The Latest Democrat Poll-Tested Impeachment Phrases

The Democrats live and die by polls. They poll-test EVERYTHING they say for public consumption in order to further their politics. Their political tactic in that regard has been well-honed over the years works like this.

  • Pick an issue.
  • Test some buzz words that convey their political intent with Democrat focus groups.
  • Disseminate those words and phrases to Democrats masquerading as journalists in the legacy media via leftwing media organizations such as Media Matters and Share Blue.
  • Propagate those endlessly in every public appearance and media setting.
  • If the words and phrases don’t gain the desired traction with the public, develop new ones and repeat the process (wash, rinse, repeat).

They do this All. The. Time. As a long-term strategy, or simply on a daily basis when the situation warrants. For example, had you ever heard the word “gravitas” before the Algore campaign and the legacy media bombarded us with that word during the 2000 election campaign? Gravitas means “dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner.” The Democrats used the word to draw attention to the “cowboy from Texas” who had just selected Dick Cheney as his vice presidential candidate, claiming that Bush was an unserious candidate and needed a “serious” VP candidate on the Republican ticket. Never mind that Bush was a successful 2-term governor of Texas who was reelected with 69% of the popular vote in 1998!

This practice became to egregious and noticeable that conservative and independent media led first by Rush Limbaugh and now Sean Hannity have made it common practice to cite the latest “media montages” that parrot poll-tested Democrat talking point verbatim. Even leftwing media personalities have figured it out. Here is a two-minute video from Glenn Greenwald exposing the legacy montage about “Russian collusion” from back in March:


Virtually anyone can spot the shameless repetition of words and phrases supporting the Democrat narrative across the legacy media on any given day. We have gotten wise to their tactics in the Age of Trump. So what is their shtick these days?

For over two years, we were deluged with Russian collusion, obstruction of justice, and impeachment as the most-repeated phrases by Democrats and their media allies. When the Mueller report destroyed those narratives, the Democrats immediately concocted the Ukrainian hoax to seamlessly continue their push toward impeachment of President Trump.

We all watched the Democrats shift from using the words spelled out in the impeachment clause in the Constitution, i.e., treason, bribery and high crimes and misdemeanors, to other poll-tested phrases that resonate much better with Democrat focus groups in the absence of any evidence of impeachable crimes committed by the President. What are some of the new words and phrases that Democrats like Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler endlessly repeat these days? Here are a few of them – along with my comments about each:

  • “Conspired to seek foreign interference in the 2016 election”

[Me: it was Hillary Clinton, not President Trump, who not only “sought” but actually paid for foreign interference in the 2016 campaign by hiring the Brit Christopher Steele to compile an opposition research “dossier” sourced from at least one Russian, which was then used by her corrupt allies in the FBI and DoJ to illegally spy on the Trump campaign.]

  • “Openly seeking foreign interference in the 2020 election”

[Me: President Trump asked for Ukrainian help in investigating what happened in 2016, which is well within his legal authority to do.]

  • “Threat to the integrity of our elections and to our democratic system”

[Me: If that was so, the Democrats would also be demanding the immediate passage of strict voter ID laws which would help remove voter fraud from the equation. But of course, Democrat COUNT ON voter fraud to win/steal close elections. Ensuring the integrity of our elections is the LAST things that Democrats want.]

  • “Invited foreign interference as a candidate”

[Me: That’s a direct allusion to President Trump’s joke during the 2016 campaign asking the Russians to help find Hillary’s missing emails. No one ever accused Democrats of having a sense of humor. Disclaimer: I laughed my butt off when I saw the video.]

  • “Withheld hundreds of millions of dollars to coerce an ally”

[Me: The Ukrainians got lethal aid (which was withheld by Obama in order to buy Russia’s support for his flawed Iran deal!), and President Zelensky publicly stated that there was no pressure during those two presidential phone calls.]

  • “Believes he is above the law and accountable to no one”

[Me: The President has been operating within the boundaries of the Constitution during his entire presidency. They can’t cite a single extra-constitutional action taken by the President. Not one.]

  • “To put himself above the country”

[Me: A variation on the previous theme.]

  • “The same sham investigation of Burisma and the Bidens”

[Me: “Sham investigation”? That’s a laugh after Biden’s video exposed that he forced Ukraine to fire the prosecutor looking into Hunter Biden and Burisma.]

  • “Get Ukrainian help to cheat in the next election”

[Me: Sheer transference here! Because that’s exactly what Hillary Clinton did in 2016. The President’s desire to get to the bottom of that is entirely within his authority to do so.]

  • “Republicans in the House refuse to do their duty”

[Me: Laughable. Democrats project yet again what they themselves did. Democrats cheapened the impeachment clause of the Constitution by drafting articles of impeachment that do not point to a single crime committed for the first time in American history, and they have the audacity of chastising Republicans for pointing that out and refusing to impeach the President based on the Democrats’ unproven allegations? Please.]

  • “Crime in progress”

[Me: Democrats are off the deep end by claiming this given that they detail any evidence of a crime committed by the President.]

  • “Republicans placing this president above their oath of office”

[Me: The Republicans fulfilled their oaths during his committee hearings by destroying every single Democrat witness during the Democrats’ star chamber hearings, just as they should have.]

  • “The facts warranting impeachment are basically uncontroverted”

[Me: Possibly the worst lie here since NOTHING in the Democrats’ articles of impeachment was proven during their hearings in the house. Hearsay and opinions only, no direct evidence, and setting aside of exculpatory direct evidence to rush to their articles.]

  • “What’s been presented in the House is already overwhelming”

[Me: A variation on the “uncontroverted” theme. Where’s the beef, Democrats (a past Democrat poll-tested phrase that you might understand)! Show us the evidence.]

  • “A subversion of our democracy”

[Me: That would be the Democrats doing that by directly undermining the impeachment clause of the Constitution, as well as due process rights of the President.]

  • “Republican senators’ blind allegiance to this president”

[Me: As the focus shifts to the trial in the Senate, we’ll be hearing this phrase repeated often. When the 11 NeverTrump Republican senators who didn’t support the President in 2016 vote to acquit because there is no evidence warranting impeachment, that will put an end to this meme.]


How many times have you heard Democrats and their operatives in the legacy media repeat these phrases over the last few days in their hope to bolster their case for impeachment in the minds’ eyes of the American people? I heard it a lot from Schiff and Nadler over the weekend. And this is what we are going to hear endlessly in the coming weeks because this is literally all that the Democrats have at this point. Until their focus groups change up the words and phrases, that is. LMAO.

The end.


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