The Democrats Hate You and Hold You in Contempt

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., makes a statement at the Capitol in Washington, Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019. Pelosi announced that the House is moving forward to draft articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

On Thursday, reporter James Rosen triggered Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) with a question asking whether she “hated the President.” It was a fairly straight-forward question, but her emotional and, well, crazy response was a window into her evil soul. She flashed at Rosen in response in an agitated arm-waving response stating first “don’t mess with me,” and then claiming that “we [Democrats] don’t hate anybody; not anybody.” Read an article summarizing the incident and watch the video here.


What was she really saying? First of all, remember that polls are one of three most important elements underlying Democrat political tactics, as elucidated here. Everything they convey in public settings, including during cable news and talk show interviews or in response to media questions after announcements like Pelosi’s, is poll-tested for maximum Democrat political benefit. EVERYTHING!

In this instance, her polls are telling her that the only way she can favorably dispose undecided Americans to support impeachment is to convey a false semblance of equanimity and dispassionate concern for “our democracy,” “the Constitution,” and President Trump. Her lashing out at James Rosen exposes her as a bald-faced liar, as her hate and rage bubbled to the surface for everyone to see. She can’t control herself when asked a simple question (we need more of those questions kinds of questions thrown at her!).

So Pelosi says that she and other Democrats don’t hate the President? Hmmmm.

  • When Democrats won control of the House in 2018, they needed to pick committee chairmen. Jerry Nadler was selected for the Judiciary Committee chairmanship because he convinced Democrats that he would be the best at impeaching the president. Nadler has been on the impeachment bandwagon from the Inauguration Day onward. Yeah, he doesn’t hate the President.
  • Even before the Ukraine hoax broke, CNN did a headcount on the number of Democrats favoring impeachment. In August 2019, that number totaled 120 House Democrats. In addition, there were 24 House Democrats who publicly called for an impeachment inquiry after Mueller testified before Congress in July that there was no collusion and he couldn’t make a determination on obstruction of justice. Yeah, Democrats don’t hate the President.
  • Al Green (D-TX) filed articles of impeachment in July 2019 based on allegations disproven by the Mueller report and his testimony just weeks later. Yeah, Democrats don’t hate the President.
  • Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been shouting “impeach 45” since 2017. Refer to the 10 media articles documenting her anti-Trump rage linked here. Yeah, Democrats don’t hate the President.
  • The Democrats conducted a show trial in which witnesses were secretly pre-screened before allowed to give public testimony. Republican-requested witnesses were disapproved. Adam Schiff (D-CA) ran a Soviet-style star chamber consisting of Deep State witnesses who had no direct evidence of any impeachable offenses – and those witnesses all admitted that when cross-examined by Republicans during the hearings. The only direct evidence presented was from Ambassador Sondland, who testified that the President “wanted nothing” from Ukraine – that’s exculpatory! Nevertheless, Schiff drew up a 300-page report claiming that the President committed impeachable offenses while also ignoring the exculpatory phone call transcripts and President Zelensky’s public statements that there was no pressure on Ukraine to do ANYTHING. Yeah, Democrats don’t hate the President.
  • Pelosi “urged caution” about impeachment back in April before the Mueller report was released. She advocated a bipartisan approach back then because she was convinced that the Mueller report would convince some Republicans to vote for impeachment. That all changed when the Mueller report was a dud, as she flipflopped about “bipartisan impeachment” by pushing ahead with a completely partisan vote to proceed with the “impeachment inquiry.” In fact, the vote against that inquiry was bipartisan whereas the vote in favor was 100% Democrat. Yeah, Pelosi and Democrats don’t have the President.
  • The Ukraine hoax was orchestrated literally the day after Mueller testified. Schiff and his staffers coordinated directly with a Deep State operative who filed a whistleblower complaint based on second-hand evidence. Never mind that that complaint was not covered under the intelligence community whistleblower regulations since it had nothing to do with IC-related corruption, waste, fraud, and abuse. The Democrats immediately began an impeachment investigation and then tried to legitimize it after the fact through a party-line vote to proceed with an “impeachment inquiry” in the House Intelligence Committee. Yeah, Democrats don’t hate the President.
  • Jerry Nadler (D-NY) convened the second part of the Democrats’ rush to impeachment this week in the House Judiciary Committee. Three highly-partisan Democrat “legal scholars” made a mockery of the process, as they were all outed as Democrat donors by Matt Gaetz (D-FL). In addition, Jonathan Turley (the single Republican witness who is a Democrat who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016) destroyed the “testimony” of the three Democrat witnesses and the Democrats’ politically-motivated rush to judgment. Yet, every Democrat who asked questions during that hearing repeated the false and unproven narrative that the President was guilty of bribery, obstruction of justice, and abuse of power, and that he coerced President Zelensky to act for President Trump’s “personal benefit.” And not a single witness during this hearing had any direct evidence of impeachable offenses. Yeah, Democrats don’t hate the President.
  • Democrats like Eric Swalwell have been making the rounds claiming that President Trump should be impeached because he was “caught trying to cheat an election again.” In fact, Swalwell is projecting again, as it was the DEMOCRATS who “cheated the 2016 elections” by leveraging Ukrainian assistance. Never mind the facts, eh, Eric? And the Democrats will continue their lies through the weekend as they rush toward an impeachment vote. Yeah, Democrats don’t hate the President.
  • Pelosi claimed during what was effectively an “impeachment townhall” on CNN last night that “I’m not on a timetable, I’m on a mission.” She further alleged (falsely) that President Trump withheld lethal military aid from Ukraine to “aid Russia.” She also claimed that Russia interfered with the 2016 election and changed the outcome. Are Democrats going back to the Russia hoax now that the Ukraine-based impeachment hoax has been exposed as a completely false and unsubstantiated narrative after three weeks of Democrat-controlled hearings? Whatever sticks on the wall (i.e., polls well) in their rush to “get” the President. Yeah, Democrats don’t hate the President.

And don’t forget that Nancy Pelosi has a personal stake in the impeachment game. Her son, Paul Pelosi, Jr., had his own business ties to Ukraine. Do you seriously believe Pelosi when she says that she doesn’t “hate” the President?

Yes, indeed, the Democrats – by their public statements and actions – have demonstrated that they do in fact “hate the President.” Pressing forward to an impeachment vote without ANY direct evidence of impeachable crimes committed is a partisan politically-motivated action and is a manifestation of the hate they and their donors and rank-and-file supporters have for the President (and his family).

But their hate doesn’t end there. They hate his supporters – the people called “deplorables” by the execrable Hillary Clinton in 2016. That statement was a window into her hatred, just as the Pamela Karlan’s low-life attack on Barron Trump during her testimony on Wednesday was a window into her personal hatred for the President and his family.

They hate YOU for having the good sense to elect President Trump. They hate YOU for having facilitated their political and legal exposure in Ukraine’s corruption and meddling in the 2016 US election. They hate YOU for demanding that the Wall should be built, which will stop the flow of illegal aliens that they hope to politically exploit at your expense. They hate YOU because you are the only thing standing in their way in obtaining unconstrained totalitarian political power over all Americans. And they hate YOU by delighting in making us miserable in dragging the country through this impeachment charade.


And their hatred of the President and his supporters will ultimately destroy them at the polls in 2020. It will be epic.

The end.


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