Rosemary Collyer to the wall for her hand-wringing letter to the FBI asking for their plan to “fix the FISA process.”

“I want to admonish this judge,” Levin said. “She had an opportunity to act when it mattered. Back on April 20, 2017, the Landmark Legal Foundation under its president, Pete Hutchison, filed a motion — a secret motion — with this court. And it was a motion informing the judge of the violations that had occurred based on published reports because it was known back in April of 2017. Some of it, if not much of it. And those exhibits were provided to the judge.Five days after we filed that […], the judge ruled” to deny the request arguing there was “no matter pending before the court with respect to which such an appearance would be proper.”

“That was always a disingenuous reply,” Levin went on to say, “but this judge, and apparently she changed her mind today. Apparently she changed her mind more than 2.5 years later and realized: ‘Oh, I have jurisdiction. The matter is pending I suppose.’ Although that never made any sense because a judge is free, even when a matter is done, to call parties before them in their courtroom if in fact the judge believes wrongs have been committed in the court and against the court.”

“And so Judge Collyer did not protect the federal judiciary, she did not protect her own courtroom, she did not protect the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act,” Levin said. “For more than 2.5 years, she allowed these perpetrators to get away with what they did. And she could have brought an end to this. She could have had an evidentiary hearing or a contempt hearing if you will, and she chose not to.”

“So, more than 2.5 years after this judge rejected Landmark Legal Foundation’s very appropriate, pertinent motion calling on her to investigate what has taken place and what was taking place, claiming in essence she didn’t have jurisdiction anymore since the matter isn’t before her anymore, now she pulls jurisdiction back claims the matter is in front of her and orders reforms and orders this and that… The FISA system is broken — and in part because the FISA courts are broken. Including what Judge Rosemary Collyer did.”


Read the rest here. The FISC was COMPLICIT in the FBI’s FISA abuse, just as Mark Levin said.

10. Here’s a great perspective on the letter President Trump sent to Nancy Pelosi just before her Democrat caucus approved the two articles of impeachment.

The letter that President Trump personally wrote to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is the most honest and open interpretation of this three-year impeachment process on record. It’s a document that will be referenced by historians of the future, and how it’s viewed will depend on how America moves forward from here.

When history looks back on this time of partisan strife and a nation transitioning towards a post-truth status quo, this letter will be seen as either a last-ditch effort to stop the onrushing blight of cultural Marxism or it will be seen as the rallying cry to make America not only support its duly elected president, but also to embrace the sanity that seems to be slipping away from our society.

That wasn’t the President’s intention. He wrote this letter to detail what has been happening to him and our country since he was elected. The corrupt methodology of the Democrats’ systematic attack on the 2016 election has truly been a long-term coup attempt. Instead of raising arms against the White House, they’ve worked in the shadows and through their media proxies to subvert this presidency, and by extension to weaken America. Their sensibilities were shaken by the 2016 election. Since then, they’ve been engaged in a creeping coup, a trickling revolt, that has only one purpose: To prove they were right about President Trump all along. What we are witnessing in real-time is the creeping coup reaching its culmination. Never before has America been lied to so widely and loudly than throughout this impeachment.

Read the President’s letter. Your great grandchildren will.

Read the rest here. A great, great analysis of present political and cultural crisis in America. It is incredible that there are as many clueless rank-and-file Democrats who support impeachment as there apparently are.

11. And finally, while the Democrats and their lickspittle media are giving each other high fives and celebrating “Impeachmass,” there is this reality that they all ignore.

Here are six reasons Pelosi’s impeachment obstruction stunt undermines the entire basis of the Democrats’ effort to eject Trump from office.

1) After impeaching Trump for supposed obstruction of House, Pelosi moves to obstruct the Senate

2) After denying Trump any due process, Pelosi is now denying him a speedy trial

3) Pelosi has no leverage

4) Pelosi’s obstruction gambit shows her own lack of confidence in Schiff’s work product

5) Refusing to transmit impeachment articles undercuts Democrats’ claim that Trump is an “urgent threat” to America


6) Democrats continue to destroy norms and institutions while claiming Trump is the real norm destroyer

Read the rest here. The Democrats are playing a weak hand, and they know it. Pelosi can’t do squat to determine what happens in the Senate, and the clock is ticking on her refusal to send the two articles of impeachment to the Senate.

Here are this week’s “honorable mention” articles:

A really good week for the President despite the partisan impeachment vote by the Democrats! The President’s poll numbers are going up and up, the economy is doing great, the Dow finishing a fourth straight week breaking new records, the DoJ IG report was devastating to the cabal and exposed many unbelieving Americans to the reality of the Deep State and FISA abuse, and the Democrats’ impeachment charade has been exposed as the political farce it has always been.

I’m looking forward to some indictments at this point. I’d dearly love to see Christmas ruined for the cabal, wouldn’t you?

The end.


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