Which Democrats Win in Their Rush to Impeachment?

Hillary Clinton points to the audience as she is introduced at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., Friday, May 25, 2018. Harvard University's Radcliffe Institute honored Clinton with the 2018 Radcliffe Medal. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Yesterday, House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) announced (solemnly with a crocodile tear or two) that Democrats are going to rush ahead toward an impeachment vote by the whole House vote – potentially before Christmas. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has been given the go-ahead to draw up articles of impeachment in preparation for a probably party-line vote to refer them to the full House sometime next week.


Nadler, D-N.Y., scheduled the hearing for Monday at 9 a.m., where the committee will receive “presentations of evidence” from both Democratic and Republican counsels for both the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees.

The announcement comes shortly after Pelosi, D-Calif., said Thursday morning that Democrats will proceed with articles of impeachment against President Trump, claiming the president’s conduct left Democrats with “no choice but to act.”

Read the rest here. As a bonus, Nadler has scheduled a hearing on Monday, 9 December for the presentation of “evidence” by staff lawyers. Apparently, the Democrats are keen on diverting attention from the release of the DoJ Inspector General’s report on FISA abuse that has been previously scheduled for release on Monday, too. Given the likely disclosures that will blow further holes in the Russia hoax, as outlined by independent journalist John Solomon here, it is unsurprising that the Democrats are playing their “impeachment farce card” because that’s all they’ve got at this point.

What is the Democrats’ political calculus here, and what is driving the rush to impeachment? With polls trending downward after hearings carefully staged by Democrats in two House committees, they continue toward the cliff-of-impeachment, driven relentlessly by their rabid donor-based and leftwing party activists. Pelosi convened a “secret” meeting of the Democrat caucus yesterday where heads were counted of those favoring impeachment. The numbers must have approached that required to impeach the President, and that’s why she made the somewhat surprising public statement yesterday.


That Pelosi claimed that “members could make up their own minds” regarding the impeachment vote is laughable, given the public squeeze that the Democrat leadership exerted on Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-MI), who had the audacity to stray from the party line and suggest censure as an alternative before flip-flopping back after being pressured.

Yes, Pelosi’s flippant comment that “members can make up their own minds” is almost as absurd as her comment that she “prays for the President all the time.” She claimed again to be a Catholic in that exchange with reporter James Rosen, who had asked her if she “hated the President” before her prayer remark. Gee, I wonder, as a Catholic, if she prays for the souls of all those aborted babies that she has helped facilitate through her advocacy of many pro-abortion positions over the decades, as documented here. But I digress.

With the aforementioned as backdrop, here is my conspiracy theory about who benefits from the Democrats’ now-declared rush to impeachment – and political oblivion, and why.

1. Not House Democrats in swing districts. When the full details of how the House Democrats railroaded the impeachment of the President are widely publicized – as will happen when the Senate trial commences, and fact witnesses such as Adam Schiff, the fake whistleblower, and the Intelligence Community Inspector General (who conveniently modified the IC whistleblower application to permit use of second-hand information before the complaint was made) – they’re toast in 2020.


2. Not other House Democrats in light blue states who eked out close wins in 2018. These House Democrats probably think they’re safe going into 2020. Not when the facts come out during the Senate impeachment trial. They will be surprised in 2020, too, with a number of them being retired.

3. Not Speaker Pelosi. She will be the minority leader in 2021 after the Red Wave swamps her party – assuming she survives as Democrat leader. It would be icing on the cake if she were defeated in her reelection bid either in her primary or the general election in 2020, but that’s a long shot given that she is well-funded compared to her challengers.

4. Not Adam Schiff. The President and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee have already publicly stated that he will be called in as a fact witness during any Senate trial. And he’s got a lot for which to account, including prior coordination with the false whistleblower and also the new revelations that he gained access to phone records of his counterpart on the House Intelligence Committee, ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), as well as those of Rudy Giuliani, the President’s private attorney, and independent journalist John Solomon.

5. Not the Democrat senators running for president. By Senate rules, Elizabeth Warren (MA), Bernie Sanders (VT), Cory Booker (NJ), Amy Klobuchar (MN), and Michael Bennet (CO) will be stuck in the Senate during the “trial” in January/February. They can’t be too enthusiastic about that scenario playing out. And I wonder if they will have to recuse themselves from the final vote since they are effectively running against President Trump and have an obvious conflict of interest.


6. Not the Democrat senators up for reelection in 2020. Some will be in danger of losing their seats while the rest will be forced to spend far more money than they had planned in order to hang onto their jobs.

7. Not down-ballot Democrat candidates. A Senate trial will depress Democrat turnout in 2020 unlike any previous election in the last 50 years, and that will put hundreds of Democrat candidates for state and local offices at serious risk.

Okay, those are the losers; how about the “winners”?

1. Mike Bloomberg and Pete Buttigieg. They’re the only non-senator Democrat presidential candidates with an outside shot at winning the Democrat nomination. They stand to gain somewhat during the Democrat primaries because the field will be cleared with Democrats senators stuck in DC during the “trial”; however, neither has a real chance at the nomination, and their bump in the polls will be temporary.

2. Joe Biden, Democrat front-runner. He gets a little breather, too, but he’s damaged goods thanks to his continuing gaffes on the campaign trail and the stench of corruption emanating from Ukraine (and China, which has yet to be explored). He also appears to be cracking under the pressure (or is it dementia?), as during his confrontation with the Iowa voter yesterday. The video at that link is just the latest in Biden’s antics during this election season. He’ll never make it to the Democrat national convention.

3. Hillary Clinton, the big winner. Waiting in the wings and claiming to be “urged by many” to run again, she stands the most to gain because the Democrat presidential field remains in chaos with no one gathering any significant momentum. This is just as she planned, as she hopes to “ride to the rescue” of the Party and gain the nomination by acclamation. (Don’t laugh; she just told Howard Stern that she “likes men” and has never been engaged in a “lesbian affair.” That’s a big tell that she’s running.) Biden has been her 2020 stalking horse all along; he took just enough votes from the others running to ensure that no one would break out and seal the nomination before she could jump in. Biden was NEVER popular enough to have any real chance in the first place. She will enter the race as the “savior” as Biden bows out. And that will re-energize the Democrats because many rank-and-file Democrats have been convinced (brain-washed?) by the endless media/Clinton drumbeat that “SHE WUZ ROBBED” in 2016. She’s been on a never-ending tour blaming everything and everyone but herself for her stunning loss in 2016 when the deck had been thoroughly stacked in her favor. She thinks she’s got it made especially when President Trump is “politically damaged” by the stigma of having been impeached, and that President Trump’s impeachment will push her over the top. Finally, she thinks her entry into the race makes her immune to prosecution for past crimes just like in 2016 (I and a lot of other Americans REALLY hope that assumption is proven false soon by US Attorney Huber and AG Barr!).


In summary, Hillary Clinton has the most to gain from impeaching the President – at least in her mind. She ignores the fact that 2016 isn’t 2020, and the President has been delivering the bacon for three years now, just as he promised. Her consummate narcissism won’t allow her to watch from the sidelines in 2020. Meanwhile, House Democrats are committing seppuku by rushing ahead to a vote before Christmas for all the reasons laid out above. They’re headed for a wipeout in 2020. So shall it be written; so shall it be done.

The end.


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